Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Check in...

No painting today... actually it has
been 3 days since I painted. Just
super busy. We are leaving shortly
for our show. Camping in the new
popup tonight.
The Show:
Saturday, May 1
Held at Legislative Mall (Park) in
downtown Dover, DE
9am to 4pm ~ rain or shine!
My space is #45 on Federal Street.
This is a family fun day with food and
music and a little crafts/art thrown in!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2010 Tulip Study #2

4"x 6" Miniature Original

Today's tulip is a close up view.

We went to market early this morning
for fruit. Nice to see the sun shining.
Came home and set up and scrubbed
our old camper, getting ready to sell it.
I painted in the afternoon, then off to
track practice. Home for a fast dinner
then I went to pick up the new camper
while Linda went to Yoga. Just another
busy day.

Monday, April 26, 2010

2010 Tulip Study

4"x 6" Original Watercolor

While Linda has been busy in her garden
I brought my painting outside to keep her
company. The tulips looked so nice, at
least the ones the squirrels did not carry
away! I thought I would give them a try.

Below is my latest larger painting, I finished
it this weekend at the show. It will be framed
in 18x24 No title or price as of now!
If it looks familiar, I painted a study on
the blog a while back and thought it would
look great large. I am very happy with it.

Been busy around here, to busy to get a blog
painting finished each day. I can't even
remember what I have been doing. We were on
a hunt for a new used camper so we were driving
all over looking at them. Finally found one in Maryland.
I pick it up this week. I now need to get our
old one ready to sell. Linda lost one of her good
earrings which she wore everyday and that disrupted
the household for a few days. You would have thought
these things were a carat for as upset as she was.
I bought them for her years ago and I would never
have guessed she was that sentamential about them,
and trust me the diamond is small!! I get huge
brownie points for finding it in the carpet in the studio.
We have been playing with cleaning out the pond
and for the time already invested it is still dirty.
We decided to empty it and power wash it the next
warm day this week. Had a good show this past
weekend which means the mortgage will be paid!
I am expecting this week to be equally as busy but
I am trying to budget some painting time.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Saint Emilion, France #12 ~ Courtyard

4"x 6" Original Watercolor
$250.00 ~ Contact the studio

This is a courtyard from my France trip.
Again it is a study in perspective.

I need to catch you up... yesterday was
a track meet with Cedar Crest... I left at 2pm
and got home 7pm. Both boys and girls won!
No painting time, I was to distracted with track!
Practice was called off today due to rain. They
needed to rest their legs anyway and I was able
to paint.
My show this weekend is in Lewisburg, PA
Tell any friends that are close to there.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Saint Emilion, France #11

4"x6" Original Watercolor

I had a blast painting this and the perspective!!!
The view is from high on a roof top looking down.
You see the side of the buildings and a bit of the roof.
The cobblestone street and an outdoor cafe with
tables and chairs and a few people walking.

Reminder...if you live close to Lititz and want to
see any of the mini paintings just give me a call.

My Saturday show was windy and cold... no I
must say COLD! There was very few people out
and I sold nothing. We had a nice visit from family
which made the afternoon go faster and a client
came to pick out their Christmas gifts for later.
Other than that... Tonight I gave a talk to the
Lititz Womans Club. I had about 30 ladies hanging
on to my every word! I am a lucky man!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Update

I did not get any painting done today...
Spent the day switching my show supplies
from indoor to outdoor. Putting away the rugs,
and lights and digging out the tents and weights.
Doesn't sound like much when I write it but it
took me most of the day. From today on I have
a show booked every weekend through October.
So the madness begins! This weekend is easy,
close to home and only one day. It is more of
a local fun fest than a art/craft show. But I am
putting up a full display and if its not to cold I will
be demonstrating. Come on out and support your
favorite artist!
The Show:
Saturday, April 17
Lebanon Valley College, Valley Fest
Held at Academic Quad, Annville, PA
10AM-5pm (I think it is free)

