Monday, October 31, 2016

Guest Writer #7

I am working hard on paintings for Open House.  You should have your invitation by now.  If you have any questions or want to place an order please send an email.  

This is my last guest writer for a little while.  I hope you enjoyed reading some of my clients thoughts.  

Guest Writer #7
I first discovered Andy’s watercolors by way of his ‘Painting a Day’ blog. As a whole Andy’s work was seemingly simple, but detailed in form, but there were other complexities to discover. Andy, as an artist, could make me desire an object in the composition, bring up memories of the past, allow me to enjoy the wonderful workmanship from a technical standpoint, as well as draw me into a watercolor’s story. 

Thus, I quickly realized Andy’s watercolors were more than individual marvelous pieces to be admired. I felt a special connection to his watercolors- I look at his watercolors and see and feel hope. Hope in past life, present and, in particular, future hope in life and all life’s permutations.There is life in all his works and I find them life-affirming. I may feel a familiarity with my own life or see a new way of viewing the world – expanding my experiences and horizons. I realize his watercolors show what the world has to offer, through Andy’s life translated to his art-giving a fantastic visage for a personal journey, soul searching and the feeling of yearning to go out and live and experience and participate in my own life. This translates for me to an intimate connection with an artist and his work.

Andy’s watercolors are eclectic in subject matter but realistic. Each asks you to share their life, if you will, whether just admiring what you immediately see, or on a deeper more interactive level, delving into what story lies within the piece.

Andy’s watercolors also say to me ‘discover my mystery and what that mystery says to you.’ I feel an overall sense of not just hope but excitement when viewing Andy’s watercolors, in whole or in a detail! Andy, as an accomplished watercolorist, has a unique view of watercolor and how he presents his paintings. His paintings have mysteries I feel I can unfold just by looking at a watercolor and then looking again in the future and see different mysteries and conclusions depending on when I am engaging myself. Sometimes it happens so naturally it simply comes upon me without effort-so I feel restful and at peace. His watercolors provide me a wonderful opportunity to search for and discover the mysteries in his art and my own life, new meanings and emotions that the watercolor says to me.

I love that Andy’s watercolors often are presented from an unanticipated viewpoint. I find Andy has a unique composition in many of his watercolors, such as a view of a piece of an object or composition from a vantage point I had not thought of. An example: when I see only a piece of an object, this may leave me to wonder what this adds to what Andy wants to say, what it says to me, again gleefully leaving me indulging in the contemplation and/or mystery of Andy’s watercolors!Perusing, inspecting, and/or positioning the painting in a new way physically and–behold - the painting speaks to me in a new way!

Andy’s watercolors say something to me in a gentle inviting way- although some are more ethereal, others bold and forthright. For me there is a transcendence,each piece exquisite in its own way without mistaking the aura of Andy’s personal approach and execution that is ubiquitous even as he grows as an artist.

Thank you Christine!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

21 Days till Open House...

21 Days till my 33rd Annual Open House!

Invites are in the mail so you should be getting yours very soon.

I think you can click on the invite to make it larger.

Monday, October 24, 2016


24 days till my 33rd Annual Open House!   
Now I am not going to say anyone here is in a panic but,  the stress level is a little higher than usual!  I sold several paintings that I was expecting to have for open house, its one of those good thing/bad thing things!  Great to have the sales but it put a dent in the new paintings I will have.  Now that my commissions are finished and this is my last week of classes so that takes a bit off my plate. I am keeping my nose to my drawing board. So there will be plenty of new originals for you to choose from.  

Meanwhile Linda is on track (of course!!) She has this two page list that she checks off each day.  I see a lot of mat cutting and framing going on.  Supplies are coming in daily.  The studio was rearranged and I can't find anything!  I think I did tell you we decided not to do a print this year. We are running out of room in the studio and wanted to sell out a few of the other editions before adding more.  Sorry to disappoint anyone waiting for a new print.  My business manager made that decision so we can blame her!
The menu is mostly planned I am told.  Invitations were delivered today and they go to our shipper on Wednesday.  So there is a lot going on here.

