Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Holiday #6

4"x 6" Original Miniature Original Watercolor

Sticking with Williamsburg, VA.

I have one more Holiday painting and then
I am switching to winter and flowers.  Yes,
flowers, Linda suggested exhibiting at the
Garden Expo in Harrisburg in February... so
I need some flower paintings.

We will be celebrating New Years Eve with our
friends the Hildebrands.  Over the past 35 years
we have spent many an Eve together.  Back when
the kids were young we moved the clocks ahead so
the kids thought they were staying up till midnight!
Tonight will be dinner, maybe a movie and watch
the ball drop.   Happy New Year to all.

Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Holiday #5

4"x 6" Original Miniature Original Watercolor

Williamsburg, VA at Christmas.  I plan to paint a
few more in my Holiday series because I did not
paint as many as I usually do because of  the time
spent on my commission.

My latest commission:
It turned out great and my client was pleased.
24x18  What a beautiful house.  The brick has
1758 on it, lots of angles and a dash of snow.
I was sorry to see it leave so quickly, I usually get a
few days to live with the finished painting but this one
was barely dry and framed and out the door.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2013 Holiday #4

4"x 6" Original Watercolor
2013 Holiday #4  $225

This interesting view of architectural angles with a
bit of  Holiday is from Winterthur in DE.

I am spending most of my time on my commission.
I will share it after Christmas since it is a gift.
Moving along well, just taking my time.

Time to sign up for watercolor classes for January.
I will have the dates posted tomorrow.
If you need to stop in for a last minute gift give me
a call!

Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 Holiday #3

6"x 4" Original Watercolor
2013 Holiday #3

A bit of Williamsburg, VA
We were privileged to spend a week over
Grand Illumination.  Sadly it rained most of the
time but I was able to get great new subjects for
my Holiday series.
Saturday there was a small memorial service for my
Mom in Coatesville.  My brother did a nice job
putting it together.  We needed to mentally change gears
and left there for a birthday party weekend for a very
special client and friend.   Starting with a surprise
dinner at Mendenhall Inn , entertainment was fantastic
Irish dancers, followed by Sunday brunch at Krazy Kats
and a Yuletide tour at Winterthur.  We had a very good
time with friends.  Got home with enough time to dig a
bit of snow (I needed a parking spot)  and work on my
commission.  I spent most of today drawing and got an
OK to start painting.  I will be pulling some all-nighters
to get it done for Christmas!

Friday, December 13, 2013

2013 Holiday #2

4"x 6" Original Watercolor
2013 Holiday #2

We are heading out again... due to possible bad weather
we are going to Coatesville so we are there in the morning
for our family memorial for Mom.  After that we are heading
to a party and have several functions on Sunday.  So it is a
busy weekend.  I started drawing my commission, I packed my
paints so I can work on it while away.

Not much time if you wanted a Smith painting or print for
a Christmas gift.  Send me an email if you want something
shipped or to schedule a studio visit. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Holiday #1

4"x 6" Original Watercolor
2013 Holiday #1

I am starting my Holiday Series.  However I am
letting you know I have a large commission to do
for Christmas and I am just now getting the photos to
start it.  So I may need every waking moment for the
commission.  If I do, I will continue the Holiday Series
until January, because I have lots of new subjects I
want to paint!!

Open House went well.  My Mom took ill on the Friday
of Open House so I was going to sit with her before my
doors opened and after we finished each day.  Sadly Mom
passed away on Thanksgiving Day.  Our daughter Abbey
came home on Wednesday at 9pm and stopped in to see her
and she passed the next morning.  I was holding her hand.
It was quiet and peaceful.   This past week we (my brother
Carl, his wife Beth, their adult kids and Me and Linda and
our Abbey and Ben) all went to Williamsburg, VA and had
a great  time together.  We swapped some "Mom" stories
and just honored her memory.  We just got home this afternoon
and I need to go paint.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2 days left...

Open House Update:
Painting is finished,  framing is finished, cleaning done as
far as I am concerned but Linda may have other ideas!
Furniture moved, paintings and prints hung and labeled. 
Looks ready to me but somehow Linda finds all these extra
things to do!  The next two days will be spent on food.
With any luck I can slip out and not be noticed!
All the new work is now posted on my website.  Go pick
the one you want but remember... NO sales till 2pm!
You may call (717-627-3383)  or email to let me
know you want one of the new originals if you cannot
get here at 2!
We offer 6 rooms filled with paintings and prints.
This is our back room of the studio where just yesterday
there was framing going on!

