Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Guest Writer #3

I am swamped here in the studio.  Finished my commission
which I deliver on Saturday.  I will post photos on Monday.
Finished up two started paintings, again I will show them later.
Feeling a little pressure to get enough work ready for
Waterford and Open House.
We are getting organized for this weekends show, Heart of
Lancaster held in  Manheim PA (more info tomorrow)

Since I am still so busy I am going to feature my next
Guest Writer.   A long time collector, Dan...

Composition, simplicity, light, and negative space draw my attention to many of Andy’s paintings.
Subject matter that includes worn board floors, empty pews, pottery, and shaker furniture connect with me. I experience peace, solitude, and groundedness when I am surrounded by his paintings. So, it is no surprise that his work has its place both in my home and at the office.
One piece depicting a youth who has experienced too much of life in his few years summarizes my life’s work and passion. Both pain and hope are communicated through this composition. This special work includes, for me, both my agrarian roots and also my vocation as an educator in urban schools. So it is with life: Unless we can hold both pain and hope simultaneously, life will pass us by.
For me, it has been consistently true that during my forty years of collecting art, I have found a good human being behind the work that attracts me. This certainly is true of Andy. He exemplifies hospitality, humility, and respect while giving me the gift of space every time I view his new pieces. Both he and Linda, his wife, embrace the needs of others with generosity which increases the meaning of his paintings for me!


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Guest Writer #2

My last guest was relatively new so this time I asked
someone who has been following me for a very long
time.  My Guest Writer #2 is Michele and Rich, I think
they wrote it together since I asked them both...

Take a small trip down memory lane with us to the late 80's. Our sons' school, Christian Brothers Academy in Lincroft NJ, had their Art Show each year in early February. One of the first shows we attended had works by a Pennsylvania artist named Andy Smith who just happened to have his wife and 4 year old daughter with him. After having a lovely conversation with Andy, Linda and wee Abbey, we purchased a picture entitled Yorktown Ice House and two other originals. I just did a quick walk thru of our house in North Carolina and we have 40+ originals! Several have made their way to California and some are still in NJ and Staten Island. 
Each year we were drawn to Andy's display - we loved them all - we appreciate his fine eye and unquestionable talent. In recent years many of his works reflect the world travels he and Linda have enjoyed and we were thrilled to include some of them in our collection. 
When we look back over the years - and we are approaching nearly 30 years (!) - we have great memories of the times when we hosted Andy and Linda at our home - including one show in a February that was snowed in till Sunday - lucky we had pea soup and steaks in the freezer - regular November trips to Lititz for the Smiths' Open House and quick rides "down the shore" to Seaside Heights. 
It's been thrilling to know and collect art from a living, breathing artist. 

We plan to attend the Waterford show in Virginia this October since it's been nearly two years  - hey Linda, time to find venues in East Carolina!


Monday, August 15, 2016


This is a slow process.  Just filling in bricks.
Going deeper into the chimney.  Added some

Windows, starting washes under the porch.
Fence in, yes it is purple!
I am not doing anything else right now but concentration
on this painting.  I'll work till about 9pm tonight.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Progress on my school house commission.
Just sitting here painting bricks!

Saturday, August 13 you can find me at:
The BIG Lititz Rotary Craft Show
rain or heat!  FREE

I was moved across the street, I am now in
front of the steps to the Sutter's Patio.
Space B4

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Guest writer...

I had an idea to invite some of my clients to write a few words
about what my paintings mean to them, what they see in
them, why they buy them.  Then publish their thoughts on
my blog, just as a different way of sharing.
There has been a recent conversation with a client about an
inner glow some of my work has and how the paintings change
as the light in her house changes.  I thought she would be a
perfect first guest.  A little scary since I am not editing what is

So my first guest writer is Rose Ellen... these are her words...
      The candles in my windows brighten the rooms in my home enough to see in the wee hours, but then I noticed my rooms were warmer, brighter, and I realized the light was from Andy's paintings, which, I surmise,  means he felt it, too.

     At first, trepidation took me from room to room, not sure of what I would see, but then the paintings felt home, and I felt home with the work, and its inner light began to shine through even more. 

     No matter the time of day, the paintings speak to me, and they are different at different times of day. However, in the gloaming and in the darkest hour before dawn is when they are at their best.

     The inner light of each painting's soul speaks and reaches out through the frame, through the glass, and touches deep within me, and I feel safe.

Thank you Rose Ellen!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


This may not look like a lot of progress but each little brick
gets painted!  I'm happy with the first chimney.  Starting
wash on the roof... and lots more bricks to go.

Heading to Kentucky...
Pleasant Hill Craft Fair
Held on the grounds of the Pleasant Hill
Shaker Museum,  Harrodsburg, KY
August 6 from 9:30am to 5pm
August 7 from 9:30am to 4:30pm

Monday, August 1, 2016

Commission update

I have spent pretty much time on my commission.
Scroll back to 7/11 to see the original sketch.
Since then I re-drew (by hand!)  the whole thing on
my watercolor paper. (Kilimanjaro 300 lb cold press paper)

Photo #1 is that drawing and the beginning washes on the

 Photo #2 is the beginning washes on the bricks.

I plan to work late tonight!

Heading to Kentucky later in the week.  One of my favorite
places, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill.

There will be no new "Painting A Day" pieces until
my commission is finished!