Meanwhile, here is a painting that will be at open house.  It is being framed this week...

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Guest Writer #6

I have two classes to teach today and working on my commission.

My hope in featuring a guest writer is that you gain a little extra in site into my work or even me from a clients observation.  I have enjoyed reading what clients have to say.  I have asked clients who have an extensive collection and as you can see they have been collecting since my beginning.
Guest Writer #6...Sheri
It was the late 80’s when I attended a craft show in Edison, NJ that I first met Andy Smith and purchased my first print.  I’m very traditional and at that time my husband was totally ‘modern’ in terms of d├ęcor, so I wasn’t sure what his reaction was going to be when I brought home the print.  Well, he loved it and now almost thirty years later our home is filled with Andy Smith originals and prints. 
Andy’s work speaks to me and one of our many filled walls that I see all day, every day gives me joy, calm and warmth.   Andy’s absolute love of what he does shows in every painting and extends beyond to the world around him.  I believe he puts much of himself in his paintings and that is what makes them so extraordinary.

But let’s not forget Linda who puts so much work into making sure the world knows who Andy is and sees his work – be it the shows they travel to and all that it entails or their wonderful Open House every year.  Without her support and tireless hours of work, so many of us would never have seen or been able to share the most wonderful art of Andy Smith.  Two of the most generous and kind people I have ever met. If I had the space I could write an essay on Andy's art, the person and the couple that brings so much joy and happiness to everyone they meet.


Monday, October 17, 2016


Business first, I finished one commission and it turned out great.  Client picked it up but I cannot show you because it is a gift.  My next commission is also well on its way and hopefully it will be finished early this week.

Now on to fun!    This past weekend we had our annual get away with our friends the Hildebrands.  I am giving you all the websites and our itinerary in case you want a weekend getaway, Linda (my personal tour guide and planner) made it easy for you!!  Our first stop was Frederick, MD.  We started with breakfast at Frederick Coffee Shop.  Followed by an excellent history walking tour of downtown Frederick, MD.  Very interesting and worth the time.  Then on Lexington VA.  We started with a carriage ride to give us an overview.  Checked into our B&B for the weekend.  We stayed at Shenandoah Manor and while it was ok, and as advertised, just not quiet as good as we expected.   Dinner at Southern Inn however was excellent. Saturday morning we toured Stonewall Jackson's house, he was a very interesting man.  Next was Lee Chapel & Museum, excellent.  A nice lunch at Sweet Treats Bakery  and a fantastic Cadet guided tour of VMI and then the VMI Museum.   Loved VMI!  We had another excellent dinner at Red Hen.   Sunday was spent at Monticello, home to Thomas Jefferson.  Saw the view on the back of our nickel!  In fact the views from his home were beautiful.  The only thing better was if the leaves had turned.  Great weekend weather, good food and tours and great friends.

Monday, I am back to my paints!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Waterford Update

If you have never gone to the Waterford Fair (Waterford, VA) you should consider it.  I have been trying to get into this show for 20 years.  They did not allow "art" until this year. The quality is wonderful, the crafters highly skilled.  The show is in its 72nd year!  You can easily spend the day. Many of the historic homes are on a house tour,  there is Civil War encampments, music, and every exhibitor is required to demonstrate so you can really get an idea how something is made.  And, we all have to dress in 1700-1800's clothing...

Thank you to the Bradleys for the loan of our clothing!  Linda had three different outfits and I had this wonderful 1st Rhode Island Artillery coat and two different vests.  It took some getting used to sporting sock garters, keeping everything buttoned and tucked and in place! It was actually pretty interesting seeing how everyone was dressed.  Many of the crafters do other period shows but this was a first for us.
And again the weather was not great.  Rain on Saturday and very nasty winds on Sunday.  I understand the attendance was way down.  
The show was trying to rebound from last years weather cancellation (VA declared a state of emergency).  There were less exhibitors (many are getting older and it is a hard show to do). I went loaded to the hilt.  I don't think I could have squeezed one more painting into the van.  Sales were much less than I expected, but still good and I met lots of new people and I think it will all pay off next year.  We stayed with a host family the Dorsch's and we really hit the host jackpot.  Fantastic family.  We were unexpectedly treated to family dinner each night and hot scones for breakfast.  A perfect experience.  Next years date is October 6-8 so get it on your calendar.