This view is from the house.  2 rooms filled with
new original watercolors.

A close up view of new originals.

Email question: It would be great if you could reflect on those
beginning years.   Thank you so much for sharing all you do.
It is very helpful!
It is hard to remember back to the first few shows.  The original
reason for starting an open house was to raise money to help
pay my printing bill which was in the high thousands!  We lived
in an apartment so we held it for two years in a local hotel.  
Used white formal cards for the invites.  I have always
my new print at open house.  Linda's idea was
to have the invitation serve as both an invite and a way for
clients who live out of state to see the new print and order it. 
Once I stopped having a side job and started painting for a
living we quickly settled on the week before Thanksgiving
so I would have income over winter when there are few shows.
Linda has a method to all her madness!!  From there it just
grew, clients now know this is when I have lots of new
originals, a new print and a large selection of mat choices
on the old prints.  The hours are long because I have clients
driving from other states.  I even have clients that fly in!
I am truly blessed.

If you want to see everything, come on Friday.  I allow my
clients to take home what they bought!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

9 days till Open House

First the most important news.  My bike accident
was settled and the insurance company took care
of my poor busted bike.  I was able to replace it with
a nice used bike and I am happy.  Picked it up today
but did not ride it yet.  To add to the excitement
around here, our oil tank sprung a leak.  Of course
not until after 275 gallons was pumped into it.  It is only
a slow drip but it sure is leaving a nasty smell in the
house and a frazzled wife.  They came today to
measure, coming on Friday morning is a new tank
and $1800 less in the accounts!

Open House Update:
I had my last show so I was able to unpack the van.
Furniture is moved around.
All the show panels, covers and lights are up.
The extra room we use on the porch is mostly together.
Canopy up, rug down.
Another large order of 100, 8x10 frames came and
are being put together...  does not look like much
in this photo however it is several days work.
Linda has the menu done and even started grocery
shopping.  Here is a pile of "do not touch" food.

And of course I am still painting...
 "Hot House, Yellow and Plum"   18x24

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

15 days and counting...

Linda spent the morning with her step-dad,
he had his second cataract done.  We are busy
with drops 4x a day in the new eye and 2x a
day in the other eye.  It is a lot to keep track of.
I spent some time this morning with the
insurance co. about my bike.  Got an afternoon
ride in.   Painting!
Open House update:
More framing in the studio, we average 40
frames a week right now.  The phone has been
ringing with some orders.  Linda has the
panels up in the livingroom.  Getting there.
Here is another painting...
20x23  untitled
I have one more show this weekend:
 Pennsylvania Guild Fine Craft Fair
November 9-10
Held at the Lancaster Convention Center
25 S Queen St. Lancaster, PA
Sat. 10-6 and Sun. 10-5

Monday, November 4, 2013

18 Days till Open House

I went out for a bike ride this afternoon, first
I was on since last weeks incident.  Chilly but a
good 25 miles. 

 Open House Update:
Invites are landing in mailboxes, feel free to let
me know when you receive yours. 
Here it is... click to enlarge
Linda sat today working on 156 address changes.
Not as many as last year.  Helpers were framing
and cutting mats all day today.  I painted.
More cute little cups came in the mail this morning.
I think there will be a trial run on some desserts
this week.

Here is another finished painting.  Thank you Amy
for the use of your photos. 
14x18 and needs a title.

Friday, November 1, 2013

21 days till Open House

Lots to share.
First, Tuesday I was riding my bike and a 17 year old girl
turned across traffic (to pull into her driveway)
in front of me causing me to hit her car,
bike took the hit and broke the forks, I went sailing across
her hood and down onto the other side.
I am NOT hurt, other than a little sore arm where I landed.
No police were called because I thought we were handling it as
gentleman and the father would pay for the repairs.  Dad took
my bike to the bike shop he is working with. (Dad rides)
Since then Dad decided I hit their car and I am on my own.
So, I just went in to file a police report.  I did not want to put
the girl through all that but since her parents are not being
Moral to this story... ALWAYS call the police.
A mans word is NOT a mans word.  If it does not turn out
well I will share the name...  he has a business and if
they cannot be trusted for this, I question the business ethics.
Next: I am exhibiting at Kutztown University Field House
this weekend. 
312 Trexler Ave, KutztownSaturday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Sunday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
It is with the Guild so the quality is good!

