Monday, November 30, 2009

2009 Holiday Series #1

4"x6" Original Watercolor
$200.00 ~ SOLD

This is my first holiday painting of the
season! There is a lot to look at in this
little painting. Someone took an outside
planter and put lights on it. There is a
glow from a neighbors house laying across
the porch columns. A hint of another
brick home is in the background and I had
to add a moon to compliment the star on
the tree!

I took a week off from painting, simply
enjoyed having Abbey home and basically
did very little. So today was the first I
held a paintbrush in thirteen days, a very
long stretch for me. Also, for about two
months I was only working on larger
paintings. When I sat down this morning,
staring at a blank white sheet of 4 x 6" paper
I felt
uneasy. You would not expect that, after
30 years of painting; but there was an
insecurity. By the time I did the pencil sketch
I was back in the game.

Linda is almost caught up with framing orders
so if you were waiting, now is a good time to
call or go on line. The $20 off coupon is good
until 12/20.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

After Open House...

It was a fast three days and I am pleased to
report it went very well. We spent the past
two days taking everything down and putting
our house back together.
Linda has all the receipts to punch into the
database and get deposits together. There are
a few special orders that need attention and
a few things to ship out. Meanwhile we are
trying to enjoy having Abbey home for a few

There are still plenty of originals and prints
for you to choose from. Go to my website
to see what is available. In the next few days
I will feature originals that would make a
fine addition to your holiday shopping.

"Into the Light"
14x18" original $600

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Open House starts tomorrow!!

Behind the scenes of Open House...
We are out of time!!
The girls spent the morning cooking
and the fridge is full of things I am not
to touch! You can see the wine glasses
are out and ready.

I got a much needed haircut
and then drove to DC to pick up Abbey
and Stella (her cat). I left at 2 and just
got back home. Abbey came home to
help out with open house which makes
Linda very happy, we are very excited
to have her home. Poor Ben is left alone
to study for law finals but will join us
on Wednesday.

Tomorrow we open the doors at 2:00pm.
To be fair to those looking for originals there
is no early admittance or phone requests.
Hope you plan to join us.
Check the website for the times.
Feel free to bring a friend.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2 Days till Open House

Behind the scenes of Open House...
Today was cleaning day. Somehow my
sweet wife has it in her head that we must
clean everything because you my client, will
notice how clean things are or not... Instead
of keeping your eyes on my fantastic paintings.
Every piece of dirt and every spiderweb must go.
Our house/studio is over 150 years old and has
issues. It is daunting to keep clean and gets dirty fast!
But there is no point arguing, we all just chip in.
Here is Lori washing the tops of the cabinets
in the studio...ready for a white glove test...
if you are so inclined to climb up top and look!

Stacy was put on porch patrol... With hose
and brush she is scrubbing the porch! I
certainly thought that needed done!!

And so you know I did not escape.
Here I am, can you possibly guess...
I took the overhead lights down,
vacuumed them out and someone told Linda if you
wipe the bulbs they stay brighter... so yep,
I wiped the bulbs!
We also went grocery and wine shopping.
It is 8pm and we are both quitting for the night.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

3 Days till Open House

I stopped painting and am helping with
what ever is on the "honey do" list.
Behind the scenes of Open House...
Today I ran some errands, replaced light bulbs,
fixed the screen door handle, new toilet seat
in the studio, laid a rug and set up screens
to hang paintings in the studio. Gathered
trash for tomorrows pick up. Helped put
new labels on all the paintings. Linda and her
crew cleared out the studio rooms of extra
stuff. Set up a framing area in the basement
for emergencies. All the paintings are titled,
priced and new labels printed. Linda finished the
menu and a grocery list.
Menu sample:
Veggies/dip, Salmon cheesecake/crackers,
Black Bean Salsa, Feta Pinwheels,
Pumpkin dip/cookies, hot wassail, wine,
soda, coffee...
Here is a sample of the studio, multiple
choices of mat colors for each print.
My website has been updated and most
of the new paintings are listed under
"originals". No sales are allowed until
2:00 on Friday 11/20, but you can put
your wish list together!

Monday, November 16, 2009

4 Days till Open House

Time is flying!
All the framing is finished.
The furniture is moved.
The display panels are up.
The originals are hung.
Behind the scenes of Open House...
So now the fun part, naming and pricing
of the new originals. Over the years there
have been arguments, tears, stomping of
feet, you get the idea. Family and friends
have helped and hindered. So now we tack
a paper to each painting. Linda starts with
the price she thinks it should be based on
other originals, size and time spent painting
it. Then I go through and add my idea, based
on...well, my artistic feeling. Next are title ideas.
At this point anyone walking into the room
may write a suggestion. Tomorrow Linda and
I will take each paper and "talk" about it!
Like rational business person and artist!!
Below is one panel, note the papers...


