Monday, April 30, 2018

1st Place Painting!

We arrived home from a wonderful few days in Williamsburg, VA at 4:30pm (Monday).  Unloaded the van and I put my feet up.  So no painting again, and the next two days look a bit busy also.  I do have very nice news, I took 1st Place in Painting at the Williamsburg show. 

As a little side story...  Way back in 1981, yes, 37 years ago at the same show I took 1st place.  Made the local newspaper.  Here I am at my booth... so young (28 yrs. old)!   Above my photo is my wonderful wife.  Check out the upper right photo, I did not even own a tent!  My booth was made by a friend (thank you Scott!) and was all wood that went together like tinker toys and when it rained, the wood swelled and I could not get it apart!  What a difference 37 years makes!!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Thursday check in

Busy day and no time to pick up the brushes which means no painting to show you.  I had to switch my show stand from inside to outside shows.  This meant digging out the tent and cleaning out the "stake and supply" bucket.  Washing and packing the van.  I also had two clients stop in.   Oh... birds nest update, some bird kicked all the eggs out of the nest.  Splat on the porch.   I think a whole new set of birds are going to move into the nest.  Not sure how I feel about all that...

I am heading to Williamsburg tomorrow.  Plan on looking for some new painting material on Saturday.  Dinner at the Blue Talon and it looks like a nice weekend.

Art on the Square 
Sunday, April 29

Historic Merchants Williamsburg, VA
10am to 5pm
My space is #142
between N. Henry and Nassau Streets

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Birds Nest

4x6" Miniature Original Watercolor

$125. (unframed) Available to the 1st person to email.
If unclaimed by 4/27 at 7pm the price goes to $225!

I discovered this birds nest yesterday, while trying to take down the tarp around my side porch.  They built it between the post and the tarp.  I don't see how they even managed to stuff it in there.  I had to take a photo, five pretty little eggs in the nest and I did not have the heart to destroy it.   So being a good landlord I carefully scooped it up and moved it to under the porch where we keep a folded old licence plate just for nests.  The parents carried on and it took several hours for them to find it.  But by evening momma bird was sitting!  I decided to paint the nest before moving it.  It is a little hard to see.

An update on my larger painting:

Art on the Square
Sunday, April 29

Historic Merchants Williamsburg, VA
10am to 5pm
My space is #142
between N. Henry and Nassau Streets

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

An update on my larger painting:

I did not have any time to paint today.  Linda had a rather long honey-do list that took me all day and I am still working on it!  I did get a bit more done on my larger painting.

Deepening the blue of the water.   It is almost finished. 
One more day!  The size is 20x24

Monday, April 23, 2018

2018 Still Life #21

4"x 6" Miniature Original Watercolor
$125. (unframed) Available to the 1st person to email.
If unclaimed by 4/25 at 7pm the price goes to $250!

This little still life caught my eye.  Linda brought in a tulip and I liked the way the sun was shining on the cabinet.  Inspiration can be found anywhere if you just slow down and look around.

Our Weekend:

Linda is always on the hunt for places to visit.  This past weekend we were showing in Robbinsville, NJ (near Princeton)  and we had some free time on Friday.  She found...
BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir.  A Mandir is a Hindu place of worship. WOW! Italian marble hand picked then shipped to India to be carved and then shipped to Robbinsville.  It was fantastic and worth a visit and I will say the volunteers were very kind and very proud of their temple.

Here is a tiny portion of the outside front. The Mandir is inside the building and its huge.

the inside walls are painted in pastels...

the entrance to the temple...  the carvings inside the temple 
(no photos allowed) were exquisite.

We watched a short video, then admired the walls, then you take off your shoes and don headphones for a walking tour inside the temple.

According to my tour-guide wife...You could combine a visit here, lunch at the Americana and the afternoon at Grounds for Sculpture (which we love) for a wonderful day.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

2018 Still Life #20

4"x 6" Miniature Original Watercolor

$125. (unframed) Available to the 1st person to email.
If unclaimed by 4/21 at 7pm the price goes to $250!