And...  This painting took "Best in Show"
I am very honored!  More info to follow
Finally, Open House Update:
Invitations are at the post office and should be
landing in your mailbox any moment.  Fingers
crossed the post offices co-operate!
I am still painting like a mad man.  Framing still
going on.  Linda has the menu almost worked out.
Cute tiny cups are showing up... not sure what is
going in them!!  I heard the words "champagne"
and wine since it is our 30th open house.  The
porch was enclosed on Wednesday to give us the
extra space. 
That is my week in a nutshell!
Going to Kutztown to set up my booth...

Friday, October 25, 2013

Check in

My latest painting... 20x22"  untitled!
Available on 11/22 at Open House

I did not blog all week because I am concentrating
on my larger paintings. Painting all day till late at night. 
Some really good work is being accomplished!
I can't wait to show it all.

Important:  At one of my classes we had an
emergency and needed to call 911.  I now see
how very important it is to have a card in your wallet
with whom to call in an emergency.  A home and
cell number and relationship.  Do not assume we
can find it on your cell phone.  Get it in your wallet. 
And please answer your cell if you are someones caretaker!!
AND also very important (maybe on the back of this
card or on a separate card)  you need a list of meds
you are taking.  Med name, dose and times to take it.
I had no idea of her meds and the ambulance really
needed this info and she was in no condition to
remember.  So please do this tonight, it is so very
FYI, my student is doing OK.

Lots happening here.  Several deliveries of
supplies are coming through the door...feels like
daily!  (tape, hooks and screws, mattboard, foamboard,
framer points, plastic bags, and lots of moulding length)
Frames coming every week. Lots of mat cutting
and framing going on.  The new print came yesterday
so I am numbering and signing 200!  They look great!
Invites came this morning.  6600 of them!
I am told we are on schedule...  My job is to paint.

This weekend I will be at:
Carlisle Expo Center at 100 K Street,
Carlisle, PA
Exhibiting with the Yellow Breeches
Chapter of the Guild

Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 5
$5 admission

Thursday, October 17, 2013

new painting...

Finished, this took me over a week of non
stop painting...   Layers and layers of washes.
Lots of bricks!

18x24   Untitled....
Not available till Open House.

No blog today because I wanted to finished
this painting.  Visited my Mom and packed the
van.  Set up for the weekend show is tomorrow,
Open House update:
Linda finished the proofs for the invitation
and they are being printed as we speak.
Also the tear sheets for the new print were
proofed.  More framing was done.  Linda shoots
for a minimum of 5-6 framed of each of my
older prints.  That is a lot of framing and I still
have shows so I am selling as she is framing!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Series #2

5"x 5" miniature original watercolor

Apples on the tree.  Nothing says Fall
to me like apple season!!

I had a class this morning and painted all day.
Linda took her Step-Dad for cataract surgery.

This weekend is my last outdoor show:
Crafts in the Meadow ~ Oct. 19-20
Held at Tyler State Park at 10 Stable Mill Trail
Richboro, PA 10am to 5pm

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Series #1

6"x 4" miniature original watercolor

My first "fall" painting.  It is actually from the
Shaker Village in MA from last year. 

Busy day here.  I had a class this morning.
Ran a few quick errands.  Went to watch them
print my new prints... they look fabulous!
Always exciting to stand there and watch.
Meanwhile, Linda is having computer problems.
Not sure what is going on, not sure she knows
what is going on!  Tonight Linda is headed to yoga
and I have an evening class.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Check in

I started my day with a dentist appointment, I am pleased
to report, no cavities!

No mini blog painting today although I did spend some
time thinking about one for tomorrow.  Linda wants me
to stay with Fall themes!  I am on day four working on a
painting with lots of bricks!
Meanwhile this is one I finished last week. 
14x18" Original Watercolor ~ Available at Open House!   Title?
Open House Update:I painted all day but stopped to cut a case of glass and cut
the mats for 5 finished original paintings.  I get a kick out of
cutting them myself.  The girls can cut and frame the prints
but I love doing my originals.
Linda was finishing the changes to the invitation.  Color was
tweaked and some wording changed.  Now waiting on the final
copy.  She was also emailing with the mailing people working
on dates to mail.  They are going with some combination of
Presort Standard and Presort First Class mailing out on
different dates.   Hopefully this will solve the problem of late
mailings.  I know Linda is worried, but using a mailing house
relieves her of so much extra exhausting work.  The problems
are not with the mailing house but with the post office.
New plastic bags for unframed prints came today and Linda
worked on getting some together.  Foam backing board gets
cut to fit inside the bags with the print, a print sticker and a
price sticker and then put in the correct storage box in print
number order.   Nothing is easy!
Three large piles of mats were cut and I see Linda has several
piles of framing ready for tomorrow.  And to top that off she
has some problem with the computer not downloading PDF files.
I am quoting here cause it is beyond my pay grade!

