Thursday, March 28, 2013

2013 Still Life #10

4"x 6" original watercolor
Taught my last class this morning.  I am
finished teaching until September.  Linda
already has the table, chairs, panels and lights
down and is moving the furniture back! 
I went to visit my Mom at noon and had our
1st track meet with Edward Hand. Yes, both
boys and girls won!!  I know we are going
to have a great year!

Packing in the morning and then off to set
up at Waterloo Gardens in Exton.
I will be there all day Saturday. Come see me
and get your Easter flowers!!

A client of mine from years ago donated a painting
he bought from me in 1991 to the Kennett Meeting
House as a fundraiser.  Check it ou and feel free
to place a bid!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2013 Landscape #2

4"x6" original watercolor

A bit different for me, I simply enjoyed
the sunlight though the trees.  An interesting
challenge to paint.

I am looking for free packing peanuts if you
have some laying around that you would like
to recycle.  I use them to ship paintings.
You can bring them to a show or if you are local
I can pickup.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2013 Landscape #1

6"x4" original watercolor
This is a study painting for a larger landscape.
I like the reflections of the trees.

Weekend Show:
Saturday 3/30  I can be found at Waterloo Gardens
in Exton, PA  from 10am-5pm ~ FREE
I think I will be in the gift shop/furniture department
and will be demonstrating all day...
Waterloo will have a great selection of Easter flowers!

Monday, March 25, 2013

2013 Still Life Study #9

5"x5" Original Watercolor
$100.00 (unframed + $8 shipping)
Goes to the first email or phone call.
Available till Wednesday 3/27 at 7PM
then the price goes to $225!

Great little window study with strong color.

You probably noticed I have not been blogging
for a while (two weeks); well you never know what
life throws at you.  My mother-in-law took sick. 
We had two all night ER visits followed by 7 days in
the hospital and since she was not strong enough to
come home we had to follow that with some time in a
nursing home.
I managed to continue to teach my classes, did some shows
alone, my two times a week visits to my own Mom and
yes to coach track every night.  Linda has put in long hours
at the hospital and now the nursing home.  Finally her
Mom had three good days in a row so our fingers are
crossed but it has been all consuming and Linda is looking
pretty tired.    As Mom improves, Linda is starting to go
every other day however even on her off days she gets called
in for doctor consults.  My plan is to get back to painting,
I actually have two commissions that clients have been
patiently waiting for me to start. 
I plan to blog... but make no promises!

Monday, March 4, 2013

I am not sure what happened to all of last week...
In my defense I have been painting larger pieces and
not working on small blogs.  Also had some family
illness that took a little time away.  And yes... I had
two track meetings and a practice. 
On the exciting side ~ track started
today!  I am
helping the high school for this week and
then Middle School duties start next week. 
I LOVE track season!
So you need to work with me while I get into a groove
of teaching, painting and TRACK.

Commission Update:
Both paintings are now in their new home! 
I can finally show you the finished painting.
Each painting is a full sheet watercolor, about 30x22"
Framing will be selected at a later time.

They will be featured on this large wall below.
I suggested they live with them a bit and then
take them to a framer.
They are just taped to the wall to get an idea but
suddenly they look so small.  You need to imagine
a  4" matt around and a gorgeous frame. 
I can't wait to see them finished and hanging.
It feels good when you know you did a great job and the
client is happy.