All this week I am concentrating of finishing two commissions which are gifts so I cannot post them.  Just know I am busy painting!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sunny Side

Update:  My print Sunny Side has about 10 prints
left in the edition of 425.
For the viewer who looks beyond a pleasant painting, Andy Smiths, "Sunny Side" offers a deeper sense of thought. The way the holly tree serves several functions, to spark some memories, to cast shadows playfully across the house, and even to help hide the need for a fresh coat of paint. And can you resist the temptation of peeking into the window?
This gem is from the Ephrata Cloister school house.  Ephrata, PA

$45.00 for a print
$85.00 for a framed 14x18 print
Send an email if you want to order one.  ($8 shipping)

I am ready to load the van tomorrow for my weekend
show in Waterford, VA.  I know, its all I have talked
about for weeks!  And wouldn't you know... I have to
worry about a hurricane!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Guest Writer #5

I am super busy getting ready for this weekends show in
Waterford, VA.  So I am featuring another guest writer!
I must confess she is also a good friend so maybe a little

 Guest Writer #5...Joan

 I was asked to write something for my artist friend, ANDY SMITH's Blog.  He has an extraordinary talent for watercolor realism and he is inspired everywhere he goes.

ANDY'S natural skill for realistic watercolor painting always fascinated me. I was an Art Education major in college and then taught HS Art for 4 years. I had the appreciation for ART and was a born teacher, but watercolor painting was one skill I could never even wrap my mind around. Andy made it look so easy but I simply couldn't understand how he did it. His "thumbnail" sketches, in themselves are each a work of art - just as you'll notice from many of the Great Masters' thumbnails housed in museums around the world.

At first I could only afford ONE of Andy's PRINTS here and there, and then finally a larger print "THE STAR BARN", purchased at the MT GRETNA ART SHOW. What a marvelous building and ANDY really captured its essence for me. My niece inherited it not long after I started to collect  originals and it continues to proudly hang in their home.

My first ORIGINAL was "SUNNY SIDE". It pained me to pay the price for an original, BUT I've never looked back nor been disappointed in any of my purchases. My love for "windows" continues to this day and attracts me when taking photographs during my travels. Andy's unobstructed window made me want to climb in there and see what was inside (still does). Perhaps ANDY was also wondering what was inside and his intent was to draw the observer in. I'll have to ask him....


One of my next ORIGINALS was also a window (of course), surrounded by a brick wall. His brickwork astounds me. Who can have the patience? ANDY. And the shadows.... I love his shadows...... (sorry for the glare on the photo).

Most recently I've been mesmerized by ANDY'S MINIATURES and all of the detail he can share in such a small space. An avid reader, my favorite author, JULIAN BARNES has my heart because he can tell a full, very detailed, engaging story, bringing the reader into his world in under 200 pages. Succinct yet an abundance of detail. ANDY and Julian Barnes BOTH have this gift.

EVERY DAY I stop and look at ANDY'S paintings placed throughout my home. They bring me great JOY. They make me SMILE. They make me appreciate the God-given talent that ANDY is committed to perfect every single day. His dedication to his work is part of his soul. 

ANDY has my total RESPECT for his work-ethic, his talent, his Christian belief, his love and devotion to his daughter ABBEY and to my best friend, LINDA. I feel quite blessed to have been a part of their lives for the past 40 YEARS and to have had the opportunity to watch both ANDY grow and perfect his talent and LINDA creatively and tirelessly run their business, while allowing ANDY the freedom to follow his dream. Does it get any better than that?!