Monday, November 8, 2010

Winter Wishes...

Winter Wishes... (Original painting is sold)
This is one of my new prints featured at Open House
Open Edition Mini Print ~ 5" x 6" ~ $15.00
Framed Print ~ 8" x 10" $35.00

You can order it on my website or call/email
to place an order. They will also be available
at Open House.

I am still painting every moment of the day!
Linda started setting up the panels in the house
and she has the menu planned. You are lucky
I am not in charge of the hors devours...
You would be having pretzels and baloney
roll ups! She spends days looking for just the
right recipes and needs to have new ideas every
year. I am told we needed a bit more room
so we are trying something new. Linda found
a large tarp with windows that we are using to
enclose our side porch. Not sure if it will work
but we will know tomorrow. I am thinking this
little project is going to include my help...


Joan - AZestyLife said...

Ah yes...... a little of your help.

I love the print!!

Virginia Floyd said...

This one is a beauty. The creamy yellow of the house makes the painting cheerful even though it's winter.