Friday, October 11, 2013

2013 Pumpkin #5

6"x 4" miniature original watercolor  $225

I did it... a pumpkin every day this week!

I was glued to my desk most of the day and am painting
till mid-night most nights. 
Here is another finished
painting for Open House and your wish list!
The  perspective of the brick wall gives you the basis
for depth.  A view from historic Portsmouth, VA.
I really enjoyed painting this.  Check out the glow of the lights
at the door.  Remember I use NO white paint!!

 24x18" original... needs a title!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

2013 Pumpkin #4

6"x 4" miniature original watercolor

Pumpkin #4
Mini pumpkins on a deck.

It was hard getting this done today.
I had a few errands to run and a visit with
my Mom.  But I was determined not to


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

2013 Pumpkin #3

4"x 6" miniature original watercolor   SOLD!
Another pumpkin...

I stayed up till almost midnight to finish this
painting.  I am so excited about it.  I was a bit
intimidated about the chalkboard.  Using NO
white paint, No maskoid, just my skills!  With
these long skinny paintings the perspective has
to be perfect. The scene is from my trip to
Waterford, VA.  This is for open house so no
early sales but you can put it on your wish list!! 
framed: 11x22"    title suggestions?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2013 Pumpkin #2

4"x 6" miniature original watercolor   SOLD!

My second pumpkin for the week...

October classes started this morning.
Excellent morning class.  Painted all
afternoon and I have an evening class.
Linda was at her desk all day working on
paperwork.  A supply order came and
some framing was done

Open House update:
Another huge expense at open house is
postage.  Imagine 6300 invitations at .46
Last year we used a mailing house and
saved money but over half the invites were
delivered after open house!  That's the post
office for you.  So Linda is again trying to
work with the mailing house and figure out
how to make it all work.  Glad that's not my

Monday, October 7, 2013

2013 Pumpkin #1

5"x 5" miniature original watercolor   $225.00

I am planning a week of pumpkin paintings!

Open House update:
It feels to soon to start a countdown to Open House
however things are happening...

1) Decision has been made on the new print and I am
pretty excited.   Dropped it off at the printer this morning.
Signed the printing contract and now wait till they call
me to see a color seperations.
Remember all my prints are 4-color lithographs.

"BOUNTY"   framed 24x18   $125.
We will also have 4 new Holiday Mini Prints...
will show them later.
2)  Linda was at the printer we use for the invitation. 
      I have not seen anything yet.
3) Copy for the tear sheet for the new print has been written.
4) frames and mat board are coming in at a rapid rate.
5) money is going out at a rapid rate!
6) I am painting up a storm.  I have so much I want to
     paint and am very excited.  I will share the new paintings
     as I finish them but remember, none will be for sale
    until Open House
November 22, 23, 24
Plan a day in Lititz!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

back home...

We started our trip last Thursday with a stop at
Storm King.  Excited to see it in fall.  I love the
landscape here.  If you like sculpture make this a
must see.  Ride the tram to see it all. Huge sculptures.

Next stop was Austerlitz, NY where we
made a campground home for 5 chilly nights.
I will say we slept well, went to bed early each
night.  Much needed rest for both of us.
The show was at one of my favorite places.
Two full days surrounded with Shaker and
wonderful landscapes.  I have 300 new photos
that I can't wait to paint.  Monday was Linda's
extra day to rest while I painted.  Surrounded
by the Berkshires, leaves turning as I sat there.
Not ready to head back to reality!!
Tuesday was pack up the camper and head home.
We stopped at the Walkway Over the Hudson.
Something Linda has wanted to do since it opened.
I think it was less exciting than she thought.  It
is a 3 mile round trip walk across the bridge.  It was
hot... leaves not turned as yet... The view was exciting
for the first 10 minutes!  But we did the whole thing.
You are up pretty high... 
Home late Tuesday night and into high gear to get
ready for Porchwalk.  Laundry, empty the van, Mow,
trim, sweep, clear off the porch, clean the studio, tidy
the house, visit my Mom, grocery shopping, pumpkin
and mum hunt.  Linda and helpers made lunch for our
artisans, they were in the kitchen all day...
Porchwalk: Friday and Saturday from 10 to 5.  FREE!  
Start at my studio (stop #6)
In my yard you can see pottery, jewelry, folk art, felted
wool purses and ME!   All great stuff... FREE!!
I have brochures to show where else to go...
spend the day in Lititz!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Check in...

