Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The chairs are finished...

Untitled... but finished!
image: 17x20  ~  framed: 20x23
I am very happy with the way this turned out.  Love the
colors, and it is even nicer in person.  Available at my
Spring Open House, May 7-8 ~ Mother's Day Weekend ~
plan to bring Mom for a bit of champagne, chocolates
and great paintings!

I may have spoiled the process if you were intently following
along.  But below is the final step...
Step 7:  I am filling in the background.  Here is a real technical
term... I "dabbed", working around the background making it
look fallish!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


"Ink Well"
Watercolor ~ framed 17"x21"
More on the chairs...

Step 4: I started working in some grass. This is a fall
painting so I am saving the leaves! I simply painted around
them.  Then I added a light wash for the shrubs behind the wall.

Step 5:  There is a lot in this photo... I am now going deeper into
the stone wall, adding a  mixture of Red and Burnt Umber and darker
Paynes Grey.  Building texture on the stones.  Adding the dark spaces
between the stones.  I also defined the spaces between the slates in the
chair using Paynes Grey, paying attention where the stones spaces are.
Next onto the leaves in the grass, using Yellow Ochre and a touch of
Cad. Orange.

Step 6:   I moved on to the background.  It is woods.
So I am treating it a bit like a puzzel.  Defining just
enough tree and bush.  Tapping in bits of color to give
a fall feeling.
It is coming together.  I can envision the end result.

Needed to stop for track, we had a meet.  Both
boys and girls won. (Warwick vs Cedar Crest)
Kids are doing very well.  I was a little worried since they
had off Friday and Monday...4 days without training.

If you are planning your weekend, I am showing in Lewisburg
on Saturday...  More info:
Next week is my Spring Open House.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pink Lotus Blossom

Pink Lotus Blossom
Framed: 18"x14"
Available at my Spring Open House!
Linda put some of the new work on my website under
Original Watercolors and Miniature Originals so go see what you missed.

I am ready for another painting...  I will share the steps...
Step 1: If you follow my work you should start to see an
unchanging pattern.  I keep a sketch book where I generally
work up an idea, a direction.  So here is the next painting.
A set of Adirondack chairs in a fall setting from
Chanticleer Gardens in Wayne.  One of Linda's favorite places,
in fact she is heading there on Friday to see the tulips.
Great place for inspiration.

 Step 2:
  Linda has my paper taped to the boards so I just
grab one in the size I want.  This one is 17x20 image to fit
in a 20x23 frame.  (FYI: I never soak my paper)   I hand
the drawing, the bones of the painting.  This can take
several hours, I do not rush it because it needs to be correct.

Step 3:   I was excited to get right to the yellow chairs with
the first washes.  Nice warm color.  Then the stone wall behind
the chairs received the first set of washes on them.  I use a hair
dryer to dry each wash...
that's the secret to not getting a muddy mess.

You should be able to click over each photo to see it larger.
to be continued...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Finished Chair...

Open to suggestions for a title!
Framed to 25x29"

I really enjoyed myself with this painting.  It was a joy.
It is setting on my ledge in the kitchen so I can look at
it.  Framing on Saturday.  This will be at my May 7-8
Spring Open House.

I have a 4 hour marathon class tomorrow.  Last class
until September.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 5 on the chair...

Last night I drew the view out the window.
Sorry but I was to tired to photo it.  Today was
spent painting that view.  The fence and the window
sill is the white paper...  I need a warm wash over them
so they are not so bright.

I need tonight to add some softening of edges and just to go
around the whole painting cleaning it up.  I am guessing about
3-4 more hours.  But it is looking good!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another day on the chair...

I managed a bike ride early this morning, before the rain started.
Then headed right to my painting.  Since it rained all day
my track meet was cancelled allowing me to paint all day.
So this is what was accomplished from 9:30 to 5 (yes, I worked
 7 .5 hours)

1) A lot darker color on the chair.  Another few washes on the
walls.  A touch of green on the floor.

2) Texture to the floor with some Yellow Ocher and Raw
Sienna.  Several more layers on the walls, saving the light
areas and going darker to create the shadows.

3) Even deeper with the shadows.

4) Even more shadow work.  Can you see all the changes?

I plan to work some more tonight. I want to get this finished.It has taken 4 full ~ long days to get this far and I know I will
need at least one more. I do not get to work on full sheets very
often because of the time and how much I should ask for this size
but I have loved working on this painting.

Monday, April 18, 2011

More work on the chair...

I put a few more hours into my painting.
Adding the washes on the chair and went deeper
into the rug.  Added the floor and started the curtain.
I had a question about the rug...
I started with Paynes Gray on the pattern.  Dried hard
I added a mixture of Cer. Blue and Pthalo Blue over top.
Deeper on the left, lighter as it gets farther away.
Then I added the red around the pattern.

Next is the curtain.  Same formula, start with light washes
drying and adding another wash going deeper, creating the
folds.  More work on the chair.  Letting the white of the
paper help create the shine on the seat.
You can click over the photo to enlarge.

