Monday, November 5, 2012

10 days till Open House...

untitled Original Watercolor
Framed 11x22

It is fun creating paintings to fit in this
unusual shape. 
This will be available next Friday!

Open House Update:
I am still painting.
Linda has the panels up in the living room
and some paintings hanging.  Our framing supplies
come from New Jersey and today is their first
day in the office so we will be able to get glass on
Wednesday.  I am doing a survey on who has
received their invitations.  I am thinking outside of
PA has not received them as of yet. Shoot me an email
or post on facebook and let me know. I am a little
worried... The post office is less than satisfying.
Linda has the table filled with recipes for hors devours
while she is planning the menu.  More thought goes
into this than I think is necessary!!  It is good you
are not relying on me for snacks.  I am sticking to

Family News...
We have been telling everyone who will stop and
listen, can't help it we are so proud.
Our son-in-law Ben Hunter passed the NY Bar!
Yes, passed the first time around.
Very proud.

1 comment:

bob ragland said...

i wish you a good open house. I also hope people get their money out.
People spend a thousand dollars on latte every year. Actually it's a rental. They get to keep works of art, which can give enjoyment way longer than latte.
Just sayin'.
Bob Ragland