Thursday, October 29, 2020

Don't wait...

Linda was checking out our prints and I have 7 prints that have less than 20 left in the edition! Do you know how this works? Each year Linda watches what I paint and only chooses 1-3 paintings to be printed,.  All the other original paintings are sold as originals.  I declare and print an amount, I still do it the old fashion way and print the whole edition at one time. In the old days I printed 450 prints. Then I dropped to 200 and lately only 50. Once that printed amount are sold the edition is SOLD OUT! You can only get one from the secondary market at a higher price.

If any of these are on your wish list do not wait... go to my website and place your order or send me an email.

"SPRING" only 4   2    1 left!

"WARM SUNSHINE" only 20 left!

"SIMPLE PLEASURES" only 17 left!

"BELLISSIMO" only 14  13 left!

NEW "FALL" only  19 10   9  left!

"FOLLOW THE LEADER" only 9  8 left!

"GARDEN CLUB" only 2 left!

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

2020 Wellsboro Landscape #3


4x6" original watercolor - A Painting A Day

$150. (unframed)
Available to the 1st person to email 
(framing and shipping available)

If unsold by 10/30 the cost is $275.

A wonderful view of the PA Grand Canyon
from the East Rim main entrance.  Walking along
the boardwalk looking out at the canyon.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Check in...

In todays mail was a letter and refund check from a show in Chestertown MD.  They just cancelled for May 2021.  Hummm  its going to be another rocky year I am afraid.

 I did not have any time to paint today.  It was one of those days.  My cell phone was not letting me call out or receive calls.  I started my day at ATT where I bought it... they sent me to the Apple Store.  I was there for hours.  Bottom line, I needed to replace my 3 year old phone.  That was not in the budget!

Meanwhile at home the framing of two new commissioned painting was going on.  Here they are.

And this was done earlier as a retirement gift, all the objects had a very special meaning.  This painting was a huge challenge because it was totally out of my usual sweet spot.  I had to figure out how to place in all the objects inside the state of PA and make it look like a painting...

Monday, October 26, 2020

2020 Wellsboro Landscape #2

4x6" original watercolor - A Painting A Day

This was our view from our VRBO in the out skirts of Mansfield. Early morning with the sun just starting to rise.  Clouds moving through but blue skies.  We had perfect weather.

Print Update:
If "Spring" is on your wish list please order it NOW, 
there are only 4 left in the edition!

Sunday, October 25, 2020

2020 Wellsboro Landscape #1

4x6" original watercolor - A Painting A Day
The Grand Canyon of PA
$150. (unframed)
Available to the 1st person to email
(framing and shipping available)

After our 2 weeks of backyard Open House we decided to spend a few days away in Wellsboro, PA with our friends the Hildebrands.  We started our trip near the Jim Thorpe area, with a great 2 mile hike (walk in the woods!) to Hawk Falls in Albrightsville, PA.  The falls were beautiful and the smell in the woods was fantastic.  

Next stop was to the Boulder Field near Lake Harmony PA.   
WOW...  this did not even look real.

Now off to The PA Grand Canyon.  We found a perfect house to rent in Mansfield, PA.  And our 1st day started with the brakes failing on one of the bikes so we had to rent a bike for a few hours.  We rode 10 miles from Ansonia to Tiadaghton and back. Pine Creek Rail Trail,  this is a fantastic trail (62 miles one way!! we only did 10!)  it winds along the bottom of the canyon giving great views along the water.  So worth the trip!  The next day we hiked on the West Rim Trail and saw the canyon from the west (less traveled side).   Great hike and we were almost alone on the trail.  We then drove around to the east side where the main entrance and boardwalk is.  This offered a totally different view.
We had planned to ride again but with the bike issue we decided to simply come back next year.

 I keep saying fantastic but it was!  We were actually a week past peak leaf but still the yellows were...fantastic!  I think we had the last days of nice weather.  If you are up that way I need to share 2 places.  We filled up our gas in Wellsboro at Mystik Gas Station. The owner actually came out and pumped my gas and chatted to us and then cleaned the windshield...this is how its done, service at its finest.  We were so thrilled with the service.   Next is a hole in the wall restaurant in Mansfield. Cast and Crew... we actually did takeout here three times. We tried a meal, then some pizza and then burgers and salads.  The staff was kind and helpful and the meals were...wait for it...        fantastic!
We are back home and I am starting to paint the mountains. I really can't do the colors justice. Nature is perfect but I am giving it a try.

If you were interested in my latest print "Fall" there are only 20 prints left! Don't wait, email me and I will hold one for you.  I am proofing them tomorrow.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Fall Original

 After making the decision not to make a print this year with all the cancelled shows and covid, I finished this painting and Linda fell in love with it and now has decided it needs to be printed!  So we are going for it!  We are keeping a very small edition of only 50 prints.  It is at the printer now and we should have it by the end of the month.  Meanwhile if you are positive you want one, you can send an email and we will put your name on the next print number in order of requests.  However if you ask me to hold one for you, it is a firm commitment you are taking it!  Meanwhile IF you are interested in the original... framed 17x21  $2800.  
Original is SOLD!     Prints are available

Prints:  the image is 12x16

unframed: $50.00
Framed: 17x21  $100
choice of black or walnut wood frame.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Two more days for our Backyard Open House...

Two more shopping days left!  We will have our backyard open on Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 to 5 for your shopping pleasure.  Weather should be wonderful so grab a friend and stop in!

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Day 12

I am expecting Monday to be rained out... Call or email before you come to be sure,  but if it is raining I will NOT be setting up.  That gives you only two more days to shop in the backyard. 
Open Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 to 5.

Over the past 12 days I finished two fantastic paintings.  

This one sold while I was painting it!  
Crescent Moon   14x18    $825

Next was a still life from our sales table, it just glows, I am so happy with it.
Linda is thinking about printing this one.
"Fall"  17x21  (not priced!)

Thursday, October 8, 2020


My how things have changed... at our normal annual open house we served wonderful hors d'oeuvres and wine... this Covid year we are offering bagged snacks, bottled water and cans of soda... and sanitizer!   I will say the backyard theme is working perfectly, only 2-4 people are here at a time, as one comes in one leaves.  It is giving us time to chat.  There is plenty of space and fresh air,  and the weather has been perfect.  We have 6 more days to welcome you.   Daily 10 to 5.  But remember if it rains we are cancelled.  You may call or email if you need to confirm the weather.  Held in our backyard at 4 N Spruce St.  Lititz PA .  See you soon and feel free to bring a friend.

I am included in a virtual show...  9 paintings are included in this show... Click here to view.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Open all week...

Starting day 5 of our backyard open house.  There are 3 tents filled with paintings and prints waiting for you.  Plenty of room to walk around and browse.  We will be open every day from 10 to 5 until 10/14.  We made the show two weeks long to spread out the crowds and it has worked.  We have had a steady flow of people but only a few at a time.  This also gives us a chance to chat with everyone.  The weather has been wonderful so plan your day in Lititz and we hope to see you soon.