Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Open House

We are moving furniture and setting up the panels.  That box in the far back of the photo is a case of 8x10 frames that came today.  Doesn't look like much but its coming together.

While all this busyness is going on I am still painting.  Here are two new paintings.  They are NOT available until 2pm on Friday, November 17th.  But you can put them on your wish list!  They are also not titled if you with to add your suggestions!


Monday, October 30, 2017

17 Days Till Open House!

And the count down begins... 17 days till Open House.  You should have your snail mail invite.  Here is a copy, feel free to share with your friends interested in my work.

Linda is ready to take print orders, we can ship now for about a week and orders placed after November 10 will be shipped after Open House.  You can order on my website using PayPal or email or call (717-627-3383)

Questions? send an email!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Open House update

Tonight is my final class for the year.  That means the tables for class get put away tomorrow and the panels to hang paintings soon get put up.   The invitation should be in your mail box shortly  (depending on our postal service!)  There is lots of mat cutting and framing going on, supply orders daily and I think Linda has her menu together.  I heard a lot about Autumn Sangria!

Here is my new print
"Day Dreaming"  

$50.00 print only  ~   $100.00 framed print 17x21"

I also printed one new Holiday Print:  "Lynn's Barn"
$15 print with mat ~ $35.00 framed 8x10

On an odd note, In today's mail I received a box.  Linda was pretty excited, I opened it to find a large heavy plastic bag with nice zippers and several handles... to replace my torn bag that holds my tent poles.  She went on to explain its a "body bag".  She read in an art blog that body bags make great tent bags, designed to hold weight and are the right size.  She went on line and ordered one.  Who knew you could just order a body bag.
Wouldn't and shouldn't someone ASK what a citizen needs with a BODY BAG???

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Latest commission

My latest commission had its grand unveiling and is hanging in its new home.  Stacie’s Corner Cafe at 813 Dalton Division Road, Dalton, MA.  A new restaurant in the Berkshires.

I met Scott and Stacie at a show I did at the Hancock Shaker Village.  Scott followed up with an email asking if I would paint something for him as a gift.  He requested sleigh bells, they mean something to the couple.  Hanging on something white, maybe with flowers.  That morphed into a bucket with yellow tulips and a barn door, adding a shovel for balance.  I had all of 15 days to make this happen, while trying to teach and show.  I put in several late nights.  I think I got his vision and they are happy with the painting which is now hanging in the restaurant.  So if you are in the Berkshires please go check out Stacie's Corner Cafe and tell them Andy Smith sent you, and check out my painting!!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Saturday Show...

I am honored to be included with this pretty fantastic group of craftsman.  This Saturday from 10am to 3pm held in the Allegheny Evangelical Lutheran Church at 1327 Alleghenyville Rd, Mohnton PA.  Free admission!!  Please share with your friends.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Open House time!

We are in full Open House mode here at the Smith Studio!  Invites are here and ready to put in the mail next week.  The new print arrived and is signed and numbered and ready for framing.  I'll share that next week.  The new mini Holiday print is also here and ready for framing.  All the mats are cut for both prints.  Frames are coming weekly.  Glass is coming next week so I have a day for glass cutting coming up.   Extra stock is framed on the older prints.  I am sure Linda did more than this but its all I know about!  I did see the folder for the food was on the table so I am guessing she is working on the menu.  My job is to painting. I have several great larger paintings ready for framing.  Below are five new mini paintings I just finished.  I am not offering them for sale until Open House.  This is just to tease you!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

2017 Landscape #11

4"x 6"  Original Watercolor - A Painting A Day
Landscape #11    $225.

Thinking Fall pumpkins...

This weekend you will find me:
October 14-15  from 9am to 5pm
Bedford PA
My space is on Juliana St. #177 (4 from the corner of Penn St)

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I want to share a sweet story.

Last year the Simpson family purchased my print "Heritage"

This past weekend they came out to the Waterford Fair in VA and stopped at my booth and said hello.  This morning in my emails I received this message:

 I just wanted to let you know that our family was absolutely thrilled to find the real window that you had captured and painted in the print we have in our kitchen! We have been staring at this beautiful painting for the past year now, and it was so fun to stumble upon the real-life inspiration. What a fun surprise to end our day in Waterford.

Heritage hanging on
their wall!

The real window!
In the village of
Waterford VA

The Simpson Family
in front of the window!

Monday, October 2, 2017


I do not know where the past two weeks went.   I was shocked to see I have not posted since Sept. 18.
I have been working on larger paintings for my open house and we did a show in MA which meant we were gone 5 days.  Last week Linda kept me pretty busy getting ready for Porchwalk which was this past weekend.   Below is a photo of the girls who were exhibiting, sitting on our straw bale sofa!

I took on a large commission and have been spending the past few days getting the drawing approved and today I spent the day starting the washes.  Its a gift so I cannot share till mid October.  But it is going to take my full attention.

This weekend is a big show, Waterford Fair.   If you or any friends are in the Waterford (Leesburg) VA area this is a winner.  There is a lot going on in this small village so wear your comfortable walking shoes!

This weekend: October 6-7-8
Held in historic Waterford, VA
10-5 each day. 
My space location is “outside the Old School”

for parking and info: