Monday, October 31, 2011

18 days till Open House!

 24X20" Original ~ Available at Open House.

I know... this is a bit different for me.  It was
one Linda asked me to do.  I usually do not
like Victorian but this turned out well, I liked the
perspective of just a glimpse into the room.
Linda was right, it is a great painting and was worth
the challenge.

So... snow in October.  If you know me you know
the challenge this is for me.  I was planning to go
into the snow season in a good frame of mind, but
I was not ready this early.  I was at a show in Kutztown
and had to spend the night instead of driving home.
The poor plants in the garden took a beating and
Linda "had" to spend some time out there today!

Open House Update:
All the invitations are ready for the mail!  They
go out on Wednesday, so keep an eye out for yours.
If you are not on my snail mail list and want an invite
email me with your address.
I cut down 4 more cases of glass, Linda is using it faster
than I can cut it! I am signing my new prints tonight,
right after I am finished handing out candy for Halloween.

Happy Halloween to everyone....
Abbey will not be happy about this photo so don't tell her. 
This was Halloween 1987 and she was not quite 4 years old.
So cute!   To her chagrin it was the only store bought
costume, after this we made each one!
Those are definitely 1987 glasses!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another painting...

This still life was another from my student Amy, who has
a wonderful eye.  She has allowed me to use her photos
several times which is a privilege. 
You have to wait till Open House for this one.

Open House Update:
Another order of glass and matboard came yesterday
so there is a flurry of mat cutting going on in the studio.
I started cutting down glass... a word of advice for all you
new painters... keep everything you paint and print to the
standard sizes.  I never did and since we print in the same
size as the original I have all these odd size frames requiring
odd size mats and glass!  Tomorrow will be a big day.
Linda picks up another order of frames,  the invitations should
be delivered and the prints should also be delivered. 
Thankfully I am leaving to set up for my weekend show in
Kutztown.  It is nice being out of the house with all the
commotion going on!

The Show:  Reading-Berks Guild of Craftsman Holiday Show
Oct. 29 & 30 ~ Sat. 9-5 and Sun. 10-4
Held at Keystone Hall, Kutztown University
Trexler Ave (S Campus Dr) and Baldy St. Kutztown, PA
There is a $1 off coupon on their website!

Monday, October 24, 2011

25 Days till Open House...

20"x22" original watercolor ~ untitled
This will be ready for Open House!

Open House Update:Linda stayed home this weekend while I did the show.
She claims she was working but I see signs of work done
in the garden!  Although all 6000+ mailing labels are
printed and on her desk so she must have been working a
little.  Today I went to my printer to watch the run
of my new prints, that is always a thrill. 

I had a question:  I was asked if I get sick of painting so
much or mind the pressure to paint for Open House
I have always had a good work ethic.  I always put in my
8 hour work day because in the early years Linda had a
regular job and I felt I needed to work as hard and long
as she did.  So I practiced self discipline and painting even
if I did not "feel" like it.  I learned if I just sat down and
started something pretty soon the excitement would follow
or I would get into the challenge.   I added "Painting A Day"
a few years ago and that really focused me to starting and
finishing a miniature daily.   So I do not feel pressured
to create, it already is part of my routine.   There is pressure
of painting dynamite work, that pressure is somewhat self
inflected, I want to show a great collection of new work.  I
want Linda to stand back when they are all on display and
tell me this is the best grouping yet.  The thrill is in the
challenging pieces, creating them to the best of my ability. 
The variety of subjects keeps me from boredom.  Each new
subject evokes a fresh memory from where I saw it.   And
then there is this little thrill I get when the doors open and
clients are standing there and can't wait to get in and see all
my new work.  And the greatest compliment is when
someone falls in love with one and must own it!
So... no, I do not get sick of painting!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Checking in...

I get emails from clients and friends about what
I post and this was in my inbox this morning and
I thought it was such a kind thing to say that I am
sharing it. 
Andy, I’m a little confused on your Tuesday Oct 18th posting on daily painter. “no special paints for the
copper and no fancy tricks”.  I believe it’s magic aka
a very gifted and talented artist
J, and “color flowing
off the brush”.  I would definitely agree to that.  I
remember in class you were always fearless with
the colors (dark and light) and your demos (very good stuff).