Also if you never saw this interview you should read

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Silver Teapot

4"x 6" Original Watercolor
$275.00 ~ sold

This is Challenge #4 for RookiePainter.
If you go to their website and scroll down you
can see the original photo I was to work from.
I chose to zero in on just the teapot. It was a lot
more work than I planned on, creating silver
out of my pallet! In watercolor it becomes almost

I worked on this piece all day. Took much longer
than I thought. 3:00-5:00 was track practice and
then we had a banquet for LAVORP with an
inspiring speaker. Home at 10pm!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Saint Emilion, France #10 ~ window

4"x 6" Original Watercolor

Love these French windows... There is a lot
to catch your eye here. The window box with
flowers, worn shutters, the reflection in the
glass panes, a little green from a bush on the
right and a building that is just plain old!

I tried so hard to spend most of my day painting.
Track meet today, against Manheim Township!
Again the boys won and my girls gave it a good
try but took a killing. I am still proud of them.

If you are planning your weekend...I am at Lebanon
Valley College Fest on Saturday. This is a fun day
for the community but I will have a full display
and will be painting.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Over the Fence

4"x 6" Original Watercolor
$225.00 ~ SOLD

This is a great study in perspective. I hope
you can really see the distance between the
fence in the foreground and building. It is
a little trickier to get that feeling across with
out showing sky or ground.

Busy busy here. Saturday was an all day track
meet at ELCO. Our boys took 1st out of 18 teams
and out girls took 10th. My girls are young but
are doing their best. Sunday we went to MD to
our computer guru. Finally, I think Linda's computer
it updated and all the files where they are meant to
be. Now she just has to get used to Windows 7 and
all new software. Today I went to market with Linda,
visited my Mom, ran to look at a newer pop-up camper,
which I decided against and painted. Track was
cancelled due to rain.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Princeton Window

4"x 6" Original Watercolor

I wanted your eye to start inside the
window, going right to the lamp which is
obviously turned on.
Then you notice all that is outside.
Plenty to look at... Also I want to
point out that there is a lack of strong shadows
in this one. The day was actually overcast and
drizzly, can you feel it?

Linda is finished, her time served! Now I
am hoping she can rest on Friday and try
to get rid of her bronchitis. She toughed it
out all three very long days. Today I did
some laundry and painted!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Talmont-sur-Gironde, France #4

4"x 6" Original Watercolor ~ SOLD

This is a companion piece to yesterdays.
It is the opposite side of the street.

Linda did her civic duty today, going into
Philly all by herself and did not get lost!
She landed a minor trial and must go in
again tomorrow. She had a long day,
at the train by 5am and home at 7pm.
That left me home alone to my own devices.
I did not even ride my bike, I had mens
prayer group early and got right to my
painting until track time. I did not goof off!
Now tomorrow...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Talmont-sur-Gironde, France #3

4"x 6" Original watercolor
$225.00 ~ SOLD
I have been going back over the photos
from my trip, reliving France and getting
all new inspiration. I painted this town
last July. If you go back and look you
cannot miss the vibrant blue and the
hollyhocks. If you are interested in more
info on the town click here.

We were up early and on the 5:45 Amtrak.
I am feeling very blessed that I am
self-employed and not riding the train to work
each day. So we rode Amtrak and then
changed to the city train, Septa for two stops.
We found the courthouse and I think Linda can
manage alone tomorrow. We took four hours to
sight see and I took 179 photos... brick, brick and
more brick. You cannot beat that Federal style!!
We returned home in time for me to get to my
track meet... We won, we won!!
Again both boys and girls won over McCaskey.
I have a young team and they are running
their little legs off!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Bench in Sunshine

4"x 6" Original Watercolor
SOLD!! (sold at 6:10am)
Linda has this thing for benches and is
always pointing them out to me.
This one had nice light across it and strong color.

First the important news... We won, we won!!
Both boys and girls won our scrimmage!!
Our first meet is tomorrow.
Linda pulled Federal Jury duty in Philadelphia
on Wednesday so we are doing a practice run
tomorrow so she knows how to get there.
Train then Septa then walk 4 blocks.
Round trip from Lancaster costs $30.
She is not happy!! We plan to take a walk
to Elfreth Alley for a photo shoot and walk
around a bit but need to get back home for