Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2012 Holiday Series #1

2012 Holiday Series #1
A Painting A Day
4"x 6" original miniature watercolor

OK, I am starting the Holiday Series.
A little night scene with lights.

Tomorrow morning I am at Lancaster Mennonite
for career day.  Planning on seeing the movie
"Lincoln" in the afternoon.  Then packing for
Williamsburg for some real holiday inspiration!

Anyone who received their invitation after the
open house please send an email telling me when
it arrived and your name and city/state.  I am asking
my mailing service to file a complaint with the
Post Office.  Someone somewhere messed up.
The more names I have the bigger the case.
Thank you to all who already sent me a notice.

FYI: Due to the slow mail I am extending the $10
off coupon on the mailer to December 15! 
You can still place an order.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2012 Window Study #3

2012 Window Study #3
miniature original watercolor 6"x4"

A little window study for today.

I took my first load of orders to UPS and the
Post Office.  Shipping costs have sure gone
up.  Other than that... a quiet snowy day.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Still Life #23

2012 Still Life #23

I had two weeks off from painting and
felt it was time to get back into a routine.

The house is almost back to normal. It takes
almost as much time taking things apart as it
does setting it up! The exhibit is down and all
the panels and lights are away.
The furniture is still not back into its place.
Linda is working on paperwork from Open
House and also keeping up with orders.
The Post Office made a mess of the mailer
delivery this year.  All invitations were at the
Post Office on 10/29.  I apologize to all the
clients who's invitation was delivered this past
weekend... a full week after Open House and
26-27 days after they were dropped off.  It is
hard to get an explanation as to where they
have been all this time.  Very frustrating.
I need to go, I still have a few mats to cut tonight.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cyber Monday

"Harvest Finished" print
Print only: $50
Framed Print: $100

In honor of Cyber Monday...
FREE SHIPPING on any order placed today.

Check out all the prints and the originals
on my website:
Order on line (after you click on "buy print"
wait a few moments while it takes you to the
shopping cart.  
Rather talk to me... call 717-627-3383

I am soon starting my Holiday Series.  If you have
any Holiday photos you think would make a good
painting email them to me!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Small Business Saturday...

"Twas the Nite" mini print
Print in a mat $15
8x10 Framed $35

My studio is open on Saturday from 10am to 8pm
at 4 N Spruce St in Historic Lititz, PA
Support your favorite artist and my small business
on "Shop small business Saturday"

Lots of prints framed and unframed are available and
plenty of original watercolors in all price ranges.
If you missed my Open House last week you can still
stop in this weekend. You missed out on the wine and
great snacks but there is still some spiced cider and
pretzels and paintings!  Can't make it... check my website
and I would be happy to ship!  See an original painting
not quite in the budget, talk to me about a layaway plan!

Open House went very well, not much time to catch
our breath and turn around and be open all this
weekend.   I had a question about my Open House set up.
We move the furniture in the first floor of the house and
I use my show panels with nice covers to hang the paintings.
Use my indoor display lights and Linda makes nice labels
and like magic its a great show display!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

And we are ready...

I do not think anymore can be done. I declare us ready! 
Linda on the other hand is still puttering around, finding
little things to do.

To keep it fair to everyone, on Friday, we will open the
doors promptly at 2:00 (not earlier)   We will not answer the
phone before 2:00 to keep it fair to anyone calling
with an order.   I have no problem if you walk in with your
own marker to write SOLD on a painting in case I am
to busy to help you!!  In fact you may take as many originals
as you want!!

A small peek at what is waiting for you.
See you all at 2:00!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

2 More days to get things done...

Framed: 13x24
Available on Friday at 2PM!

This is the last painting I am doing for
Open House.  This was Linda's request
and I think it turned out really good.
I am off to give a lecture to the Hershey
Art Association.  Linda is staying home
to make truffles!

