Monday, October 3, 2016

Guest Writer #5

I am super busy getting ready for this weekends show in
Waterford, VA.  So I am featuring another guest writer!
I must confess she is also a good friend so maybe a little

 Guest Writer #5...Joan

 I was asked to write something for my artist friend, ANDY SMITH's Blog.  He has an extraordinary talent for watercolor realism and he is inspired everywhere he goes.

ANDY'S natural skill for realistic watercolor painting always fascinated me. I was an Art Education major in college and then taught HS Art for 4 years. I had the appreciation for ART and was a born teacher, but watercolor painting was one skill I could never even wrap my mind around. Andy made it look so easy but I simply couldn't understand how he did it. His "thumbnail" sketches, in themselves are each a work of art - just as you'll notice from many of the Great Masters' thumbnails housed in museums around the world.

At first I could only afford ONE of Andy's PRINTS here and there, and then finally a larger print "THE STAR BARN", purchased at the MT GRETNA ART SHOW. What a marvelous building and ANDY really captured its essence for me. My niece inherited it not long after I started to collect  originals and it continues to proudly hang in their home.

My first ORIGINAL was "SUNNY SIDE". It pained me to pay the price for an original, BUT I've never looked back nor been disappointed in any of my purchases. My love for "windows" continues to this day and attracts me when taking photographs during my travels. Andy's unobstructed window made me want to climb in there and see what was inside (still does). Perhaps ANDY was also wondering what was inside and his intent was to draw the observer in. I'll have to ask him....


One of my next ORIGINALS was also a window (of course), surrounded by a brick wall. His brickwork astounds me. Who can have the patience? ANDY. And the shadows.... I love his shadows...... (sorry for the glare on the photo).

Most recently I've been mesmerized by ANDY'S MINIATURES and all of the detail he can share in such a small space. An avid reader, my favorite author, JULIAN BARNES has my heart because he can tell a full, very detailed, engaging story, bringing the reader into his world in under 200 pages. Succinct yet an abundance of detail. ANDY and Julian Barnes BOTH have this gift.

EVERY DAY I stop and look at ANDY'S paintings placed throughout my home. They bring me great JOY. They make me SMILE. They make me appreciate the God-given talent that ANDY is committed to perfect every single day. His dedication to his work is part of his soul. 

ANDY has my total RESPECT for his work-ethic, his talent, his Christian belief, his love and devotion to his daughter ABBEY and to my best friend, LINDA. I feel quite blessed to have been a part of their lives for the past 40 YEARS and to have had the opportunity to watch both ANDY grow and perfect his talent and LINDA creatively and tirelessly run their business, while allowing ANDY the freedom to follow his dream. Does it get any better than that?!


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