Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Sometimes you get excited when something strips a plant!  Nothing left but the stem from the Fennel. There were 12 munching away.

I emailed the sketch for my latest commission and am waiting for a reply.  I had a dentist appointment today, no cavities but he'd like to talk me into an implant.   Hummm   $5000, that's a lot of paintings!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Amazon dropped this off today... I think Linda is getting frustrated with trying to figure it out... I am not even asking questions!

I almost have my sketch for the new commission ready for approval.  I had to put several things together.  The sketch is actually a full size drawing so I could see the placement of each object.  I am not totally confident it will get a thumbs up approval but we will see.

Monday, July 27, 2020


First up is my video that was featured last Tuesday for the Lancaster Demuth Museum Studio tours is now available on Youtube!!  This is 42 minutes long so grab some popcorn and a drink and clear an hour of your time.  Also, Please share this video with everyone!!

Next is an update on some of my rankings... who knew!!

15 Top Watercolor RSS Feeds To Follow in 2020... 
and I am listed as #1!!

4 Top Lititz (PA) Influencers, Blogs, Podcasts & Youtubers in 2020...
and I am listed as #1!!  granted this is for Lititz!

Top 60 Watercolor Blogs Winners
and I am listed as #6!!

Today I am starting a new commission for a surprise retirement gift.  It is a bit different and a challenge.  Since it is a surprise, you will need to wait to see it.  Just know I am super busy working on this.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

2020 Ohiopyle #2

4x6" original watercolor   

This landscape has wonderful depth.  It is from a visit to Flight 93.  The view is at the overlook looking towards Shanksville, PA.  The painting is even nicer in person.  This would make a great addition to anyone's collection.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Thank you's...

My Studio Tour went well, thanks to the help of my video guru!  If you are in need of an expert contact AJ Nutter.  Thank you to Sarah and the Demuth Museum for the opportunity to join the other artists in this adventure, if you would like to see other artists tours click here
And lastly, thank you to all that joined me live.  Covid has forced me into the Social Media age...
Here I am answering live questions!   I will be able to share a Youtube shortly.

I finished my blueberry painting!  Thank you Nancy G for the use of your photo and I believe this is your hand made pottery bowl. Click here for Nancy's info(a little plug for a fellow crafter)   I had a great time painting this. 
Framed 12x12"    $500  and it is already SOLD!

Below you can see the steps in this painting...

Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Can you just imagine a new bride stepping through these doors?  Happy Anniversary to my clients, you have been easy to work with and this was a joy to paint.  Thank you!

If you have an interest in a commission I am happy to work with you, just call or email

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

back to my Church commission

Back up to July 13 to see where I left off.  I am working on the stones.  Painting a thin wash and drying it and adding another wash, building the texture and color.

making the stones look like stones...

Adding the upper part with a hint of a window.  Getting there...

Monday, July 20, 2020

2020 Ohiopyle #1

4x6" original watercolor
$135 (unframed)
Available to the 1st person to email
If unsold by 7/23 the cost is $275

This is the view from our bike ride on the Great Allegheny Passage.
The Youghiogheny River in Ohiopyle PA

There is still time if you want to join my Google Meets
Studio Tour for the Demuth Foundation.  Today,  July 21  At 4pm 
Download Google Meets (has a green bubble with a video camera)
I need to send you the log in information. Email me! Its about an hour long and then questions at the end.  PLEASE join me!!  

Sunday, July 19, 2020

travel update

We had a few days away planned for last week.  We went with our friends the Hildebrands who we have been social distancing with for a few weeks, we stayed in PA and we ate our meals in.  We left Lititz at 8am last Tuesday with our day planned, starting with a visit to the Flight 93 Memorial  and then stops at 5 Somerset County covered bridges.  We exited off the turnpike and the girls saw a bison farm and when I turned around to go back to see the bison I lost my brakes.  Almost to the floor and we are sitting in the middle of nowhere.  Found a garage, Bobs Garage in Manns Choice PA.  We are so blessed, he took us in right away, made new brake lines but then we needed a master brake cylinder... we got out our lawn chairs and sat in the drive way for 5 hours...  Gary and his sons were kind and they had a steady stream of neighbors stopping in to say hi, it was a look into the real rural America.  Now our day 1 plans are shot and we still had 2 hours to drive.

We left the garage and went right to our VRBO house in Gibbon Glade PA  again, in the middle of no where!  But our house had a wonderful stream and was air conditioned!   Unpacked, settled in, explored the property and had a nice dinner.

