Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday... demo: The lid

I added some character to the copper by
adding scratch and dents.  A mixture of Paynes
Gray and Burnt Sienna in a drybrush method
meaning little water.  Also finished the lines going
around the boiler with Cobalt Blue in the back part
and another mixture of Cad Yellow and Cad Orange
around the lines.
The most important thing is to keep some of the areas
warm and light, this is what creates the copper feel.
Now I am ready for the lid.  Again, I am starting with
underwashes of Yellow Ochre but saving the negative
areas.  This is what makes watercolors so hard.  You
really need to understand where you are going.  You
never use white paint so you save the negative parts.
I am slowly building color by adding more and
more Burnt Umber and Cad Orange.  Notice
the wedge of reflected light that is created with
Thalo Blue and around these edges is Perm. Rose.
Next I needed to create the shadow areas.  Going
over the darker areas with Paynes Gray and blue.
I simply keep repeating these color mixtures and
drying them until I reach the intensity I want. 

I think you can click over the painting several
times to enlarge it so you can really see what I am doing.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday demo update

Demo Update:
I worked till 11pm last night, just adding layers
And again most of today, inbetween teaching.

The goal is to make this look like copper by mixing paint.
Not by buying a copper tube of paint.
Notice I am still saving the light areas.  I divided the boiler
into three parts.  Mixing Paynes Gray and Perm. Rose
I washed the two ends and the very center, saving the the
warm areas.  Across the middle is a raised pattern, to create
this, I used a blend of cad orange and Perm Rose. Next,
soften the edges around the highlights with water, lightly

I must give a shout out to my student Eileen who took some
awards from the Lampeter Fair... Congrats!!  I am always
proud when my students do well.

September classes are over and October class starts next week.
Email if you are interested, more details on my website.

Packed and leaving in the morning for a show in
Rhinebeck, NY.  I love this area, I packed the tandem in
hopes of nice weather for a little ride.  Our favorite diner is
there... The Eveready.   We are using the pop-up and it is very
quiet at the camp area, hopefully Linda will get a little rest before
all the work of Porchwalk and my Open House.
The show is indoors so doesn't matter if it rains... I am all set

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Great class this morning.  This is the last
set of September classes, I cannot believe
how fast September went by.  Linda and I
went to get our pumpkins in the afternoon.
Linda looks at the stems and I like the funky
odd ones. We need them to decorate for
Porchwalk.  Back to my painting...

Demo: (click over painting to enlarge)
Underpainting... that is what I am focusing on, thin layers
of paint.  Color that will give the wood a fine patina and
the copper boiler a glow.  I am saving the areas that will be
lighter by simply taking my time and painting around them.
Basically, I am using mixture of Cad Orange and Cad Yellow.
You can see where it is painted in darker and lighter hues.
Next was a bit of paynes gray with a dab of red over the
table top.  Patience...It looks nothing like it will when I am
finished... this is a slow build of color.  I learned to enjoy
the journey of a painting not just the end result.  There is a
joy in my knowing where I am taking a painting and a
patience in getting there.

My words of wisdom to painters... slow down, study your
subject, draw it to get familiar and form a plan in your mind
all before picking up the brush!
My words of wisdom to my collectors... slow down, study
my paintings.  Notice the subtle use of colors.  Notice that
there is not just a brown table, but a wonderful build of
values to create the brown.

Monday, September 26, 2011


We returned from the show in New Hope at
10pm last night.  I had high hopes for this show
and it did not live up to my hopes.  It is unfortunate
because I really like the area.   I was able to work
on my commission which has turned out nicely.
I want to spend about two more hours on it and
its finished.  Linda is looking ahead to getting the
garden cleaned up for Porchwalk which is Oct.7-8.
I am actually going to be home this year, I will
be demonstrating so plan on stopping at the studio!
It is also time to start thinking Open House. Nov. 18-20
Linda has her "to do schedule" printed and taped up
in the office so I know I need to paint, paint, paint!

Below is my next large painting.  A wonderful still life
with strong shadows.  I think you will enjoy watching
the progress on this one.  Feel free to send questions or
comments.   Remember I hand draw my pieces.  I like
that it is not perfect, there is a human quality to my work.
I get enjoyment from the drawing process.  Ii gives me
an extra connection to my painting.  Drawing requires me
to really look, to see all the intricate details.  I have 5 hours
into just the drawing.  I also started the backgrounds first washes.
First yellow Ochre ~ dried hard.  Then Payne's grey around...
dried it, and where it needs to be warm, I added a touch of
Cad. Red.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Latest 14x18 painting
Untitled ~ It was from a trip to Harpers Ferry, WV
Linda thought it had a French feel, I just liked
the shadows.