I am headed to one of my favorite places...
Hancock Shaker Village in Pittsfield, MA
The show is open Saturday and Sunday.
Tell all your friends in MA, upstate NY
and CT to come out and see me!!
Planning to leave Thursday to visit Storm King,
camping a few days and taking a little extra
time to explore and give Linda one rest day.
She comes back to Porchwalk and our
Open House so a rest day is needed!

The Show:Hancock Shaker Village Country Fair
Held on the grounds of the Shaker Village
Pittsfield, MA ~
10am to 5pm
admission to the village includes the fair.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Finished Lititz paintings...

I finished two pieces for the Lititz theme art show
at Lititz Framing & Fine Arts in October. 
Now I can concentrate on my open house painting.

This weekend I am showing with some of the best
craftsman.  I truly think they are at the top of their
fields, masters.  I am honored to be included.  It is
worth coming to this show just to see great quality.
Bedminster 2013 Traditional Artisan Show
Held at Upper Bucks Technical School,
3115 Ridge Rd. Bedminster, PA

Sat. 10-5 and Sun. 10-4

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday check in

I had a very nice weekend with perfect weather.
Spent some extra time getting exciting new photos
from Waterford and Leesburg VA.   As soon as I
finish my Lititz piece I plan to dig into the new

Meanwhile the show in Leesburg went well.
I was interviewed for a blog radio....  check it out!

Teaching two classes today and am trying to finish
the Lititz painting so no blog painting today.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday check in...

I am working on a larger painting to be displayed
in Lititz in October.  Has to be a Lititz subject.
So most of my free time it being used on this project.
Packed the van this morning so I am ready to hit
the road in the morning...

Leesburg Fine Art Festival
September 14-15
Held downtown on Market and King Streets
in Leesburg, VA ~ Sat. 10-6 and Sun. 11-5
I am on East Market, Booth M15

Also, it is week 2 of my classes and I posted some
finished work on the Student Blog.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2013 Landscape #6

5x5 miniature original
A Painting A Day    $225

Another view from my morning bike ride.
Time to bring in the tobacco in Lancaster

Two great classes today.  A few errands in
the afternoon and painting.  Full day.

Monday, September 9, 2013

2013 Landscape #5

5x5 miniature original
A Painting A Day   $225.

A view of a Lancaster farm from my
bike.  The sun was so bright this morning.
Trees are starting to turn here, seems early.

I had a pretty good show at Brandywine
over the weekend.  Perfect weather.
Had a bike ride early this morning.
Unpacked the van and settled into painting.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

2013 Landscape #4

Mini Original 6"x 4"   

Rolling hills of Kentucky.  I love the fence line
and the sunshine in the back.

Spent time with my Mom today and after this
I need to go pack the van.  I set up tomorrow
for my weekend show.

Brandywine Festival of the Arts
Sept. 7-8 Sat. 10-6 and Sun. 10-4
Held at Brandywine Park located at
1001 North Park Drive, Wilmington, DE

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2013 Still Life #19

5"x 5" original watercolor

I used this as a class demonstration yesterday.
Talking about shape, color and reflection from the

Classes started on Tuesday and they are full!
The September class signals to me it is time to start
painting for my Open House!

Packing for the weekend...
Brandywine Festival of the Arts
Sept. 7-8 Sat. 10-6 and Sun. 10-4
Held at Brandywine Park located at
1001 North Park Drive, Wilmington, DE

Thursday, August 29, 2013

2013 Still Life #18

Mini Original 4"x 6"   SOLD!!
$100. to the first person to ask for it!
Available until Sunday  9/1 at 7PM
The price goes to $225 after Sunday!
email or call 717-627-3383

Take time to study this one.  An obscure
Shaker corner.  It moved me!

