Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dilemma continued

No decision has been made...
But I thought I would share some comments, also check the "comments" at the bottom of yesterdays blog and on facebook.  Still open to your thoughts.  Printing is a huge investment and I need to make a good decision.

Both paintings are totally fabulous.  While I have an emotional attachment to the Fredericksburg, VA open door because I watched part of its creation and that experience influenced me greatly, I also have great affinity for "Harvest". 
If I were buying, it would definitely be "Harvest".  However, the open windows of "Untitled" draw me in and outward.  The amount of detail is much to study and see and feel.  The floor is great...........the fringe of the rug is almost touchable.  Great work.
Yet, "Harvest" is equally and perhaps more stunning in its simplicity.  The cracked window pane is so 'spot on'.  It speaks of your distinctive style without any effort.  There is just as much depth in this work without all the bells and whistles of "Untitled".  I can't wait to see them both in person next Tuesday..........
But for now, these are my thoughts.  And I am totally impressed.  And I vote for both of them in this order:  1. Harvest, and 2. Untitled.  Pat M.

I love your blog...I feel like it's a nice way to keep in touch.
Both pieces of art are amazing but I really love option #1.   It's so  "welcoming" to me!   Patty D.

Both pictures are lovely, Andy. I prefer the first one because it reminds me of the mountains where I grew up. Bill came with a suggested name: Autumn Invitation.  That said, you can't go wrong. If you decide the print the second picture (which is classic Andy Smith!), it would be a great choice, too.  Janet R.

Wow - what a departure from what you usually paint Andy.  Real detail - especially the iron work and the window lites on either side of the double doors.  I like the way the doors and the wooden rocker pull your eye out to the plants.  A real contrast of colors. 
I still really like Harvest Finished - and not because my suggested Title for the painting was used.  The more I study this painting I realize how much detail there is in the bare trees outside the window and the detail of the wood trim of the window panes.  I guess when I viewed this painting first in the blog and then in person I was viewing the whole picture - and not zeroing in on the individual aspects of the painting.
I can appreciate the dilemma you both find yourself in.  I'd be curious to hear what other customers will say about this new painting.  Is the untitled painting of a photograph you took?  Did you actually see this in your travels?
The more I think about this - at first my vote was going to be Harvest Finished because it depicts the type of subjects you usually paint - which is why I was drawn to your paintings the first time in 1993 at Art On The Green in New Castle, DE.  I think this untitled painting gives you the opportunity to demonstrate to your customers and the public that you do tackle other types of subjects.  Go to print using the Untitled painting.  Nancy C.

Option #2 ~ Harvest Finished
I only discovered your website a year and a half ago and look forward every day to seeing your wonderful work. Thanks for sharing your gift.
Mary Beth G.

Ha! I'm confused too! Option 1 has those lovely colors and Option 2 is what I expect from Andy... and is my favorite because despite the fall chill in the painting, it feels cozier to me. Good luck! Deb W

Three of us vote for Harvest Finished..  Both are spectacular and your handling of two entirely different light situations is phenomenal but we all love windows and the fact that you're left with your own imagination as to how everyone feels when the harvest is finally done and winter is coming and you've done the best you could just grabs you and pulls you in.   Karen S.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Printing dilemma...

 I finished my painting and now Linda is not
sure what she wants to do.  I suggested putting
it to a vote.  So your opinion is important.  As
you know I only print one time a year and I think
this year we will only print one painting.
Here are the two current choices, comment as if
you were buying it.

Option #1 Untitled
     It will be framed 25x29"  (so it is fairly large)
     $175. framed  ~ $100 unframed
     Thoughts, titles, suggestions welcome!
(click on it and it gets larger)

Option #2  Harvest Finished
      Framed in 17x21"
      $100. framed and $50. unframed
I know, two different paintings, that's why it is
such a hard decision and we go to printing on 10/8.

You can leave a comment below or send an email.

And...  Lampeter fair update -- in the fair's adult
watercolor division two of myr students placed!
Lynn Dohne's basket painting took the 1st place
and Eileen Nephin-Bish's Taos Pueblo took 4th.
A huge congrats to my wonderful students!!

Monday, September 24, 2012


Another painting I am saving for Open House.
You can put it on your wish list till then!

I had planned on showing the steps
for a large one I am working on however
I got caught up in working on it and forgot
to photo it as I went along, sorry!

Interested in watercolor classes?   You can
sign up now for October class.  Click here
to see the dates and times.  Class is limited
to 8 students.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday check in

I am focused on painting for Open House however
I will try to have a blog painting two times a week.
I spent most of my day drawing a large painting that
Linda is thinking of using as a new print.  So the drawing
must be dead on so the painting turns out really good.
No pressure, I hate when she announces ahead of time one
she is thinking about, means I need to be extra good!
I will use it as a demo painting for you to watch the
steps starting on Monday.  Remember none of the large
paintings I finish will be available until Open House!

This was finished this week.  My Moms hat on a chest. 
Great color and shadows, looks better in person.
You may add it to your wish list!!