I was not able to blog all week.  I try really hard
not to give a lot of excuses but some weeks...
Monday:  Home late afternoon from my Bedminster show.
Finally a good show!  Put up the camper and unpacked the van. 
Our last cat "Whiskers" who was 20 years old, died over the weekend
so we had a little funeral in the back yard and Linda
planted a Rose of Sharon in her honor. Takes a while to
dig a grave and plant a bush!  I am guessing we will be kitty
hunting in a week or two...
Tuesday: I had a class to teach and worked on the painting
Wednesday: I had two classes to teach
Today: I had a class in the morning, packed the van and
had a  private class with a great lady who is in
her 80's. Her daughter brought her here from Pittsburgh
just to have a 2-day class with me.
In the middle of this I am working on a commission and started
another painting ~ I am in Open House painting mode.
Linda is having email issues, I have a leaking hot water heater,
and a leaking faucet in my in laws apartment.
Plus it is to rain for my weekend show!

The show:
New Hope Arts & Craft Festival
Held in Union Square on West Bridge St
New Hope, PA
Sat. 10-8 & Sun. 10-6
FREE!  Rain or Shine
Space #100

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Untitled... yes you may offer suggestions, yours
cannot be any worse than mine... except for a few
of you and you know who you are!
Image: 23x19"  Original watercolor
This is almost a full sheet watercolor!

It is time to start painting for my Annual Open House.
All new larger paintings will be held at the studio
until November.  Gives you plenty of time to save up!!

This is week 2 of my classes, one of my students
had questions about painting sunsets so I did a study
in my sketchbook as a demonstration.  Your sketchbook
does not need to be drawings only... I often add watercolor
washes to them as color reference.  A sketchbook is
the perfect place to work out problems.  Painting problems.
Although occasionally I will empty my heart of other
problems there also!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


4"x 6" Original Miniature Watercolor
A Painting A Day

I sat at my kitchen table and this is my view out the
window.  Just wanted a change of pace.
$100.00 unframed available till Thursday 9/15 ~ SOLD

I have to adjust my booth to fit in a hallway for
my next show.  Working on an overhead brace so
my panels can be flat against a wall... a trip to
Lowes is necessary!
Traditional Artisan Show in Bedminster PA
(Perkasie on mapquest)   The quality here is top

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Check in...

Statue Progress...finished!
Now that she is finished I can admit how much
I enjoyed painting her.  She just glows.  I do not
think Linda will part with her for a while.  Needs
a good title.

Sitting in Lancaster county in all the water it is hard to
see how I will have the show this weekend but they
tell me Chadds Ford area is fine... so I set up tomorrow
at 4pm.   Spread the word that I am there!!
Chadds Ford Days
10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Chadds Ford Historical Society,
Creek Road, ¼ mile north of Route 1 –
in the meadow just steps from the Brandywine River
Admission: Adults: $5
Kids, Dogs and CFHS members, free.
Parking: free!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Challenge #23 - Old Door

4"x 6" Original watercolor
$225.00  Contact the Studio

This is another challenge from Paint and Draw
If you go to their website you can see the
original photograph and other artists paintings.
See how mine stacks up!  You are looking at a
door with a latch.

I sold a large original over the weekend and today
they told me they changed their mind.  I was pretty
bummed, feeling down.  Linda was on the Daily
Painters group I belong to and saw one of my fellow
painters lost everything in the Texas fires.  That
put my lost sale into a proper perspective...

Statue Progress:I did work in it today and will post it tomorrow.
There was a question on how I "saved" the branches.
First I had pencil lines from my drawing, you can see
them from 8/29 and 8/30 blog post.  So I knew
where my branches were.  Because I have good brush
control I simply painted around them.  You can see
that on 8/30.   If you are a beginner you could use
misket or maskoid, a type of rubber that you paint over
where you want to keep white paper.  Just do not let
it on too long or use it in the sun!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Statue Progress...

You may need to go back to August 30 to see
where I stopped.  I washed thin layers of
Hookers Green and Paynes Gray, saving my
negative areas.  Dried it, and repeated this step
four times, drying and building texture.  Creating
darker and lighter areas.  I also put some Paynes
Gray washes in the folds of the arm.

Next...I needed to create the impression of branches in
the saved negative areas.  Using washes of Cad.
Yellow and a touch of Pthalo Green.
 I also moved down to work on the roses and darkening
the greens in the foreground.  She is sitting in a bed of
pink roses.
I worked bit more on the folds of the gown. 
Click overeach photo to enlarge.

Classes started today, there is still room in the
Wednesday night and Thursday morning class.
Just send an email.  I am also working
on the latest Paint and Draw Challenge which
I should have ready tomorrow.  The rain is keeping
me at my desk, focused!

Friday, September 2, 2011

You can find me here this weekend!
Aisle 3 ~ Space #136

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday check in...

I spent most of my morning cutting white and
black mats for framing.  It took a while because
I do not do them often.  Then it was off to visit with
my Mom.  I really did not have any painting time.
I may try to paint tonight.

Meanwhile the framing is finished and we have
most of the prints in new black frames.  Tomorrow
we pack and then go set up.

Here is another sample of the new framing...

As your making your weekend plans...
Plan to come out and see me at:
Heart of Lancaster Arts & Craft Show

held at Root's Market, 705 Graystone Rd.
in Manheim, PA
10am to 4pm  Saturday & Sunday
My Space is #136 in Aisle 3

FREE! ~ Rain or Shine...
The promoters have made this a 2 day
event and I think the quality is much improved.