Thursday, June 28, 2007

Friday update...on Thursday morning!

And again...we're off
We got back from Rhinebeck NY on Monday night.
Home two days, had a little work done on the van, repacked
and we are off this morning. We are mixing business with
pleasure this weekend. We reconnected with some old friends
from Linda's high school days! We will be staying at their house.
I am trying my hand at mountain biking, a bit of a switch for me.
See if I can conquer New Hampshire's back woods.
We'll be back home Tuesday night in time for Lititz big 4th
celebration. No new blog paintings until July 4th!

Family: All is well. Nothing new which is nice. Jason had basketball

day camp all week. Oh, I must confess we both had a rather nice
time in our little pop-up. Much better than we both expected!
The weather was great, we had electric, Linda did not cook, we ate
dinner out! It was rather homey! And best of was quiet
and the show was good. We'll camp again.

Painting: I was only able to demonstrate half the day at the show due
to the sun. So I did not get much accomplished. There were only
three blog paintings this week. Not much bidding going on...your missing
out on some nice pieces but they get framed and put out on the show

The show: June 30 & July 1:

Held at the Gunstock Recreation Area
Rt 11A Gilford, NH (from I93, exit 20)
10AM to 5PM Rain or Shine Free Admission

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pottery #3

4" x 6" original watercolor

Chiaroscuro, the distribution of light in a painting...
This is my goal in Pottery #3. My pieces appear
as if from no where and some are illuminated
as if by a spot light. All of this is to promote depth.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cabinet Door

4" x 6" original watercolor

Many times we overlook the obvious. As a painter I feel
it is my calling to expose you to all the beautiful subtleties of
simple things. This cabinet is another elegant example of
how light turns the ordinary into extraordinary. The actual
painting is a bit lighter overall.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Ink Well

6" x 4" original watercolor

At first glance the brown wood furniture dominates
this painting.But your eye is drawn to the red ribbon
bookmark, across the white pages and then over to
the beautiful blue glass ink well.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday the morning

We are off again... so there is no blog tonight.

Family: Just a busy week, we had a birthday dinner
for my Mom. Oh...great news, we got the official word
that Jason has been accepted at Hershey School in
September. We are really excited for him. Last fall
we bought a cheep little old pop-up. So we uncovered
it and gave it an overhaul. Took a bit more energy than
I thought it would. We are taking it along for a trial run
this weekend. I think Linda's wishing we had a hotel

Painting: I kept running short on time all week and the
blog was put on late each night. I only managed 3 paintings
because we drove home from Ohio all Monday and we leave
shortly. My favorite this week is the buckets. They turned
out really well. And those that know me know I am fascinated
with painting the moon! Enjoy.

The Show: JUNE 23 & 24 CRAFTS at RHINEBECK
Held at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck, NY
I am outside under my own tent!
Sat. 10-6 Sun. 10-5 Rain or Shine Good quality!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Simon's Rock

6" x 4" original watercolor

My nephew is a graduate of Simon's Rock and on
a recent trip to MA he took me around the campus.
They used this unique barn as a theater at one time.
I was intrigued with the architecture and roof lines.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Metal Buckets

6" x 4" original watercolor

I wanted to see if I could make these metal
containers look like metal... I think they shine!
These were hanging in the kitchen area at the
Shaker Village. I am not sure what they were used for.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


6" x 4" original watercolor $250.00

I was interested in this unique angle. A view of steps
in front and a side view of another set of steps. Fresh
green grass and a mountain view. This was a hot
sunny day spent walking around The Shaker Museum
in MA.

For those of you in Ohio, this painting was started as
my demonstration painting last Sunday. You were
watching me work on it! I drove home Monday and
was to tired to finish it so I missed a day!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday the morning

Goodmorning, I needed to give an update early
today since we are off to Ohio in a few minutes.

Family stuff: My mother fell on Saturday. She is ok
except her pride and badly skinned knees. Her
caretaker was equally shook up! Mom's 85th birthday is
next week. Sunday we visited Abbey in Washington DC.
They have a cute little apartment in a nice neighborhood.
We took them to Ikea, then dinner and a metro ride to
the Natl. Portrait Museum. Linda wanted to see the
Presidents portraits. It was inspiring. We had a very
good day. It was the first week of summer vacation for
Jason. We are not used to having him home all day!
We planned a neighborhood sleepover in the back yard, of
course it they ended up inside...
Let's just say we survived!

Painting: I felt flat this week. Just did not feel like working
but had to. I finally got it together with the garden painting.
Which is a strong little painting and Linda did not want to put it
on the blog, but I did not have anything else to put on, so its there.

Take time to study it and bid!!

