Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Check in

A sliver of a larger painting.... A tease!

ready for

info is now
on my

What a Friday! I drove to Clifton,
NJ to pick up my frame order. That
was a 6 hour round trip. Meanwhile
the studio help was busy framing.
The new prints were delivered and
they look great. Other help is coming
tomorrow to help Linda get over 6,000
invitations labeled and stamped.
Save this date: November 19-21
If you want to see the best collection of
new Original Watercolors plan on being
here on Friday.
Lititz is a great town; shopping, restaurants,
B&B's... consider an overnight mini vacation!

We are taking the night off! Going out
dancing at Sunnybrook tonight. We are
in need of some fun...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Finished Demo

Step #8
I just keep working into the painting.
Slowly going darker, building the texture.
The color palette is not changing, I am
simply adding more color with a drybrush
technique - meaning less water, more paint
and smaller brush strokes. Notice I have
saved the chair for last.

Step #9
A bit darker outline to define the
door and moulding. To make the chair
stand out, I darken the floor behind it.
Add the shadows against the door.
Now the chair... I used a light wash of
Cad. Orange and Yellow Ochre to the seat
to give it a warm glow. Finishing the chair
with Paynes Grey, blue and a touch of Sepia.

Finally, the warm spot on the floor.
I continued the floor lines through the spot.
Then surrounded the spot with a warm wash of
Cad. Orange diluted to the thinnest wash I could

While I am busy with my painting, Linda and
her helpers are busy in the studio. Stacy is
cutting mats while Lori is framing. There are
supplies in every room of the studio and house.
Its a little scary if I did not know that Linda will
have it all organized in another week!

Invites were delivered today so they will
be labeled and stamped this weekend. I make
my annual 6 hour round trip to NJ to pick up
the frames tomorrow.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Demonstration Continued

Back from my weekend show. I came
home to the paint on the front porch
finished and the side porch almost done.
Linda and her helpers had also been working
in the studio cutting mats. There is a 30'
tarp with windows setting in the studio which
I am told will go on the side porch to give us
an extra room for Open House... Interesting...
I find it best to just stick to my paintings!

Back to the Demonstration...
Step 5: I put a very thin wash of Cobalt
Blue and Cad. Red over the walls. Dry it!
I used Paynes Grey to outline the door
panels. Next I intensified the floor with
a mixture of Yellow Ochre and Burnt Umber.
Saving that spot on the floor. I also sketched
in the shadow across the chair that I want to save.
I do not use misket or maskoid. No reason except
that I learned to paint around my saved areas.

Step 6: Now I am warming up the
walls and the chair. Using Cad. Yellow
mixed with Cad. Orange again, this is a
thin wash, and dried.

Step 7:
After drying hard I am ready
to go into it even more. Intensifying
everything. On the woodwork I used Paynes
Grey and Thylo Blue and a drop of India
Ink. I then thinned out the same mixture
for the walls, using varied brush strokes to
create texture. On the floor I am starting
to separate the dark and light areas.

PS. notice the little drop of blue in front
of the chair. It helps with shine on the floor.
More tomorrow. I am juggling more than one
painting at a time. My last set of classes are this
week so that will give me more time to paint.
Make sure you check my Student Blog
to see their work.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I know, I know...
It has been a while since I wrote a blog.
I am painting, just not small daily paintings.
I decided to show you a demonstration.
Feel free to ask questions.

First, I need to let you know I am showing
this weekend.

Crafts in the Meadow
Fall Invitational Craft Show at Tyler State Park
Bucks County. Use the entrance on
Newtown-Richboro Rd (Rt 322) in Richboro, PA
Fri. & Sat 10-6 and Sun 10-5
There is a discount card at their website.

Now, my demo...

Step 1: I always do a little sketch in my sketch book.
Always! This helps me plot out the perspective, the
light and dark areas, work out any problems.
This is for my enjoyment only.

Step 2: I use 300 lb Arches paper, cut to the size
I want to work in. This is going in a 14"x18" frame.
Next I draw it - by hand. I do not use any
computer generated drawing. I love to draw.
I think it makes a more intimate painting.
I need a drawing to know where I am going
with my paint.

Step 3:
I start with my first washes.
I used Paynes Grey with a touch of
Pthalo Blue on the moulding and door.
Every wash
is dried
a hair

Step 4: The floor
I used Yellow Ochre, Cad. Yellow
and a touch of Perm. Rose in a thin wash
over the whole floor. Saving the sun spot.
Dried it. Next, I went back over with a bit
darker color to make the wood grain
and texture. Drying often.
More later!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shaker Still Life

6"x 5.5" Watercolor

I have been painting daily but I am working
on larger paintings for open house. I decided
to stop and paint a blog today. I started
a larger more expanded view of this image and
wanted to explore a close up study. I rarely
paint books but this was an interesting composition.

Painting, painting, painting. Open House is
November 19-21 so save the date!
Linda is right on schedule, invitations are
designed and at the printer. The new prints
were selected and are at the other printer.
Frames and supplies are ordered. I saw she
was running the mailing labels today, all
6000 of them!
Anyone interested in card-making or
scrapbook making, Linda's Mom is having
a huge yard sale on Saturday morning, here
at the house (4 N Spruce St. Lititz)
Lots of supplies. I am getting out of town!
You can find me at:
Pennsylvania Guild Fine Craft Fair
Held at Montgomery Community College
Rte 202 in Blue Bell, PA
Sat. 10-6 & Sun. 11-5

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Check in...

Just to busy...
Came home last Monday night from Rhinebeck, NY
with a wet camper that needed attention. Tues. and Wed.
was spent in the drizzle trying to get the yard cleaned up
for Porchwalk.
Thurs. we made three soups for our guest exhibitors,
Linda went to a 3-hour High Tea with her Mom and
niece, Tiffany. The exhibitors came to set up.
Friday was Porchwalk and I left for a show in Waynesboro,
VA. Sat, was Porchwalk and pack up for Linda and
her exhibitors. Porchwalk went pretty well for everyone.
Sunday I got home at 11pm. Today I had a commission
due and they came to check it...perfect! Its time to get Open
House together, we took the new paintings to the printer.
I am printing the Lemons and two small holiday paintings.
I painted all afternoon while Linda helped her Mom price
yard sale items. We capped off our evening with dinner
with friends and just got home.
Just to busy...
Here is another sneak preview of part of a new painting
which I am saving for Open House. (Nov. 19-21)