Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Guest Writer #3

I am swamped here in the studio.  Finished my commission
which I deliver on Saturday.  I will post photos on Monday.
Finished up two started paintings, again I will show them later.
Feeling a little pressure to get enough work ready for
Waterford and Open House.
We are getting organized for this weekends show, Heart of
Lancaster held in  Manheim PA (more info tomorrow)

Since I am still so busy I am going to feature my next
Guest Writer.   A long time collector, Dan...

Composition, simplicity, light, and negative space draw my attention to many of Andy’s paintings.
Subject matter that includes worn board floors, empty pews, pottery, and shaker furniture connect with me. I experience peace, solitude, and groundedness when I am surrounded by his paintings. So, it is no surprise that his work has its place both in my home and at the office.
One piece depicting a youth who has experienced too much of life in his few years summarizes my life’s work and passion. Both pain and hope are communicated through this composition. This special work includes, for me, both my agrarian roots and also my vocation as an educator in urban schools. So it is with life: Unless we can hold both pain and hope simultaneously, life will pass us by.
For me, it has been consistently true that during my forty years of collecting art, I have found a good human being behind the work that attracts me. This certainly is true of Andy. He exemplifies hospitality, humility, and respect while giving me the gift of space every time I view his new pieces. Both he and Linda, his wife, embrace the needs of others with generosity which increases the meaning of his paintings for me!


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