Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Studio Open this weekend

If you could not make it to my Open House you get a second chance!   I just restocked the prints and there are still some of the new prints available plus a pretty good selection of Original Paintings.

Friday, Nov. 29:      from 10 to 5
Saturday, Nov. 30:  from 10 to 5
Sunday, Dec. 1:     from noon to 3
Held at the studio at 4 N. Spruce St.  Lititz, PA

Sample of available Originals...

You can place an order and have any painting shipped!
Do your Holiday shopping with me...consider a gift certificate.

Watch the Blog for new mini Holiday paintings…

Thursday, November 21, 2019

My 36th Annual Open House!

It is only hours to my Annual Open House! 
Doors open at 2pm on Friday, November 22
at 4 North Spruce Street, Lititz, PA

There is a HUGE fabulous selection of Original paintings and Prints!  I offer a broad price range from $1.50 bookmarks to $4000.00 Original Paintings and lots in between.  Framed and unframed and lots of sizes.

Linda and the girls spent the better part of the day in the kitchen...  Food is prepped and the tables are set up. Linda is shaking it up this year with a large charcuterie board, I got to sample some goodies and you are in for a treat!

Wine glasses washed and the drink table ready... but I heard no wassail this year.

Flowers arrive in the morning and I am tasked with last minute sidewalk sweeping!

There is still time to tempt you with a few painting photos...

I hope you are planning to stop in and save some time to explore my wonderful town of Lititz. 

Thursday, November 14, 2019

8 Days till Open House

It feels like this should be my weekend but with Thanksgiving late and my Open House has always been the week before Thanksgiving we have an extra week to tweak!
Linda is planning a Charcuterie Board.  She found a beautiful board a few months ago at a show.   She has been researching cheeses and meats for a week.  Which to buy, how to cut, how to store... Today was our run to Trader Joe's.  She had her list and still it was all overwhelming and the staff was very helpful.  This pretty much took the whole day, the closest one is over an hour away.

 I am running to UPS daily with orders to ship.  I think the last of the framing is finished. I am still painting some mini paintings to fill in a hole here and there.  Personally, I am ready!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

9 Days till Open House!

A little reminder, if you have friends you think would love my work you may share your invitation.

There are 12 panels full of new originals!
Here is a sneak peek at two.

Labels are going on today.  Linda has the new work on my website so you can get your wish list started!  Framing is almost finished and there is a large selection of mat choices ready for you.  Cleaning starts Monday, I will be looking for somewhere to hide out!!

Thursday, November 7, 2019


15 Days till Open House...
Linda rearranged all the prints in the studio to make room for the three new prints.  There was a lot of framed stock to move.

This is my second trip to UPS...filling print orders.  Boxing is quite a process, we make our own boxes,  each painting is bagged, cardboard around, and bubble wrapped.  FYI: I will always take your bubble wrap or packing peanuts, just drop them off on my porch!! Oh, Linda tells me not the air filled pillow type!

Meanwhile I finished another painting.  Framed 20x22, untitled but taking suggestions!  This is will be available on 2pm of Friday 11/22!  If you see one you just have to have but cannot get here at 2pm, Linda takes phone calls for sales at 2pm when the doors open!  All the new paintings will be posted on Monday.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019


We are down to only 17 days till Open House...
I just picked up 112 frames so there is still framing going on!  I am still painting.  Invites have hit your mailbox and orders are coming in.  Remember there are ONLY 50 of each of the new print. Linda's 2-page "to do" list has one whole page crossed off.  Furniture has been rearranged and the panels are up in the house.  Ever wonder how titles are decided?  Once we start hanging the new paintings Linda tapes a piece of paper to the painting. Anyone walking past may add their title suggestion, that includes me!  Friends have added some interesting titles over the years!  Linda has final say unless I insist on something.  The title must fit on our little title cards.  Here is a quick peak at a few new originals...

I have one more show for the season... this weekend I will be at:

FYI: this is the show that was held at Spooky Nook, now moved to Lebanon.   Print this and you can get $1 off the admission.  Same great quality show just a new location.  Parking and walking should be much easier.