Thursday, March 31, 2011

2011 Pink Waterlily

4"x 6" watercolor 
$225. Contact the Studio
I felt like a waterlily today.

My book came in! A special edition, soft cover book sharing a glimpse into my 30 year career. This 22 page book features photographs from my sketchbook, teaching, family life and paintings. $22.50 Includes a $5 off coupon good on any purchase from June 1 to Sept.1, 2011

They will be available at my Spring Open House or you may place an order.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday check in...

"Untitled" again, open to suggestions 22'"x23" original watercolor ~not for sale at this moment!

This painting is up on the ledge that I talked about yesterday. Linda loves this one, now she did not actually say she loves it. More like; that turned out well, I may consider printing it in fall. I interpret it to mean she loves it!

I want to discuss titling paintings. I don't often care what a painting is called. When I do care, Linda claims my titles do not make any sense and I say I am willing to stand there and explain it to anyone willing to listen. For instance I once had this painting of a bow legged cowboy, its been a while so I am trying to remember, but I think his thumbs were in his belt loops but I may not have had it drawn perfectly and it was a bit different. For fun, I wanted to title it "Fixin himself"... my friends loved the title but it did not go over well with my manager. While it was not printed on the title card, I made sure I told anyone who looked at it what the real title was! I personally think my title sold the painting! My other problem is my titles are too long to print on the little 1"x 3" title cards we use. Sometimes while I am painting, a title just comes to me and I will stand my ground. Otherwise we ask friends and family for suggestions, and I have often asked for suggestions on my blog. Most suggestions are carefully weighed and said out loud to get a feel for it... it is mulled around in Linda's head and the proper name is decided. So when you look at a painting and read the title if you understand it, Linda probably named it. If you have to ask what it means... its definitely my title!

TRACK UPDATE... First scrimmage tonight; both my boys and girls won! I coach JrHi Warwick track, boys and girl sprinters, I personally have nearly 50 kids to train. I love every moment of it!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Check in

I spent the weekend showing and today I had clients visit and then we went to the hospital to spend time with a very sick friend. Back home in time for track... so much for life getting easier when classes were finished! I finished a painting over the weekend and thought I would share the next steps. In our kitchen area we have a chair rail with a ledge. Every finished painting gets placed on the ledge, to be admired, inspected and commented on freely by students, clients, friends and family! I have a student Pat, who I can count on each Tuesday to stand in front of the ledge and say... Ohhh Andy, I just LOVE it! My students are so good for my ego. On the other hand my toughest critic is my darling wife. Rarely does she say she loves one. Usually I catch her inspecting it, studying them each time she walks past. She says little or quizzes me on some part or shading. Actually, the less said the more I know she likes it and the longer they set on the ledge the more I know she likes it because she is "living with it" before it gets framed and put out for sale. Right now there are 5 new paintings on the ledge and she does not seem to be in a hurry so therefore I am feeling pretty confident!! These will be available for my Spring Open House in May.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Check in...

I am showing a larger painting I finished earlier
that will be available at my Spring Open House

18"x24" As yet untitled!
Open to suggestions.

Spring Open House:
A Brush With Success ~ save the date!

Invitations are at the printer, Linda put together
a 20 page book which is also at the printer, we printed
"When Life Gives You Lemons" in the smaller 8x10
size...yes, at the printer. I am painting like crazy so there
are new fabulous originals. And I think Linda is serving
champagne and chocolates... Ahhh, celebrating!
If you want an invite and you are not on my mailing list,
email your name & address.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Tulips

4"x 6" watercolor Studio Price $250 I am thinking Spring: warm days, sunny skies and flowers in Linda's garden. Nothing is going to change my thinking! I am so busy I am not sure which end is up. This is the last week for my classes. I have been adding my students work to the Student Blog. Click here to check it out. Track is going well, it is always hard in the early days, whipping the kids into fast strong runners! And I am trying to paint. Linda has updated my show schedule... Click here to see if I am showing close to you. I am in Kutztown, PA this weekend so join me!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Autumn Mums Print

"Autumn Mums" Rare signed/numbered print (4 color-lithograph) SOLD! Image: 9" x 10.5" Frame: 14" x 18" Printed: 1990 Edition: 425 Print number: 379/425 Excellent condition, no tears or fading This is another print that has been SOLD OUT for years. All 425 are in private collections except this one! The winner may pick their mat color and I will put it in a new frame.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Check in

No painting time today.
I packed the van, visited my Mom
and had track from 3 to 6:30.
Now pizza with my wife and early to bed
since I need to be on the road by 5am!