I took a little trip back thru my photos of France and found this. 
 It was from the little village of Lavardin.  This was in the Church of Saint Geneste.  The church dates to the 1000's.

I am in Robbinsville, NJ on Saturday!  ~   
100% Handcrafted
Saturday, April 21   
10am to 3pm  ~  Held at Robbinsville H.S.  ~  155 Robbinsville-Edinburg Rd, Robbinsville NJ

An update on my larger painting:

I am adding the reflections in the water.  

Notice how the cadmium yellow bleeds through the water helping the reflection of the green trees.

This is from inside  Chateau de Chenonceau in France.  The Chateau was built over the river so the views from the windows were wonderful.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

2018 Still Life #19

6"x 4" Miniature Original Watercolor

Practicing iridescence...

An update on my larger painting:
I went even darker on the paneling under the window.  And then it is time to start the wonderful view out the window.  Notice again I am saving my lights by painting around them.  The clouds in the sky and lighter spots in the trees.
Some artists use maskoid, a rubbery substance that you paint on then paint around it and then peal off, some use masking tape and trim around.  I taught myself to carefully work around it.

Now I am adding the river...

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

2018 Still Life #18

4"x 6" Miniature Original Watercolor

$150. (unframed) Available to the 1st person to email.
If unclaimed by 4/19 at 7pm the price goes to $300!

Redware is the focal point... the handle on the tin cup points you back to the redware plate.

This Saturdays Show is in New Jersey:100% Handcrafted
Saturday, April 21
10am to 3pmHeld at Robbinsville H.S.155 Robbinsville-Edinburg RdRobbinsville NJ

Monday, April 16, 2018

2018 Still Life #17

4"x 6" Miniature Original Watercolor

Some pretty great jugs!  Again, I am working on my technique of softening my lines.

My weekend:  I must admit to spending all day Saturday riding my bike.  I could not help myself, the weather was so nice.  I spent all day Sunday at the hospital with my brother's family while they go through a difficult family emergency.

An update on my larger painting:
I continue to add thin layers of washes, building the color and deepening the shadows. This is slow tedious work and it cannot be rushed or you end up with a muddy mess.  Notice the difference in wood color between the inside cabinet and the outside of the shutter.  The bottom of the cabinet is in shadow so it becomes darker without loosing the detail. The shadows from the window extend from the shutter down the wall.  Next will be to work outside the window.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

2018 Still Life #16

4"x 6" Miniature Original Watercolor
$125. (unframed) Available to the 1st person to email.
If unclaimed by 4/14 at 7pm the price goes to $250!

I know, I know... another pear... but I love them.
I like experimenting with different ways to paint them. 
Nothing you would notice but I am trying to achieve a softer
look. Knowing where my highlights are without actually drawing
them in...  this all takes practice, yes practice even after
38 years of painting!  This is a really well done pear!

NEWS:  I am listed as #7 in the top 60 Watercolor Blogs! 
click to view!  Wow.. I have no idea how they find me but
I am honored.

An update on my larger painting:
Here is a closeup view of the work on the shutter.

My paintings have multiples of thin washes, working around
the highlights.  Other mediums add the white highlights at
the end of the painting.  With watercolor you must work
around the highlights. 

I just dry it and keep layering washes of color to get the
shade and depth I want.  This painting has a lot of wood;
the window, paneling and shutter.  But its the warmth and
shadows that interest me. 

Did you know...
with watercolor you do NOT use white paint.
You must look at your painting and map out the highlights
and save them.  You build your painting from light to dark.
The paint is water with a bit of color allowing the paper
to be your light coming through the color.  That fascinates
and challenges me.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

2018 Still Life #15

6"x 4" Miniature Original Watercolor
$125. (unframed) Available to the 1st person to email.
If unclaimed by 4/13 at 7pm the price goes to $250!

This looks even better in person.  Thank you Amy for
the image.  Glass with a rose.

