Thursday, November 29, 2018

2018 Holiday #3

6"x 4" original watercolor

$135. (unframed)  Available to the 1st person to email
If unsold by 12/1 at 7pm, price goes to $250.

Just a nice window with greens and nice shadows.

Busy day, Linda is trying to squeeze in lots of things
before surgery.  So a bit of Christmas shopping, groceries,
and some errands.  Tonight we take the studio helpers and
grandpa to American Music Theater for the Christmas Show.
Tomorrow morning she wants to check out primitives at
Millbach Homestead.  Saturday we are looking at a light
for the almost finished guest bedroom.  I am not sure what
else is on the list.   Oh... last weekend we saw "Green Book"
and I highly recommend it.  Great movie.  

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

2018 Holiday #2

4"x 6" original watercolor
$135. (unframed)  Available to the 1st person to email
If unsold by 11/30 at 7pm, price goes to $250.

This is from a photo that a client sent me to use.  Great
stone and old wood, the perfect frame for the wreath.

Give me a call if you want to do some Holiday shopping
at the studio this weekend.  We are trying to stay close to
home.  The studio will be closed Tuesday 12/4 through
Friday 12/7.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

2018 Holiday #1

4"x 6" original watercolor
$135. (unframed)  Available to the 1st person to email
If unsold by 11/29 at 7pm, price goes to $250.

Working on my ho ho ho...  playing Christmas music.
Went with a simple wreath to get back into the holiday

We usually go out looking for Holiday scenes and there
is simply no time.
I can't promise how many there will be this year...

Monday, November 26, 2018

Special Monday Deal...

This painting is the last older Holiday painting I have left. I think Linda had it in her collection for a while and just put it back out for sale!  It is framed in a black frame at $250.

Take your time to really look at this painting, it is not as it appears at first glance.  There are lots of interesting angles.  The greens are not hung on the window but on an entrance. There is a door on the left inside the first room.   Entering under the greens you have the window, and maybe a painting on the left and wood trim on the right.  Yes, the greens are off center...

I just finished a fantastic commissioned painting which I cannot show you until after Christmas.  I was working round the clock for a week and needed to get it finished before Linda has her knee surgery and I am being a caregiver extraordinaire!  My plan is to TRY to get some Holiday paintings done but I am not sure that will happen this year.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Studio Open this Weekend!

A huge thank you to all my clients that came to Open House and helped make it so successful.  There are still some wonderful original watercolors for you to choose from and we restocked all the prints so you are bound to find something special to fall in love with!
We are open this weekend.
Friday 11/23 from 10am to 5pm
Saturday 11/24 from 10am to 5pm
at 4 North Spruce Street   Lititz, PA

Here is my fabulous pig... framed 24x18

All paintings can be found on my website.
We are now shipping orders so place your order today!  If you want to visit the studio either email or call 717-627-3383 to set up a time.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Only 3 days till Open House!

To Linda's frustration, we loose Tuesday as a "getting ready" day because she is scheduled for her pre-op appointment in Philadelphia.  Pretty much shoots the whole day.  However the girls are diligently working.

Open House Update:
Still framing!  The last supply order comes Tuesday.  Cleaning starts Tuesday.  I fuss about this every year but it falls on deaf ears... why do we have to clean everything??  I mean top to bottom cleaning.  Who is looking up that high??  But I did my part and  I cleaned the studio lights, yes, I wiped the bulbs for a brighter light!    The porch is totally set up and paintings hung.  All the older originals are on the porch.  Linda did a Costco run.   All the new originals are now posted to the website, however no sales are allowed until Friday 11/16 at 2pm.  We try to keep it fair to everyone so no early sales.  We will look at  emails and take phone calls at 2pm but at that point its first come first one gets it.

I finished this beauty over the weekend...

And my final painting is this wonderful pig I have been wanting to paint. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Only 7 Days till Open House!

It is a bit busy here at the Smith compound.  Linda is trying to get her garden cut down for winter after not being allowed to be in the garden all year.  I think she may be overdoing it.  She is also working on applying for her health insurance through the Marketplace and I am hearing strong language coming from her office.  Our show schedule and applications  for next year is laying on piles and several show apps are already due.  She had over 200 change of addresses to enter into the computer and October needs to be balanced to the penny.  And add to that, her Open House duties and a constantly ringing phone and lots of emails.  I am not poking the tired bear!!

Meanwhile I am still painting.  I have to finish everything up by Sunday night.  I have the last show of the season this weekend.

Artisan Fair
Held at Olympic Hall at Spooky Nook Sports Complex
2913 Spooky Nook Rd, Lancaster, PA
Sat. 10am-5pm and Sun. 10am-4pm
$5. admission  I think you can print this card to get $1 off

Open House Update:
Frames and supplies are still arriving.  Matts are still being cut.  I cut two cases of glass yesterday.  I have the cover put up around the side porch.  The porch has been scrubbed and a rug down.  Panels go up on Friday.  Furniture moved and the panels and lights are up in the living room.  Paintings laid out where they may go, subject to Linda rearranging them several times.  The start of grocery shopping for your hors d'oeuvres and a stop at the State Store for wine is checked off the list.  Yes, if you know Linda there is a list... a LONG list!  In fact everyone here gets a list!!  Only 7 days till Open House.

More paintings for your wish list.  Both are 14 x 18" and both are from Ireland although they look like they could be from anywhere.  None of the new originals may be sold until 2pm on Friday 11/16.  If you cannot attend but want one you may send an email or call promptly at 2pm when the show opens.  No holds!  Any prints may be ordered and shipped anytime!