Corey Fou Chong
Corey took a class from me and has huge potential.
He is juggling a job. a baby, a home life and painting...
Check out his work..

I am set up and ready for you to see me tomorrow at:
Crafts in the Meadow
Held at Tyler State Park
10 Stable Mill Trail, Richboro PA
Sat. 10-6 & Sun. 10-5 ~ Rain or Shine

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Best of the Web...

I opened my email to nice news this morning.   My blog was
chosen as "Best of the Web" by Pocket Change.  The editor
said, "I’ve been looking through your blog and I really
appreciate your great paintings and thoughts in art in general.
I also enjoyed the way you feel free to speak about whatever
crosses your mind while still  tying it into the theme of
your blog, it makes  for a varied read". 
Check it out... 
Pocket Change, Best of the Web     (scroll to the bottom)

This weekends show:
Crafts in the Meadow
Held at Tyler State Park
10 Stable Mill Trail, Richboro PA
Sat. 10-6 & Sun. 10-5 ~ Rain or Shine
$1 off coupon on promoters site...

Open House Update:
I gave the OK to the color on the prints so they are a go.
I will show you the new choices next week.  Meanwhile,
I am painting, working on another requested painting
from Linda.  Its looking really good, I hate when she's right!
Linda went to Miller Printing who is working on the
invitation. They are still playing with wording.
I have not seen it but she always does a good job.
I do know money is flying out the door faster than I am
bringing it in.  Linda ordered rolls of kraft paper, we use
it to cover the back of each painting and print.  An order
went out for hangers and tape and I see lots of paperwork
for mats and frames.  It is better that I don't look around
Linda's desk!  I was sent to the post office for 3410 stamps
which is not even half the order... you can do your own math!
I need to go back to my painting...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Untitled watercolor   18" x 14"
Another one for my Open House in November.
SAVE THE DATE ~ You are invited!November 18-20  ~ 28th Annual Open House
Held at the studio in Lititz, PA
I am painting...
except for the occasional break to hold
a kitty...  here is Max.

Monday, October 17, 2011


 Untitled watercolor
18" x 14"
This will be available at my Open House
in November.

I had a good weekend in Blue Bell although it
was almost too windy to paint and demonstrate.
This weekend I am heading to Tyler State Park

Open House update:
Stacy came all weekend to cut the piles of mats Linda
had put together.  She still has 3 piles of 30 each of the
8x10 size to go.  Lori was framing 40 ~  8x10's and will continue
that tomorrow.  Linda... I think she was playing with the
new cats but I am acting like she was working!
I do know she proofed the invitation.  Today I went to the 1st
proofing of the new prints.  I am looking at color, I want
my prints to match my original as close as possible.  After
looking at it, I am having the color adjusted.  I use Pemcor
in Lancaster so I can run out whenever they make an adjustment.
Years ago they printed Wyeth's prints.  I like to imagine my
original laying aside of his on the work table... 

Home news: we adopted 3 new cats from the Humane
League. Yes 3, however they have run of the house
and studio and may even go to the upstairs apartment
to visit the in-laws   Here is "Gomez"  a 3 month old,
already in a soft bed on Linda's desk... perhaps why
I think Linda got very little done today... Just a thought.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


21" x 17" original watercolor
Untitled... (Titles welcome!)
I am saving this for my November Open House
The still life was set up and a photo taken by Amy,
one of my students.  I am privileged that she lets
me use her photos.  I have a few more from her.

Open House Update...
Linda was cutting down mat board at 5:30 this
morning.  There are huge piles setting around
waiting for the inside cuts.  30 ~ 8x10's are taped
and ready for frames, which come on Friday.
Order sheets are printed.
As for me...Painting...painting and painting some more!
I feel so sharp and energized, the paint is simply flowing.

Show Update...
The van is packed and the hotel is booked so I am ready
for Friday setup.
Oct. 15 & 16  ~  PA Guild Craft Fair
Held at Montgomery Co. Community College
340 DeKalb Pk.  Blue Bell, PA  (excellent quality)
Sat. 10-6  &  Sun. 10-5    ~    Rain or Shine!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

37 days till Open House 2011!

I know, I know, I showed you this yesterday, but frankly
I wanted you to admire it a bit more.  To maybe gush
at how good it is!!

