Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday check in...

To bring you up to date...
Sunday we started with brunch at
Lucky's. It was featured on Diners and
Dives with Guy Fieri. I had The BEST
Ruben sandwich I have ever had!
We split up from here since I have already
been to the Rock & Roll Hall, I went on
a trolley tour of Cleveland. Excellent tour.
Then back to the house for dinner.
Monday was a surprise private tour of the
hanger for the Goodyear Blimp. What a
special treat.

We even got to sit in the gondola, what a thrill!
Thats me in the co-pilot seat!
We went back to the house to pack and then had
dinner with the gang.
Tuesday we went back to the Lake View Cemetery
for another look at the Tiffany glass. We had lunch
and then said good bye. After 12 days with our friends
it felt sad leaving. We got home at 8PM, and I
quickly mowed the lawn and unpacked the van.
Today... errands, visit my Mom, do a little camper
repair, repack the van. We leave for a show in
Great Barrington, MA in the morning, set up is
in the afternoon. Send an email if you need me!
Berkshires Art Festival
Held at Ski Butternut, 380 State Road
Rt 23 in Great Barrington, MA
Fri. & Sat. 10-6 and Sun. 10-5

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday check in...

Yes, we are still in Ohio! Thursday we had a
private guide at the Ohio's Serpent Mound
It was amazing. Below is a photo of Linda and
I and our friends Kathy and Bruce after a four
hour drive and then the three hour tour.
We left here and drove to Chillicothe where
we stayed at a beautiful B&B called the
Atwood House. Friday we did a walking
tour of the town and I got great new material
to paint. We then headed to the Hopewell
site. It has been a wonderful
learning experience. We arrived back to
our friends home to await the other couple
in our group.

Today we had breakfast on the deck then
headed out to Stan Hywet House and Gardens
for a tour. Below is a photo of us at the mansion.
We added friends, Betsy and Mark...
Next was lunch at Sarah's Vineyard followed
by a great tour. We are always so blessed with
great tour guides. Next is a Heron Rookery and
Nature trail walk then back to the house for an
hour to change and go out to dinner. Perfect day.
I am trying to get a commission worked on in
between all the sightseeing! Having a wonderful
time and lots of photos to paint later.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday check in

We are staying in Cuyahoga Falls, OH with
our friends. Bruce went to work leaving the
three of us on our own. We drove into Cleveland
and I headed off by myself to the Cleveland
Museum of Art
for some inspiration while
Linda and Kathy went to the Cleveland
Botanical Garden
for their own inspiration.
We met for lunch then went to
Lake View Cemetery. It was a gem.
The Wade Memorial Chapel was designed by
Tiffany. It was amazing. We were short on time
so the plan is to return because I am talking
amazing. It is a must see if your in Cleveland.
We drove back to the house, had dinner and
spent a little time on our bicycle maintenance!
Ready for an early morning ride.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Philadelphia Brick Study #2

4"x 6" Watercolor

This little painting is full of detail. It is from
Independence Mall in Philadelphia.

I finally finished the painting I had been
working on for the past three shows.
While I was painting, a nice young couple
with a new baby was watching and by the
time I finished they bought it.

Loved the French colors! I did not even have time
to think of a title! But it went to a very good home!

Finally a good show. Restoring my faith in my
skills. We are staying with good friends and
will be sightseeing Cleveland, Ohio over the
next few days. Today Bruce and I took a fast
and bone-shaking (over rough roads) 5:30am
bike ride then I spent a quiet day painting on
their deck.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

2010 Window Study #4

4" x 6" Watercolor ~ SOLD

You need to study this painting, there is
a barrel with boards setting on top in the
foreground. Strong light in the window
with a tall antique jar on the sill.

We are packed and off to Ohio.
The Show:
Shaker Heights Art & Music Festival
Held at the Van Aken Shopping Center
Farnsleigh and Van Aken Blvd in Shaker
Heights, Oh. (Formally the Hathaway Brown Show)
Sat. 10-8 and Sun. 11-5 FREE!

Good day today, spent a bit of time with Abbey
& Ben doing a little early 1st year anniversary
celebrating. Linda is upset, the japanese beetles
started early and are attacking her garden. We
sprayed this year but they are going to strip lots
of plants by the time we return...
We will be staying with friends in Ohio for a week
and then our "France group" will be joining us for
4 days of Cleveland sightseeing! Will be a great time.
Use email if you need to contact me since it will
be a while till I am back home and I am not having the
house sitter answer the phone. She has enough to do!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pot of Greens

4"x 6" Watercolor ~ $225. SOLD!

The values of terra cotta were a study
in itself. Look at all the shades of one
color and how it is harmonious with the

And today is a new day...
The only thing I can control is my painting.
My life can be hectic but I can sit at my
desk and bury myself in my work. Add my
faith to that and I am back to my old self.
Linda spends a few hours pulling weeds in
her garden and we are both ready for the next
weekend. Abbey and Ben are coming home
for a friends wedding so we will see them for a
hot moment and celebrate their 1st anniversary.
Can you believe it has been a year. Last year
today we were landing in Paris with friends.
We are celebrating with the same friends next
weekend in Cleveland, Ohio!

