Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Checking in...

I am not sure where my day went...
I had a full class this morning and did not have any time to finish
a blog piece.  I have one half finished and another class tonight.
So no painting to show for today.

I took Linda to purchase a Lottery ticket.  We had a discussion on
what we would do if we won.  The usual conversation of dreaming
really big.  But the real question becomes, would I continue to
 I love painting, I paint almost everyday, I love selling and
being blessed to earn a living with my paints.  But to take away the
need to paint to eat really changes things.
There is a saying about "stressed vines make better wine"...
I think that may apply to my painting, I am not speaking for any other
artists but myself.  But the stress or pressure to paint well enough
and to be dedicated to earn a living helps make my painting better.
I think I believe the greatness may lie in the struggle.
struggle not a struggle to paint.  Also,  I love the subjects
I paint but would I change what I do, my style, 
when I am totally
free to paint anything in any size and take as long as I want??  
Just some things to ponder on a cold day full of possibilities.
All that said, I think the real question becomes: would I have
time to paint with all the world travel Linda would schedule!

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