Show: We are off in a few minutes, we have a 6 hour
drive and then set up. I usually do well here and
the quality is nice
15th Annual Worthington Art Festival
held on the Village Green in Olde Worthington, Ohio
Sat 10-6 and Sun 11-5
I'll be back on Monday night....

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Moon in the Pond Farm

6" x 4" original watercolor

This organic farm was full of subject matter.
I found Jesse bringing this cow from the pasture
to the barn. It was time to milk. The sight of
them meandering through the field looked like a painting.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lavender Flowers and Bench

6" x 4" original watercolor

The inspiration for this painting came from Stockbridge,
MA. I was walking on Main Street and tucked between
two houses was this beautiful gardens. I do not often
get to use purple in my paintings! All the other usual
elements I look for are there, light and shadows.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


4" x 6" original watercolor

I found this empty feedbag with a scoop balanced
in its opening. The folds in the bag give an almost
abstract feeling to the composition.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Shaker House #3

4" x 6" original watercolor

Another building from the Hancock Shaker Village.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Another Friday...

I have been excited about working on paintings
from my recent New England trip. I hope you
don't mind because it will occupy my painting
time for a little while. There is a variety of subject
so you won't get bored either! I think the most fun was
the goose. I've never painted a goose before!
I rather like her. It will make a great large painting which I
plan to start tomorrow.

Since we have been traveling so much lately
we decided to stay home for a show this weekend.

There is a little local craft show in my town.
The Show: Lititz Ambucs Crafts-in-the-Park
Saturday only...from 9am to 4pm
Lititz Springs Park~ Rt 501 (Broad St.) Lititz ,PA

I think Linda is planning a day trip to DC to visit Abbey
on Sunday. We have not seen her apartment and mom
needs to know she is safe there! That's my weekend.

Shaker Worship Bench

4" x 6" original watercolor

This is another study for a larger painting. It was
the patina on the floor I wanted to concentrate on.
The prayer bench is almost secondary. This painting is
from the Hancock Shaker Village, Pittsfield, MA.
Inspired from my recent visit.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Nesting Goose

5" x 5" original watercolor

I took a tour of a working organic farm called
"Moon in the Pond Farm" in Sheffield, Mass.
This nesting goose was tucked
into a safe corner with ideal light laying across
her back. This painting is a study for a large
painting I plan to start this weekend. The farm
turned into a wonderful source of subjects so there
will be more to come. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Massachusetts Farm

4" x 6" original watercolor $325.00

During our recent trip to New England, our nephew
took us sightseeing. This farm caught my eye. I plan to
paint more from this area!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Pottery #2

4 " x 6" original watercolor- sold

This is a wonderful antique pottery jar with
a lid. I needed a little color so I leaned a
straw against it and a green wash background.

My story: I spent all day Monday on a 5th
grade field trip. I started this painting late
in the afternoon and I managed to finish it
by 11PM. But when I went to take a photo
the camera did not work. It died.
Today I went to the local photographer's shop
and he confirmed the death. I borrowed a camera
and am experimenting until I decide what I want
to buy. So, Monday's painting was used on Tuesday
and I spent today working on my large bucket and
window painting.
And that's my story, thanks for listening!

Friday, June 1, 2007


4" x 6" original watercolor

A bit architectural with nice clean lines.
There is a dash of color in the brick arch and
some shadow which I am always drawn to.
The hedge in the front gives it life.
From my recent trip to Bennington, MA.

Friday update...

I am posting my update early today. We are leaving shortly
for a show in Maryland. This show actually put me on a
waiting list. I have not been wait listed in 25 years. Can you
hear the indignation in my voice?? This is a huge blow to my
ego! But they called and I am going...
We are staying with some old friends from Lititz who moved
close to the show. It will be nice to catch up.

East Street and Carroll Creek Linear Park
in Historic Downtown Frederick, MD
Sat. 10am-7pm Sun. 10am-6pm rain or shine!
I plan to be demonstrating at the show. I want to work on the larger
painting of the bucket and window. Come out to the show and chat
if your anywhere close to Frederick.

My week: This week I helped with our elementary school track meet.
I get to be the starter and it allows me time to recruit for the
Jr. Hi. team! I had a blast! I also took my Mom to the hairdresser
and worked a little in our local food pantry. I managed to
get a bike ride every morning, for my mental health. And as you
can see I painted every day.

On Monday I am chaperoning 5th graders to the Gettysburg battlefield.
I did this when Abbey was in 5th grade and now I find myself doing it
12 years later for Jason! It is more about Gettysburg than it is the
5th graders!! I am probably being assigned 7 of the naughtiest boys
and will not even see the battlefields!

I need to finish packing and hit the road.