Day 2:
Drove into Ohiopyle (Laurel Highlands)  and rode our bikes on the Great Allegheny Passage.  We did a total of 22 miles!  I am trying to talk everyone into another vacation biking the whole 333 miles from Washington DC to Pittsburgh PA...  The girls were almost in until I mentioned the need for shammy cream (for chafing!)  I will be working on this!
Fantastic!! Followed the river and was shaded.  I would do that again in a heartbeat!  Back to our house for a quiet afternoon.  The girls worked on a puzzle, John read and I worked on a little painting that I will be offering tomorrow.  This house had no internet, no cell service, no TV.  It was great to be totally disconnected from the world and the news.

Day 3:
Drove back towards Ohiopyle to the Meadow Run Trailhead and did a 5 mile hike in the woods  with the river near by providing a great sound.  It had look outs at different spots.  The water was very low so I am guessing the winter was too mild.  We planned to go to waterfalls but heard there was not much flow.  This was the longest hike we have done!  Back to our house for an early dinner, steaks on the grill and birthday cake, celebrating Linda's 65th birthday.  Stayed up late playing 500 rummy and then a rousing game of dominos. 

Day 4:
Its time to leave, that was a fast 3 nights.  The plan is to continue with 4 more covered bridges in Northern Somerset County.   This was to be a little game, find the bridges and take a selfie. 
Bridge #1  Walters Mill Covered Bridge  That's Bonnie in the bridge.

Bridge #2  Trostletown Covered Bridge

We were now close to Flight 93 so we decided to stop in, none of us had been there.  There were too many people inside the museum so we just did the outside stops.  It was very moving.  Quiet.  A lot to take in.  Beautiful job on all the symbolism.  Worth the stop. 

Bridge #3  Glessner Covered Bridge - this was our favorite!

Bridge #4  New Baltimore Covered Bridge (our least favorite)  That's John in the bridge.

This little adventure took us several hours but we all actually enjoyed ourselves.  Got us out of the van and walking around and in each bridge.  We had a sheet of info for each bridge and driving to each took us all over the back roads.

We finished up with dinner outside on the patio at Jean Bonnet Tavern in Bedford PA.  This was the first we have had a meal out in 5 months.  They had the tables spaced nicely and everyone had masks except while eating.   Good meal.  Then its 2 more hours to Lititz.  This little outing just made us all feel somewhat normal!   I plan to feature a few miniature paintings!

UPDATE:  Tuesday,  July 21...tomorrow!  At 4pm is my Studio Tour for the Demuth Foundation.  It is on Google Hangout Meets so you need to let me know if you want to see it so I can send you log in information. Email me!    Its about an hour long and then questions at the end.  PLEASE join me!!

Monday, July 13, 2020

Commission Update

I have been concentrating on my commission.  Working on the stones and the door.  Windows in the door.

Layering the color... which adds depth.

Working on the little details... can you see it?

We are taking a few days off and going exploring.  Plan to ride tandem, a little hiking: Linda found a waterfall to hike to!  Also on an adventure finding several covered bridges.  Stay tuned for the details!

Sunday, July 12, 2020


Video updates...
My Virtual Penn State video posted over the weekend.  It is a You-tube so you can still watch it. CLICK HERE!

I had a fantastic experience on Friday working with AJ Nutter video taping my Virtual Open House Tour for Lancaster's Demuth Foundation.  That will be live on July 21 at 4pm.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Exciting News...

Exciting News...
First up;  since the Penn State Show was cancelled they are having a  Virtual Penn State Art Show  starting tomorrow.  Check it out...I have a featured video!   First time I have missed this show in 13 years.  I would spend Wednesday setting up and show for 4 very long (hot) days....  Let me know if you see my video.

Also exciting...
 I was asked by the Demuth Foundation in Lancaster, PA to join their Virtual Artist Studio Tours!  I will be taping on Tuesday, July 21 at 4pm.  It will be live on Google Hangouts Meet.  You must email me so I can give you the contact to get the code to join in.  Sounds like a lot but its pretty simple.  Just email me and tell me you want to watch my studio tour and I will send you the info!  There will be a question time at the end so get your questions ready for me!!   I need your support, I want a huge crowd on line!! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2020


I added the lamps.  Next I am playing stone mason, putting in the grout.  Working on the side walls.
And starting the stone work.  This painting requires patience, it is a very slow build and I am working with a limited palate.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Starting to paint...

We had a nice weekend.  On Saturday one of Linda's girlfriends came over and they worked on a puzzle all day while I painted.  Then Linda made ribs for the 4th.
I spent the weekend working on my commission.  Starting with the steps.


and building...

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Anniversary commission

Finished the new drawing for my anniversary commission.  The new size will be framed 17x21"
My client ok'd the drawing and I am ready to start painting.   Weddings are so full of promise.  We have all stood outside steps like this waiting for the entrance of the newly wedded couple.  Rice in our hands... I think I may have just dated myself.... what is it now?  bird seed? 

Wednesday, July 1, 2020


This painting is available...  it is large  25x29 framed