I am not the one counting the days, that credit goes to Linda!  
I was told I had 37  days which sounds like a lot of time but it
flies by.  I teach till the end of this month and have three
more shows so I need to organize what I want to paint in that
time.  Meanwhile most of the other work goes to Linda who
seems to be panicking rather early and I'm not sure why!
She is on schedule, according to the schedule that is posted
by her desk, thankfully I do not get a schedule!  The chosen
paintings are at the printer, after much thought and debate.
We are  doing two this year but in a smaller edition of 200
each.   I will share them later. Linda also met with the other
printer about the design of the invitations.  Lori, our helper
cut the backing boards for the new prints today.
So I am thinking... ahead of schedule.
Meanwhile we need to pack for my weekend show.
I am in Blue Bell, PA for the PA  Guild of Craftsman Show.
Linda is staying home to work so please come out and
keep me company, its OK to bring your checkbook along!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Demo from Saturday...

I worked on this all day Saturday.  Now I am
ready for the table top and the basket that
is on top.  This basket sets in a dark corner so
I do not need the same definition as the one on
the floor.  But I still take time to paint every
piece.  This has a tighter weave than the other
one.  I am making the table top darker. Notice
the shadow on the wall.
I went a bit deeper on the wall.  Darker washes
over the right corner.

I went a bit deeper in the colors, adding a few
more washes, using the same colors I have been
using only a bit darker.

OK... are you ready?  I can't wait any longer.
Its finished and I love it.
It needs a frame, a title and a price.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Demo from the weekend

This past Friday I had my Studio open for
Porchwalk.  I was demonstrating and talking
and finished the basket in my larger painting.

The Basket:
First I must be aware of the light areas where the sun
is hitting the basket and where the darker shadowy
areas are.   As always I am starting with my warm
underwashes of cad. yellow.  Drying between each layer
of color.  I am working from the right side, dark to light.
Building up with yellow ochre and cad yellow slowly
on each weave.  My goal is to keep it warm. 

Next is the definition of the weaves.  In the
horizontal rungs I used burnt umber and a dash of
red. Saving my light areas.  On the top weaving
I used paynes grey and a spot of india ink for the darker
lines.  This is all a slow process of building color and

I actually finished the painting on Saturday
and will share it tomorrow!  I can say it turned
out unbelievable...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Porchwalk starts Friday

Untitled...  (Titles welcome!)
17"x 21" Original Watercolor
Another great painting I am saving for my
November Open House.

13th Annual Artisans' PorchwalkIn Historic Lititz, PA  starts Friday
10 to 5       FREE! 
Start at my house...
 4 North Spruce Street, Lititz, PAAndy Smith ~ Watercolors & Prints  - I am demonstrating
Also featuring at my house:
Lydia L. Dierwechter ~ Felted Wool HandbagsLeslie Howland & Mary Anderson ~ Functional Stoneware Pottery
Beth Rosenberg & Brooke Graybill ~ Unique Beaded Jewelry
Raymond Becker ~ Black & White Photography
Doug Shaw ~ Wood Carver

There is 6 stops and great selection of artisans.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I am back from a wet weekend in Rhinebeck, NY.
We did manage a little fun.  On Thursday we took
a tour of CIA, which made Linda dream of taking
classes!  On Monday on the way home we stopped
in New Paltz to tour Huguenot Street.  We realized
we had another connection, when in France, at
Meschers, we visited caves where Hugenots hid before
escaping...  I took a lot of great photos.  I don't know
how Linda finds these places but they always give me
great inspiration.  Back home to paint.  This weekend is
PORCHWALK, I am home for a change and will
be demonstrating.   Porchwalk is held at 6 locations
in Historic Lititz, PA
Friday 10-5 and Saturday 10-5
FREE ~ rain or shine (You will need to drive your car)
My studio is stop #6 and I have 6 fantastic craftsman
for you to see!!

Back to my painting Demo...
I am moving to the floor.  Again... starting
with a few warm washes of Yellow Orchre
(A favorite of mine!) Darker in the back and
working them lighter in the front.  Use a mixture
of Raw Umber and  blue with a touch of red
to add the lines.

Next is to go darker and add texture.
A mixture of Burnt Sienna, Perm. Rose and
a drop of India Ink.  Notice the shaping of
wood grain, and I am saving some warm light