Packed and ready for tomorrow's set up.
Also setting up the tables for classes that
start on Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

2013 Rooftop study

Mini Original 4"x 6"           SOLD!
$100. to the first person to ask for it!
Available until  Saturday  8/31 at7PM
The price goes to $250 after Saturday!
email or call 717-627-3383
I love working with a glowing moon,
warm light in the windows and an
interesting rooftop view.

This weekend:
Heart of Lancaster Arts and Craft Show
Held at Roots Market, 705 Graystone Rd
Manheim, PA
10am to 4pm
My booth is #136
FREE admission, FREE parking

Monday, August 26, 2013

Finished Koi!

I had a nice little show at Lansdale on Saturday
and even nicer was having Sunday home.  We
went to see The Butler.  I loved it.  Well done.
One of my Dads best lines was in that movie,  and I
heard it often... Son, I brought you into this world and
I can take you out!!  I think it is a must see.

Today I had a lot of errands plus sit with my Mom.
So I have managed small chunks of painting time
and forgot to keep photographing the koi as I went
along.   But I finished it.  Turned out pretty good.

"Feeding Time"  29x25    $4000      SOLD!!

Watercolor classes start next week.  Send me an email
if you are interested. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

2013 Angles #4

2013 Angles #4   ~   Mini Original 6"x 4"   SOLD!!
$100. to the first person to ask for it!
Available until  Monday 8/26 at7PM
The price goes to $225 after Monday!
email or call 717-627-3383

This has a warm yellow glow to the painting.
A simple view of the top of a building.

Packing for my Saturday show in Lansdale, PA
Lansdale Festival of the Arts
Saturday, August 24 from 10am to 4pm
Held at Memorial Park, 300 E Main St
Lansdale, PA

if rain: held at Penndale Middle School

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday check in

I had a very good Mount Gretna Show however
it drizzled most of Sunday leaving 2 tents, 6 tarps
and 2 rugs wet.  That means I must set every thing
up in the back yard to dry.  I did not get much painting
done.  Maybe tomorrow...

Meanwhile, Linda framed some finished work that
I took to Mount Gretna but did not have time to post.
 "Redside Reflection"   23x20  $1200.

 "The Pair"   18x14   $700.

"Beams from Heaven"  18x24     $1500.

I am working!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

K o i.....

Busy two days here.  Ispent time with my Mom plus
took my father-in-law to the eye doctor.  Cataract time.
Linda took her Mom to the doctor for a med adjustment.
I cut mats for some new originals I want to show this
weekend.  Linda had desk work and more framing.

Tonight I am packing the van so I am ready to go in
the morning.  Another close to home show but I still
have to pack!  If you are looking for something to do
this beautiful weekend plan on coming to this show.
Great quality.  Click on the show for more info.
Mount Gretna Art Show
August 17 from 9am to 6pm
August 18 from 9am to 5pm
My Booth: #227 in my usual spot

I am managing to squeeze in some painting time.
and my koi...  there are several more hours
into this.  Still deepening the values.  Lots more
in the sand and stones.   Making it look like water

I just told Linda I want the next painting to be
back in my comfort zone, this was a stretch!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

still working on koi!

I did nothing but paint today, not even a bike ride.
I am in the middle of a love-hate relationship with
my koi...  this is really outside my comfort zone!

Meanwhile Linda has spent two full days typing
her Moms genealogy stuff. 

The Koi... #1    I am now creating the under water
rocks.  It is actually pretty busy under the water.


#2  added some water, which has reflections from the sky

#3  Creating depth, more layers of color, building...
     the fish are starting to look like they are under water.
     you can click over the painting to enlarge it.

Monday, August 12, 2013


I had a good day at the Lititz Craft Show Saturday.
Great weather.  Sunday, Linda suggested we clean
out our shed... this meant emptying the whole
contents into the yard, then triage the items!
Lets just say the trash is full and the shed looks great!
But now her eye is on the garage next... help!! 

Today I had a early morning bike ride then home to
unpack the van.  After that I painted my Koi...
This little challenge is taking what feels like forever.
And it is no where near done. 

#1 More on the little fishes, then concentrated on the
bottom big one.

#2  a close up view


#3  now on to the top fish.

#4 here is the whole painting...

Mount Gretna is this weekend... get it on your weekend