Monday, January 25, 2016


I am concentrating my time on my next commission.  A fabulous
stone home.  It will be framed 29x25"  Below is my first full
scale hand-drawn sketch.  There is several days work on this
sketch, it really gave me a feel for the house and it relationship
to the land. There are lots of little details I needed to get in.
My client had a few revisions but over all it is ok'd

This afternoon I cut my watercolor paper and taped it to my board.
I am now working on the drawing that will be my guide for the
watercolors.  I really like to take my time on the drawing, it makes
for less mistakes when painting.  

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Check in

I used this painting as my class demonstration over
the past two weeks.  It was a study in the layers of
washes and turning a daytime to nighttime.
17x21"  Untitled - suggestions welcome!
This is a local barn, off of Pine Hill Rd in Lititz PA
A few weeks ago I was out on my bike and flatted
out on this road.  While waiting for my pickup I
snapped a few local photos.  Gave me plenty of time
to study this barn.

I spent all afternoon working on my commission
drawing.  Still not finished, I am shooting for tomorrow.

Monday, January 18, 2016

New commission!!

I started working on my next commission.  Pretty excited with
it; a fabulous old stone home.  It starts with a meeting with
my client to talk about size, and the view they were
interested in. What they want in or out of the view.  Time
of year, focal point as they see it.  I always view my
commissions as a partnership with me and the client, so
their input is important to me.
Yesterday we went to view the home and I took  100+ photos
and had them developed.  Lots of close-up details.
Today I laid out paper the size the painting will be and spent
the day studying my photos and starting a drawing.  I like to
work out my problem areas in this drawing and it helps me
understand the house and its relationship to the land.  I do
not rush this study part.  Taking my time now saves
mistakes later.  I will show you this preliminary full scale
sketch as soon as I have it finished; Tuesday or Wednesday.
I have permission to share it as I go along!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

2016 Max

4"x6" miniature original watercolor
2016 Max

Our cat Max.  I enjoy painting him.

I did not win the lottery so I do not need to make the
big decisions that were weighing heavily on my mind!
First thing this morning it was back to the drawing board.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Checking in...

I am not sure where my day went...
I had a full class this morning and did not have any time to finish
a blog piece.  I have one half finished and another class tonight.
So no painting to show for today.

I took Linda to purchase a Lottery ticket.  We had a discussion on
what we would do if we won.  The usual conversation of dreaming
really big.  But the real question becomes, would I continue to
 I love painting, I paint almost everyday, I love selling and
being blessed to earn a living with my paints.  But to take away the
need to paint to eat really changes things.
There is a saying about "stressed vines make better wine"...
I think that may apply to my painting, I am not speaking for any other
artists but myself.  But the stress or pressure to paint well enough
and to be dedicated to earn a living helps make my painting better.
I think I believe the greatness may lie in the struggle.
struggle not a struggle to paint.  Also,  I love the subjects
I paint but would I change what I do, my style, 
when I am totally
free to paint anything in any size and take as long as I want??  
Just some things to ponder on a cold day full of possibilities.
All that said, I think the real question becomes: would I have
time to paint with all the world travel Linda would schedule!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 Still Life #2

5"x 5" miniature original watercolor
2016 Still Life #2

A simple wine glass and nectarine.  Yes, I ran them
both off the paper, I find it interesting how your eye
finishes the painting.

We spent a very nice four days in Ohio with our friends.
Spent a lot of time looking at our Italy photos and chatting
about the trip.  Now it is back home and back to work.
I had two classes to teach today and another two

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Winter Series #1

4"x6" miniature original watercolor
2016 Winter Series #1

Can you feel the cold??  Looks like it could snow...

Teaching and painting, that's been my day!

Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Still Life #1

6"x 4" miniature original watercolor
2016 Still Life #1

The 1st painting in 2016.
Some greens in a really beautiful vase with a strong
reflection and soft shadows.

I just realized I have been painting  "Painting A Day"
since 2006... that's  10 years!  I can honestly say I
enjoy it.  Gives me pleasure to create something so
small with so much detail.  I also like that I can experiment
with a broad variety of subjects.

Classes start on Tuesday so I need to adjust to a
teaching schedule.  I am meeting a new client to plan
out a large commission that I am expecting will take
several weeks.  Pretty excited to start that project.
Linda is busy at her desk closing out the year and getting
tax things together. Also time to plan my show schedule
and fill out show applications.  Plus Linda is starting a project
of building closets in a bedroom that is closetless.
Insulating and adding new windows.  I am not looking forward
to the mess and she reminds me I asked her to get house
projects done before she plans more travel.  However
her and the kids are talking a family I need to