Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I taught a morning class, ran plexi-glass to be cut for
my commission painting, went to market.  Home to
paint.  Teaching another class tonight.

Here is another painting finished and will be at the
Hockessin, DE show this weekend.
                                  "Safekeeping"  17x21  $900

Monday, February 23, 2015

Show Season Starts...

My free time comes to an end.  I was not really free,
but my 2015 show season starts this weekend.  So
the traveling starts again.  I also need to get back to
my Painting a Day pieces for this blog.  Since my
commission is finished I have no excuse!
I have one more set of classes to teach in March
and 13 days till track starts!!  I sure hope it warms up.
I love track but hate the cold.
I finished two paintings from my weekend in
South Carolina.  I spent some time watching
the river flow.  It was way up over the banks.
You can see a small trees under water.
This was the Pee Dee River in Galivants
Ferry, SC
  "River Nocturnes"   24X18   $975.

 "River  Sunset"    20X22          $1200.

Both paintings will be on display this weekend at:
Hockessin Art Festival

Fri.  Feb. 27 from 5-8  *  Sat.  Feb. 28 from 10-5
and Sun.  Mar.1 from 11-4
Held at the Hockessin Memorial Hall
30% of my sales are given to the
Wilmington & Western Railroad!
only $3 admission

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

South Carolina

6"x 4"  original watercolor
This is our view out the back door.
The little Pee Dee River in S.C.
    We just returned from a very nice weekend in
    Galivants Ferry S.C.  Linda got together with
    her 3 brothers for the first time in like 10 years.
    She found this great VRBO cottage surrounded 
    by the Pee Dee River, the cottage was actually 
    sitting in the river since the river spilled its banks!
    Great views of the river. Notice the long boardwalk
    on the left of the house, that's how we got into the 
    house! Had a wagon to cart your stuff in!
    Made for a great, fun, different memory....
    Weather was chilly, not what we hoped for!
    I can highly recommend this: www.vrbo.com/304266
    It was 1 hour from Myrtle Beach, SC

Linda and her brothers (and me!)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Commission Finished!!

Finished!   It feels good to be finished!  Feels even
better that the client is happy.  I still need to frame it
and as requested... bang a nail and hang it!

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Still working on my commission...
I spent the last day and a half on the fence
and simply going around the painting blending
and softening.  This helps add texture and depth.
My client came to look at it and was pleased!
That's a relief, we talked about the framing and
payment!  I still have a day or two of work.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

commission getting closer to the finish...

To give you a time frame, yesterday I posted at 3PM.
I stayed at my desk till 10pm  (7 hours)  and today
from 10-1 (3 hrs) so 10 more hours..

I darkened the grass and added the dirt path.

The barns needed attention, I added shadows to the
fore-bay  which really gives the barn depth.
Washed over the bricks so they look older.

Here is the overview.

Now it is time to work on that old iron fence...
Underwashes to make the rust shine through.

On a personal note...
My glasses are less than a year old and I noticed they
were cracked.  These are $479 Oakleys...  So I went out
to Lenscrafters where I bought them.  Question:  did you
buy the 1 year warranty sir??   me: No, who expects $479
glasses to crack in under a year...    Actually the manager
was very nice, he found another pair and made the whole
thing right, free of charge.  I was more than impressed.
So...Lenscrafters I am spreading your good name and I will
return when I need my next pair!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

still working in my commission!

My last update was Friday at 7PM.   You can add
about 28 more hours of work.

Close up of the cupola and more work under the eves.
Added the date stone

Here I added shadows to the porch, added steps
and some paint to the under porch area.
Also starting to add landscape the the left side.

Here is an overview shot. Added the tree.
I hope you get the idea that this was once
a grand estate.  Soon to be a shopping mall...

Added the "haint blue" to the porch ceiling, as
was a custom in that time period.
Next is the grass, this is my first washes of green,  I am
working around the fence, choosing not to use any maskoid
to save the fence, I am able to simply take my time and work
between it.  That comes from 35 years of practice!

Here is a closeup of the grass work.
Remember this is only my beginning washes.

More work under the porch.
1st set of greens is completed.  Notice how
by adding the grass it changes the view.
You now have a grand sweep showing distance.

I added the lines in the barn and milk house.
Also went back over the clouds and softened

And your final total view so far....