Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Check In...

I did not paint today...
I did however paint all weekend at the show.
That painting is below.
Today I visited my Mom and had track practice.

Accepting students for March classes.

Check out the schedule...After March the next class is in September.

Newest painting...  21"x17"
Open to title suggestions!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

2013 Still Life Study #8

4"x 6" miniature original watercolor
A simple study of a pear.
Finished my barn... untitled...
22"x 20"    Love the color!

Packed and leaving in the morning, fingers crossed
for good weather.
12th Annual Hockessin Art Show
Held at Hockessin Memorial Hall in the
Hockessin Fire Hall, Hockessin, DE

Fri. 5-8pm ~ Sat. 10-5 ~ Sun. 11-4

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2013 Still Life Study #7

4"x 6" miniature original watercolor

Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA

Busy day today, 5:30am ride my rollers, off to market,
teach a class, paint, teach an evening class.
Linda spent her morning rearranging our back room, we
got a new cabinet to hold the prints.  Worked well.

Monday, February 18, 2013

2013 Barn Study

6"x 4" miniature original watercolor

This is a study for a larger painting.

While vacationing in Ohio at friends I finished
my apple painting I had started at the CBA Show.
Linda loves it and that is a big endorsement!  In
fact it is setting in the kitchen area and I do not think
it is going to be shown for a while...
possibly the print for this year??
 Title suggestions welcome
24x18 watercolor

Friday, February 15, 2013

2013 Still Life Study #6

2013 Still Life Study #6
6"x 4" miniature original watercolor

Set up today for Fire and Ice.
I will not be there tonight, I will have our helper
Stacy standing in for me. We have tickets to the
York Strand to see the Blind Boys of Alabama!

Saturday I can be found in the front window of
Rudy Hall on Main Street from 9 to 3 (free!)
this show is during the Lititz Fire and Ice

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2013 Still Life Study #5

2013 Still Life Study #5
6"x 4" miniature original watercolor

Since I finished my commission I am ready to get
back to my daily blog paintings.  I started with a
simple still life.
We spent 5 relaxing days with our friends in Ohio and
returned home on Monday.  From this point on I am
showing almost every weekend. Check my show schedule...

This Saturday I am downtown Lititz exhibiting at
Rudy Hall on Main Street... I am in the front window
from 9 to 3 (free!)  this show is during the Lititz Fire and Ice.
Commission update...This is the "almost finished" point.  Background is half finished.
I have several more hours of details to put into both paintings.
But you get a general idea.  I want to show my clients the
finished paintings before I show them here on the blog.  I am
very excited about them both, they look so much better than
in these photos!  The finished paintings will be posted later.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Commission update

We spent the weekend in Lincroft, NJ... showing.
My first show of the season and I am happy to report
it went pretty well.  Overall the show was not good for
many exhibiters but I was blessed with my clients coming
out.  We stayed with good friends which is always nice
and they took us to see the damage to the
beaches.  Wow... is all I can say.  You need to see it to
really understand.  All weekend I worked on a bowl
of apples which I will show later but on Monday morning
I went back to my commission. 
The crock on the left... 
Finished the little bottle with the
I felt the right side was off balance so I added
a small bowl.
And the whole view.... now to tackle the

Click over the photo to enlarge for a better look...
Any questions??