I am putting in a little overtime this week, after I am finished
with my miniature I am working on a large painting.  20x24.
Its from a castle in France and I love the shadows across the
wood.  I will post my steps...

Linda measures my paper to fit my frame.  The paper then
gets taped to a board.  Next is the drawing.  I draw freehand.

More detail to the drawing.  This drawing is my map.

Now the fun begins.  I am starting with my warm under
washes.  I plan to work late into the night!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

2018 Still Life #14

4"x 6 Miniature Original Watercolor

I think the best part of this painting is the cushion
on the chair...  This was from a historic house we
toured in West Chester, PA.

Today is national siblings day...My brother Carl and I

Linda with her brothers,
Karl, Skip,  (me in the center!) and Jimmy

Monday, April 9, 2018

Spring Special!

“Spring Special”    April 9 to April 14
The Deal:  I picked 3 prints,  UNFRAMED at ½ off!
Get one for yourself and give one as a gift!
Comes flat, on a foam backing board wrapped in plastic.

Payment: I accept cash, checks, credit cards and PayPal
Pick up at the Studio in Lititz OR add $8 shipping

Want it framed?  Add $40 framing
your choice of black or walnut frame with a double matt.
Ready to order?  Send a reply email or call 717.627.3383 

PURRRFECT”  14.5 X 1”      
Regularly $25.   ½ OFF =  
only $12.50
Cat lovers, this one is for you.. Not being able to paint everyone's special
cat, I attempted to achieve a mood you would recognize. Aloof, playful,
cautious, mischievous, and nosy. A  bit of advice I learned ...
"you don't own a cat, they own you!" But each are "Purrrfect" to their owner.

(Framed 20x7”  add $40.00 )

“PAST AND PRESENT”  15x13”   
Regularly $85.   ½ OFF =  only $42.50
Andy's love and respect for the past continue in his remarkable
work.  Featuring a range of texture from glass to clay to wood
in the objects once used in everyday life. Now, these objects
have become collectable treasures in the present.  
From the Old Salem Museum in Winston Salem, NC
(Framed 22x20”  add $40.00 )

“ MUMS”    12x17”   
Regularly $50.   ½ OFF =  only $25.00
Andy Smith wanted to share his love of mums with you.
Continuing his reputation for rich  use of color, light and
shadows, with his knack for finding overlooked locations,
he is offering you a painting of Autumn.  This allows you
the opportunity to savor the season long after the
leaves have fallen.
(Framed 17x21”  add $40.00 )

Thursday, April 5, 2018

2018 Winter Series #6

4"x 6 Miniature Original Watercolor

I was walking downtown Lititz after the last snow fall and saw this scene.  I loved the shadows dancing across the stones and the bit of snow laying on the window ledge.  I know its an unusual angle but I liked it.

Classes are finished and Linda gets her house back for a while!  I got our taxes back from the accountant and they are in the mail. I desperately want to ride my bike but it is so cold and windy...

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

2018 Still Life #13

4"x 6 Miniature Original Watercolor

This is the left side of the wall cabinet.  I painted and sold the right side on Monday.  Nice light and strong colors.  Shaker.  My plan is to paint a large painting featuring the whole wall.  This is great practice.

Today we had a photo shoot to replace the 12 year old photo on my resume.  Linda wants to update the resume. Sadly remove the "track coach" line.

I also noticed Linda scrolling around small ship cruises for next year... 
I need to go paint!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

2018 Landscape #3

4"x 6 Miniature Original Watercolor

I think this is Chester County, love the stonework.

Monday, April 2, 2018

2018 Still Life #12

4"x 6 Miniature Original Watercolor
$150. (unframed) Available to the 1st person to email.
If unclaimed by 4/4 at 7pm the price goes to $325!

Another Shaker painting.  Lots to look at with strong light.  This is one of my best.  I will be painting the left side of this scene later in the week and it would make a fantastic pair!  Also thinking about painting the whole scene as a large painting.

I have snow make up classes Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  Other than that...just painting.