Here some of us are in Paris. Rashetta, Joan,
me and my lovely wife, Linda, and Beth (my sister-in-law)
and my brother Carl. What memories!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Philadelphia Brick Study #2

6"x4" Watercolor ~ $250. Contact the Studio

Bright sunshine with strong shadows.
A Philadelphia federal.

That which does not kill us make us stronger...
Friedrich Nietzsche

On the way down to Annapolis my van was making
a noise. I dropped Linda off at the show and found
a garage. Had the bearings and break pads replaced
at $400. The show was HOT, HOT, HOT.
Low crowds, and we were on asphalt with no shade
in sight. HOT! I covered my booth, camping and gas,
that was it, no profit.
On the drive home on Monday there was a new noise.
I managed to get to a rest stop and called AAA.

So now we had a tow to a garage and it seems the first
garage tightened the bearings to tight and one wheel
seized. I now have a new $700 bill and a headache! I
have to drive an hour to pick it up and we have a day
to repack and get ready to leave for Ohio. Who but an
artist is ready to do it all over again in a few days and
actually expect to have a good show!! Spread the word,
I will be in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Crock Study

5"x5" Watercolor ~ $200. ~ Contact the Studio

I went with a simple subject today.
A large crock setting on a porch in the

I washed and waxed the van and the popup
this morning then packed. Painted in the
afternoon. We leave in the morning...
The Show:
Annapolis Art & Craft Festival
Held at the Navy-Marine Corp Memorial Stadium
Annapolis, MD
Sat. & Sun. 10 to 6

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pot of Pansies

4"x6" Watercolor ~ $225.00

This flower pot was ready to slide right off
the crooked table. It was on a porch in
Urbanna, VA and I just found it interesting.

There is nothing like a rainy day to keep me
at my painting table. No bike ride, no outside
projects, nothing to distract me... except a
little water and carpenter ant issue in our upstairs
apartment. Spent some time cleaning up a mess.
But got right back to painting.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bench and Milk Can

4"x6" Watercolor ~ $225.

I found this scene close to my house, around
the corner in an alley. I like the play in color.

My weekend in Frederick was disappointing.
It was full and I should have done well. I am
telling myself they leaned towards the
contemporary. On the plus side, we stayed
with good friends and had a surprise dinner
with Abbey and Ben. It is important in this
business not to get down, to keep a good attitude
and simply keep painting. So I am painting!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Philadelphia Brick study

4"x6" Watercolor
$225. ~ SOLD

I am sticking to my Philadelphia
theme. Philly is all about the Federal
style which is one of my favorites.
I tend to be drawn to parts of a whole.
Part of a large window on the right and
part of an entrance on the left. I like that
your minds eye fill in the rest.

I was the starter for our elementary
track and field day; I have been doing
it for years and it is a good way for me
to recruit for next year. I love doing it.
Got back home around noon and painted.
But left again at 3:30 for a little male
bonding. One of our coaches offered an
evening at
Refreshing Mountain Camp
Zipline Tour... I did it!! Got back home
in one piece with all my body parts intact
and my manhood restored!
Had dinner and back to my painting.
This painting was more involved than I
should have attempted with all I was doing
today and its 11pm and I just finished.
I have 7 hours into the painting.
We are packed and leaving in the morning.
I am thinking we are on the road so much
lately that our house sitter could move in!

The Show:
Frederick Festival of the Arts
June 5 & 6 ~ Frederick, MD
Held at Carroll Creek Linear Park
Sat 10-6 and Sun. 11-5
Space #9 near the Market Street Gate

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Church Pews

4"x6" Original Watercolor
$225. ~ Contact the studio

An unusual angle but it was the only way
to take advantage of the light laying across
the one pew. It was the light that attracted
to start with. I also liked the wrinkles on
the cushion, you know it is well worn.
This is from a historic church in
Philadelphia, PA.

I was determined to stay focused on this
painting. I started early and stayed with
it. Its nice to be done while it is still light
outside! Linda has the back garden looking
all tidy and lots of plants blooming so I
may try to sit out a little tonight.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Philadelphia Window

4"x6" Watercolor ~ $225. Contact the studio

I found this window while walking
around Philadelphia, PA. It is from the
inside of a church. They had the
windows decorated with flowers for
Easter. I loved these deep sills
with light flowing in from outside.
It was a beautiful day to tour Philly.
More paintings to come from that

You would think I would have the day
off after showing three days over the
weekend... but that was not to be!
I rode my bike at 6:30am then ran errands
with Linda. The market, bank, dry cleaners,
deliver a print, post office... the list goes on
and on. I actually did not start my painting
until 3:00 then stopped at 5 for dinner.
So it is no surprise its 10:30 and I am just
finishing. I was looking forward to painting
this window and am feeling a bit rushed.