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

9 Days till Open House

Behind the Scenes of Open House...
I am still painting and will continue until
next Wednesday. Linda and her helpers
are working on the framing. I think framing
will be completed on Friday. Linda is also
working on the menu. She plans on an unknown
number of people, needs to be set out in small
quantities to stay fresh since our hours are long.
Nothing hot because we are to busy to heat it.
The hors d'oeuvres change every year.
I will share the menu when she has it ready.

Here is
of the
I am

None of my new paintings are available before
the doors of Open House open on Friday 11/20
promptly at 2:00pm. At that point you may walk
in the door and pick your painting or call
(717-627-3383) to make a purchase. It is the only
way I have to be fair to all clients wanting first
choice. The exception is the 3 originals to
my new prints. You may purchase them now
at $2000. each. Just call or email or ask to stop
at the studio to see them.

Meanwhile, I am demonstrating tomorrow
at Moravian Manor, a local retirement home.
Then in the evening there is a reception for all
the exhibitors in 2010. So I will be attending.
Friday, I set up for a local show at Manheim
Township H.S. with the PA Guild of Crafters.
I will be exhibiting on Saturday and Sunday.

Monday, November 9, 2009

11 Days till Open House

Behind the scenes of Open House...

We drove to New Jersey to pick up the
frames today. 6 hours round trip but
a huge savings in shipping.

This is
and a

Sunday, November 8, 2009

12 Days till Open House

We just figured out that when you
place an order from my website and
try to pay with PayPal you cannot use
your $20 discount. So...
Order, pay in full and I will return your
$20 through PayPal immediately!

Just the little glitches that require some
problem solving...
Go place an order!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

13 Days till Open House

I spent my day exhibiting at a local benefit.
Sold a few prints and finished my painting
of pears...

Linda spent her day taping the new prints
into mats. We ran into a problem with using our
$20 discount offer when ordering from the
website. Paypal does not have a line for a
discount... she looked in our paypal merchant
account and cannot see how to do it. If anyone
has experience and can talk her thru it feel free.
She is pretty frustrated since no one can order...
Tomorrow is my glass cutting day.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

15 Days till Open House

We had a "care plan" meeting for my Mom
this morning then we spent some time with
her. After that there were a few errands to
run and back home to paint.

Behind the scenes of Open House...
I moved out of my studio a few weeks ago
because Linda needed the room for cutting mats.
I am able to paint all over the house, I am not
to choosy where I sit or get hung up on having
natural light. I do like having a TV on for noise.
Tonight I am in our kitchen area. Notice I have
two paintings started. I am studying the one
propped up, planning my next move. Meanwhile
I am working on pears. My eyes are tired tonight
and it is only 8pm!

I picked up my new prints today! Tomorrow
I will sign and number them. They look great.
I print the old 4-color off set lithograph and usually
print an edition of 450. This time I only printed
200 of each! It is truly a limited edition.
My goal is to sell out! Linda has them on my
website under "new prints" if you wish to place
an order! The numbers on the prints will go out
in the order the orders come in. We are going to
Chadds Ford Gallery tomorrow so if you are
calling to order wait until after 4:00!

Here is another sample of an original that will
be available. 11x22"

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

16 Days till Open House

I am writing early today because we are taking
some young friends to see Disney on Ice...

Behind the scenes of Open House...

I received a few questions about the
amount of my mailing.

Invitation background:
Way back when I first started showing, Linda
set out a tablet for people to add their name
and address if they wanted info about what I
was doing. She keeps a database that I have
never even been into. It has names, who bought
what, when and where. So we now have over
6000 names. Every one gets an invitation
because even if you live in CA you can see the
new prints and place an order and we ship it to
you. It becomes double marketing.
Yes, we mail out over 6000 first class .44 postage.
Yes it adds up fast, Yes Linda is up nights worrying
about regrouping the cash outlay! But it has
faithfully been successful for 26 years.

Keep your eye out for this card...

click to enlarge...

Linda lays out the design and works with a
local printer; Miller Printing who has been
printing our mailer for years.

This is what
look like
on their
way to
post office!

It is the old adage, you need to spend
money to make money and believe me
it is flying out our door!!