Monday, November 29, 2010

Calendars available...

The Daily Painters group I belong to have
several calendars available at $19.95
I have a painting included in:
Landscape ~ December (Haybales in Winter)
Sunsets ~ February (Dusk on the Farm)
Western ~ December (Haybales in Winter)
Food Lovers ~ April (Made by Hand)

I am concentrating on a commission I have
due for Christmas... Linda is concentrating
on filling orders. If you want a print shipped
for a gift now is the time to order it!
To order on line using PayPal go to my website.
You may also call the studio (717-627-3383) to give your
order directly to Linda and may use MasterCard,
Visa or send a check.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Included in 50 Best Blogs...

I have no idea how I was included but I am honored.
This is an international list put together by Web Design School Guide!
They picked:
10 Best Watercolor Demonstration Blogs
20 Best Watercolor Artists Blogs
10 Best Art Business Blogs
10 Best Art News Blogs...
making up a list of 50 Best Blogs for Watercolor Artists.

So check this out!

#23 A Painting A Day Blog
That's me, seriously... I am one of the top 20
best art blogs! Wow...

As of Feb. 2013 Google made them close this site
for not meeting Googles guidelines...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shaker Still Life #8

"Shaker Still Life #8" 6"x4" watercolor $250.00 framed ~ SOLD

I ran a few errands today but otherwise
concentrated on painting. Abbey and Ben
(daughter and son-in-law) are
on their way home from DC so it will be nice
to see them. We are all spending Thanksgiving
dinner in the nursing home with my Mom, even
Linda's Mom is going along. Not a great meal
but Mom will be happy.

The other night I took Linda to see the movie
Secretariat. Thought it was very good, especially
having seen several of the race tracks and took a
few horse farm tours in Kentucky.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all! A special Thanks
to all who have supported me this year, I truly
appreciated it.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

and it's over...

Thank you to all who made my Open House
a huge success. It will take a few more days
to get the house back to normal, if we even
have a normal around here! Linda is starting to
fill orders and I am starting 2 commissions
due for Christmas. After several days of not
painting I was ready to get the brush in my hands.
I managed to get a blog painted today...

Shaker Still Life #7
4.5"x 6" watercolor ~ SOLD!
$100.00 to the first offer phone or email.
Offer ends Friday 11/26 at 8pm.
Price goes to $250. after Friday!

There are still a few originals paintings
available. Click here to see if any interest
you! We are framing and shipping orders
for the new prints now...
so get your order in.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's time...

"Suffer the Little Children" 29"x 25"

As soon as I get the blog finished Linda
and I are doing a final walk through...
and she always finds last moment things
that need done. Maybe since she is very
tired from 13 hours of cooking it will go
easier! I was able to sample the hor d' houvres
today and I can tell you each was freshly
made and delicious! The doors open promptly
tomorrow at 2:00. See you soon...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2 Days till Open House...

"French Welcome" ~ 17"x21" ~ $900.00
Love the colors and the unusual door.
Another new painting featured at my Open House.

We ran to "Gallery 13" in Mechanicsburg today to
pick up my paintings that had been included in
an exhibit. Had the pleasure of meeting Mary Beth
who runs the PA Daily Painters blog. Then I took
Linda to lunch at Mount Hill Tavern. They have my
prints hanging in almost every room and the food
was excellent. Back home to Linda's list of things that
still need finished!
2 Days till Open House...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

3 days till Open House

"Oil Lamp" 18x24 $1800
I have the new larger paintings now on my
website under Originals!
None of the new paintings will be sold until
2pm on Friday 11/19. I am trying to be fair
to everyone looking for the new originals.
The exception is the new Holiday Surprise.
That is available to anyone who calls.

3 days... there is Maximum Strength Maalox
setting on the table... and its not mine!
I am trying to stay out of the way, Linda has
her helpers washing windows, cleaning every
thing that does not move, even the rugs were
shampooed today. All paints are hung, the new
extra porch room looks good. I went to market
today for some food supplies. I washed off the
front the rain. Like I said, we just do
as we are asked!! When the doors open on
Friday we are more than ready for you.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

8 days till Open House

A little sneek peak at part of a new watercolor.
You have to come to Open House to see the
rest of it!