I am packed and headed out early in the morning
for Historic  New Castle, DE.  Art on the GreenHeld in Battery Park from 10 to 5
I have attended this show for years.
While last weeks show was super excellent
quality, this week is super crafty!  A great
place to find holiday decorations and lesser
priced gifts and of course I am there,
up on the hill with the artists, space H10.

I am going by myself, I wanted Linda to stay
home and rest up.  She has to focus on Open
House.  But I have a feeling she plans to be
in the garden all day!   We have Porchwalk
coming up and there are craftsman in our back
yard.  The garden got out of control while we
were traveling all summer so I know she is
feeling the pressure to get her hands dirty.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2012 Still Life #22

4" x 6" Miniature Original Watercolor
$275.  Contact the studio

I went with a nice little still life today.
Also finished my larger painting that I had
been working on over the weekend, taught
a morning class and another class tonight.
I have several new students and they are
doing well.
Check the Student Blog.

Monday, September 17, 2012

2012 Red Barn #7

6"x 4" Miniature Original Watercolor
$275.   Contact the studio

There is just something about red barns!

This past weekend I had the privilege of
exhibiting with some of the very best craftsman.
around.  These people are at the top of their field
and I think it is probably one of the very best shows
I participate in.  There was only 47 of us but the
quality was exquisite.

Today was another one of the Mondays Linda wanted
to use as her rest day!  Ha ha... 9am she is calling our
framer who ran the wrong color on a large order of
frames and we had to drive 3 hours round trip to
straighten it all out.  This took the better part of the
day.  I unloaded the van tonight since we are to get
storms here tomorrow.  Squeezed in some painting.

This Saturday I will be in New Castle, DE.
I have exhibited at this show for years, while the
crafts are pretty crafty there are some good artists.
So New Castle come on out!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2012 Landscape #7

5"x 5" miniature original watercolor
$225.  Contact the Studio

The past two days I have been showing
my classes how to paint landscapes.
So I focused my blog on landscapes.

Linda left early to pick up supplies
at Chester Springs with our friend Joan. 
While she came home with a load of glass
and matt board I also noticed pretty
red painted toe nails and she muttered
something about fig pizza and cupcakes.
So I am guessing the girls had a good
day.  Meanwhile here at home I stayed
focused,  taught a morning class, painted,
visited my Mom, mowed, painted and
taught an evening class.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2012 Landscape #6

4"x6" miniature original
$250.  Contact the Studio...

Todays blog is a quiet little landscape.
Class this morning, paint, bank, market, errands,
grill chicken, paint, and finishing up with another
class.   Linda was in the studio, working with new
shrink bags, arranged mats for cutting, punched
in the show sales, placed a low bid on Priceline for
a room this weekend and was rejected.... all I know
is her desk looks a bit better and she finished her
evening pulling weed in her garden.

Monday, September 10, 2012

2012 Still Life #21

4"x 6" Original Watercolor
$225.  Contact the Studio...

After I painted this bottle in a larger size
I noticed how interesting it looked in
a partial view.  So I painted the top.

We talked about not working hard today.
Use Monday as our weekend... that lasted
till after breakfast.  Next thing I know Linda
is placing supply orders, working at her desk,
and she needed the van unpacked.  I painted.
Not much of a day off!    Also some exciting
news, we are working with a crafter who makes
exquisite rugs to use some of my paintings
into rugs in time for open house! 
Check out his rugs..
I will keep you updated.

This weekend I am exhibiting at:
2012 Traditional Artisan Show
Held at Upper Bucks County Technical School
in Bedminster, PA
I have a few free tickets and if you want them
just send an email and I will have them waiting
for you at the entrance!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday check in

I did not have time to work on a small piece today.
I did mow the lawn, visit my Mom,  pack the van,
and grill some ribs!   I have to set up for the show
in the morning.
This weekend you can find me at:

Sept. 8 & 9
Held at Brandywine Park in Wilmington, DE
Around the Josephine Fountain, across from the zoo.
My space is F35

Sat. 10-6 and Sun. 10-4 ~ $5 admission

The fabulous painting below is my first  painting for

Open House....  I cannot believe it is time to focus on
that.  Ahhh but it turned out perfect. 
It will NOT be available until November 16th!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Watering Can

6"x 4" original watercolor ~ SOLD
This old metal watering can pops
against the red wood siding.
I did not use silver paint on the can
I mixed my own colors.

I had my second set of classes today.
Lots of new students.  I also judged an
art show and painted.  Busy day.

FYI... I will NOT be attending Chadds Ford
Days this year.  The first time in 30 years.
It was a hard decision but needed to be made.
I will be at Brandywine Art Festival in
Wilmington, DE.  More info tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


4"x6" original watercolor  ~ SOLD!

I am not a big fan of chickens, so you can guess
who put this on my paint table.  We discussed
it, I painted it, she was right, it made a great
little painting! I may have been overheard saying
"this chicken is awesome"  I may have.
I am happy to be able to give the impression of
feathers while not actually painting them.

My watercolor classes started today.  I taught
this morning and then went to Roots Market.
Painted all afternoon and had a class tonight.
I totally enjoy teaching and have a bunch of
new students.