Open House Update:
Framing totally finished.  Studio is set up.
Labels are printed.  I went to market for the
final groceries.  Cleaning almost finished.
It rained this morning which foiled my plans
to gather leaves so just overlook them please!

Monday, November 12, 2012

3 more days till Open House

We are down to a few days.  Linda is still pretty
calm... makes me worried!  Framing will be finished
in the morning.  All the panels are up and most
originals are hung.  An email invite went out to
every email we have.  I think tonight we are going
to get groceries.  I am finished painting and working
off my honey do list!

The cat got out for the 2nd time...
an unhappy Linda or maybe...
the boss getting some fresh air.

 Linda call in extra help!  Here is Lori putting in
screws and wire.  It is still looking pretty messy!
Stacy putting glass in a frame.
Tomorrow is a cleaning day.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

7 Days till Open House

Untitled Original Watercolor
Framed 17x21
Available on Friday, 11/16 at 2:00pm

I set up tomorrow for my weekend show:
PA Guild Fine Craft Show
November 10 & 11
Sat. 10-6 and Sun. 10-5
Held at the Lancaster Convention Center
25 S Queen St.  Lancaster  PA
This is a great quality show.
($1 off admission coupon on their website)

Open House Update:
I finished all my glass cutting and then
I went for a haircut... it is very important to
look well groomed!  Linda spent the day in the
studio with matboard.  We also scrubbed the
porch floor and laid a carpet.  Went on a hunt
for inexpensive small pumpkins for the top of
our fence, the others are a pile of mush!  I have
a painting I want to finish tonight.
Linda is a little panicky since there are still a lot
of clients who did not receive their invitation.
They were all mailed 10/29...10 days ago.
If you want a more detailed idea of how we get
ready for open house go to November blogs
from past years.  Prep is the same each year.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

8 days till Open House

Another 11x22 watercolor
Untitled and not priced....
Open House Update
I got the canopy up around the porch yesterday.
In time for the bad weather tonight, my heart goes
out to all my clients and friends in New Jersey, I
cannot imagine snow on top of all the mess you have.

Linda finished her menu and grocery list.
Today we picked up glass and took a few
hours to visit our friend Joan.  Home by
5:30 and now I am cutting the glass. 
I have 105 pieces to cut... it will be a long

Monday, November 5, 2012

10 days till Open House...

untitled Original Watercolor
Framed 11x22

It is fun creating paintings to fit in this
unusual shape. 
This will be available next Friday!

Open House Update:
I am still painting.
Linda has the panels up in the living room
and some paintings hanging.  Our framing supplies
come from New Jersey and today is their first
day in the office so we will be able to get glass on
Wednesday.  I am doing a survey on who has
received their invitations.  I am thinking outside of
PA has not received them as of yet. Shoot me an email
or post on facebook and let me know. I am a little
worried... The post office is less than satisfying.
Linda has the table filled with recipes for hors devours
while she is planning the menu.  More thought goes
into this than I think is necessary!!  It is good you
are not relying on me for snacks.  I am sticking to

Family News...
We have been telling everyone who will stop and
listen, can't help it we are so proud.
Our son-in-law Ben Hunter passed the NY Bar!
Yes, passed the first time around.
Very proud.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

14 days to Open House!

5"x 5" miniature original watercolor

This apple was a class demonstration.  I added
more detail after class.  I have been studying
oil painting backgrounds and working on
a similar style only with watercolor.  It is hard
because the approach is much different.
Click over apple for a better view.

Oops...  I am having website issues.  You currently
cannot order from the website.  You can send an
email and tell me all the info and I can send you a
paypal invoice or arrange other payment.  Waiting
for the webmaster to work on it.  Never happens at
a slow time!

Open House Update:
Mats are mostly cut.  Frame order is placed,
glass order comes Wednesday.  Linda has the
rooms all torn up, moving furniture around.
Lights on a pile.  The new framed originals have
pieces of paper taped to the glass with the price
and then I write a few title suggestions.

I am still painting!