I finished a painting and then Linda called
me into back yard duty. She cut down all
the finished flowers and wanted muscle
to help pick it all up... 20 minutes turned into
2 hours! Tomorrow morning we set up for a
weekend show and I think Linda is planning on
going dancing tomorrow night. Anyone who
likes 50"s music to a DJ should check out
Sunnybrook Ballroom in Pottstown, PA.
We are still looking for someone to teach us
the Cha Cha and an easy jitterbug! So if
you danced in the 50's and still remember
your steps give us a call!
I am willing to trade prints for lessons!

This weekend I am showing at:
PA Guild Craft Fair
Held at Manheim Township H.S.
School Road, Lancaster, PA
Sat. 10-6 and Sun. 11-5

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

9 Days till Open House...

I spent the morning helping Linda get
the tarp looking as good as possible.
Put a rug down and tomorrow panels
will go in. We have to work on heat
since it cools down pretty much in the
evenings, but it will work... at least short
term.We kept the grapevine and the string of gourd
lights on the inside. Linda and Abbey made the
gourds years ago and they are a favorite of mine.
Remember to use the front house door when you
come to Open House! Plan on Friday if you want
to see the best selection of originals.
I am still painting!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holiday Surprise

Holiday Surprise (Original Watercolor $400.00)
Open Edition Print 5.5" x 6.5" $15.00
Framed Print 8"x 10" $35.00

Available on my website or call or email to order.
This is another of my new prints for Open House.

I spent a good part of my day helping to get
the tarp hung on my side porch. I actually
think it is going to work. Carpet and display
panels go out tomorrow. I finally sat down to
paint at 2:00 so I guess it will be a late night.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Winter Wishes...

Winter Wishes... (Original painting is sold)
This is one of my new prints featured at Open House
Open Edition Mini Print ~ 5" x 6" ~ $15.00
Framed Print ~ 8" x 10" $35.00

You can order it on my website or call/email
to place an order. They will also be available
at Open House.

I am still painting every moment of the day!
Linda started setting up the panels in the house
and she has the menu planned. You are lucky
I am not in charge of the hors devours...
You would be having pretzels and baloney
roll ups! She spends days looking for just the
right recipes and needs to have new ideas every
year. I am told we needed a bit more room
so we are trying something new. Linda found
a large tarp with windows that we are using to
enclose our side porch. Not sure if it will work
but we will know tomorrow. I am thinking this
little project is going to include my help...

Friday, November 5, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons...

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Prints are now available:
Print 17"x 15" $50.
Framed Print 22"x 20" $115.

You can order this on my website under "New Prints"
Or call the studio 717-627-3383

My prints are 4-color Lithographs in an
edition of 450. Each hand signed (by me!) and

Thursday, November 4, 2010

15 Days Till Open House...

We did manage to squeeze in a little fun
this past weekend. Friday night we went
dancing and then on Sunday morning we
went to Linda's favorite gardens.
Chanticleer Linda always goes with her
girlfriends so this was my first time.
We had a beautiful day.

Master and Mistress!!

The girls have been matting and framing like mad
and I think they are a bit ahead of schedule.
The invites are in the mail; arriving in your mailbox
any moment. Look for this flyer.

If you are not
on my
mailing list
you may still
Go to my
for more info.

I have a show this weekend:
Held at Brandywine Towne Center Atrium
Rt 202 and Naaman Rd, Wilmington, DE
Fri. 4-9 * Sat. 9-9 * Sun. 11-5
This is a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity
and 30% of my sales are donated.
(I will NOT have my new prints, you need to
come to Open House or place an order)

Monday, November 1, 2010

18 Day till Open House

corner of
a larger

You need
to wait to
see the

We have 18 days till Open House.
The invitations are ready to go into the
mail on Wednesday. We do not want to
get them mixed in with political mail that
is bombarding the mail box. If you can't
wait that long, it is on the homepage of
my website, upper right corner.
Linda said 3 more long days of framing
to be done. You can go to the right of this
blog and click on November of past years
for more stories about getting ready for
Open House. We have it down to a formula
and handle it the same way each year.
My only job is to paint and my brush is