The show...
Saturday only! March 19th
Held at the North Penn H.S.
Lansdale PA
9:30 to 4:30
Click here to print a $1 off admission coupon
Come out an see me!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

2011 Shaker Still Life #9

4"x 6" miniature original watercolor

Track, painting, track and painting!
That sums it up right now. Oh... I did get out
this morning for a nice long bike ride, it felt
soooo good.
Bad news... I was NOT accepted at the
Penn State Show. I am guessing I did it for
3 years and I am rotated out. They did put me
on the wait list (in case someone does not accept)
But I hate to wait to find a show. I have been
lucky and rarely do not get accepted and Linda hates
when they mess with her schedule!

Saturday, March 19th Show:
Held at the North Penn High School
There is a $1 off coupon if you click on
the show. 9:30 to 4:30

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2011 Shaker Still Life #8

6"x 4" Original Watercolor

The table leg should be the clue that the view
is floor level!

Today I managed 2 classes, my painting and most
important track ... Linda I did not really see, she was
at her desk all day... I think!
I added more of my students paintings to the
Student Blog.
Make sure you check them out. I love the way every
one works at their own levels yet all contribute to the
class making for a wonderful time.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Reflections Print

rare signed/numbered print (4-color lithograph)
SOLD ~ $375.
Includes my standard framing.

Image: 13"x 14.5"
Frame: 20"x 22"
Printed: 1995
Edition: 450
Print number 60/450
Excellent condition ~ no tears or fading.
This print has been "SOLD OUT" for years and
I rarely come across one that a client wants to
part with. All 450 prints are out there in private
collections. But this one ended up in my hands over
the weekend. ~ No, I do not buy them back, so
do not call and ask! Actually very few of my clients
part with their Andy Smiths.
The winner may pick the mat color and I will
include my standard framing. $8 towards shipping
or free pick up.

Track started!!!! Today was the first day.
There are 90 Jr. Hi. kids and 60 were my sprinters.
At least they think they are sprinters until they
live through a full week of practice! I have a bit of
an adjustment combining track, daily painting, teaching
showing and Linda all in a weeks time.
But... its track season and I can do it!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


4"x 6" watercolor
A beautiful piece of glass.
Contact the Studio

Illness has settled into our house!
Monday I came down with a bad cold.
Wednesday Linda came down with a
stomach virus. I managed to teach
my classes and hopefully not spread the germs!
This morning we talked to an 11th grade
economics class on being self-employed.
I still need to pack for this weekends show.
Not a very productive week...

March 12 & 13
Cranbury Craft show
Held in Cranbury School on Main Street
Cranbury, NJ
Sat. 10-4 and Sun. 11-4
This is a "crafty" show however I will have a
full selection of paintings and prints and I will
be demonstrating. Come out to see me!

Monday, March 7, 2011

2011 Shaker Still Life #7

4"x 6" watercolor

Lots of angles and lines in this painting.

I finished a larger painting over the weekend
and started another larger one.
Staying focused.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Check in...

"Pitcher Perfect" 24"x18" $1200

I did not work on a miniature painting today,
instead I used my time to paint a large one I
am trying to get finished. I am feeling a bit of
pressure since Linda announced she is putting
a May 7 & 8 Open House together.
"A Brush With Success" to celebrate starting
my 4th decade in watercolor. Save this date!!

My show season is now in full swing. Click here to see
my schedule. I packed the van this morning,
visited my Mom in the afternoon and went out to
dinner with Linda and her parents. Now it's back to my

My Show:
Friends of the Arts
Held at Owen J Roberts H.S.
981 Ridge Rd (Rts 23 & 100)
Pottstown, PA (Chester County)
Sat. 3/5 & Sun. 3/6 from 10am-4pm
$5 admission... click
here for a coupon

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Portrait Study

4"x 6" Original watercolor

I was working with a student on portraits
today. This was a reenactor I think from
Pleasant Hill, KY. Standing guard at the
door, half bathed in sunlight and half in the

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 Shaker Still Life #6

4"x6" original watercolor
$300.00 Studio Price ~ SOLD

Shaker Boxes on a table.

I had a great class this morning. 8 fantastic
students, lots of laughter and painting going