Dinner tonight with friends visiting from Ohio and back to my desk.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Demonstration at Gallerie Thirteen

A big thank you to Gallerie Thirteen and Mary Beth Brath and
Brownyn Jean Hughes for all their support this past Saturday.
Here are a few adoring fans watching me paint and asking questions.

I decided on a full sheet watercolor for my demonstration.
I came with the drawing finished so I could start painting right away.

I started with the beginning washes and went to the rug pattern.

I added the color to the rug. 
This was as far as I got for the day. 

Linda and I then held a one hour lecture. I think it went
pretty well and hopefully everyone went away with useful
information.  It was time to pack up in the rain, or I should say
downpour with lightening!  But I am back home safely to
paint another day.  I spent most of today working on this painting
and I will share that tomorrow.

On the right side bar I am sharing some info on behalf
of my Nephew.  Check it out...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday check in...

Back to my painting...
Hopefully you can see that I am going over each
area and adding deeper color.  Drying hard between
each layer.  Slowly building and blending, softening the edges... 

And its finished...

I will bring this along to the Mechaniscburg Demonstration for viewing.
I am not selling it till Open House.

Yesterday we had a track meet in the rain with McCaskey.
The girls won!  The boys lost.  I am getting rather tired of practice
in the rain!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Check in

I started with an early morning bike ride; it felt fabulous!
After that I spent my day painting.  Linda wanted to work
in the flower beds so I took my painting outside.  I am painting
for my May Open House, which you should have saved on
your calender. (May 7 & 8).  Meanwhile I will share some of
the progress.

This is my palette.  I use the same set of colors for every painting.
I do not buy new shades for special paintings, I mix them from
the watercolors I own.  Yes it looks messy, I wash it off every
so often.  I am also showing my three favorite brushes.

Now on to the painting...  you may need to scroll back to
review how far I was.  Here I am concentrating on the
side wood, getting that worn old look.  I also added paint to
the handle on the bucket.

Next, I am going deeper into the bucket color, both inside and out.
Adding the lines which form the slats.  Deeper into the handle.

Started the green outside the window.  And if you look closely
I am working the peeled paint on the window frame. 
You can click over each image to enlarge it for a closer look.

I had to stop for track from 3-7pm and I plan to get back to
this tonight.  I will probably paint from 8 to 11pm.
Weekend Update:
Wow, wow, wow!!! 
ELCO Invitational Track Meet  (click if you
want even more details!) was held on Saturday... yes, all day
Saturday. There were 21 teams.  Warwick boys placed 1st and the
girls placed 4th.  I am so PROUD of them.  I had a wonderful day.

On Sunday the Hunters (Abbey's in-laws and our friends)  invited
us to the Fulton Theater to see the play Sweeny Todd.  Totally enjoyed
it and had a wonderful time.  It is nice that we all get along so well.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

2011 Lancaster County Barn

6"x 4" watercolor   ~ SOLD!   $225.00

My day: Painted, got a haircut, visited my Mom, track from 3-6pm
dinner, helped my in-laws connect a new TV and got my blog on.  
Tonight I plan to work some more on my bucket.

I managed a bit more work on my bucket.  Added some washes
on the side wall and some wood grain on the sill.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011 Shaker Still Life #10

4"x 6" miniature watercolor
 $225.00 Contact the Studio

I went back to some still life subjects.  I love this shade
of blue with worn spots and notice the work on the basket!

I also started a 14x18 painting since I need new work for
my May Open House.  Below is my 1st step...always do
a drawing in my sketchbook.  I do this for me, I enjoy it, it
is a great reference and it helps me know where I am going
with the painting. 
You can't see it yet but inside the bucket is a blue and
outside a rust with great shadows.  Linda picked this
subject. While I usually give her a hard time about her
subject suggestions I usually paint them and in the end
fall in love with them.

Here is the drawing, yes hand drawn.  I draw all the time and
I believe there is a "realness" you do not get if you project it
or computer generate it.  I enjoy the drawing process.  I am
using Arches 300lb rough paper.  I use lots of washes to build
the color.  This is the under washes.

If you are anywhere near Mechanicsburg on Saturday, 4/16
I am giving a demonstration and lecture at Gallerie Thirteen
so please join me.  Also remember to put my May 7 & 8
Spring Open House on your schedule.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wicker Chair in Sunshine

6"x4" watercolor ~ SOLD!
Studio price: $250.

I was feeling the warmth today.  Painting wicker
is a bit like a puzzel.  You need to study the pattern
and much of the pattern is implied.  Your mind fills
it in.

Yesterday we set up a display at The Glen at Willow Valley.
So if you have family staying there go in and look.  This
morning I talked to 8th graders at Lancaster Mennonite
School about art as a career. Came home and painted
a little before leaving for track.

Track meet update: We had a home meet with Penn Manor
in horrible windy conditions...I am still cold!
Both our boys & girls won.  They all did so well.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Onion Snow


Linda called the snow we had lately an Onion Snow!
The last snow of the season. I can agree with that!!

Hey Lititz... tomorrow I am exhibiting at the Millport Conservancy. This is a fundraiser for the Lititz Womans Club. Tickets are $25.00 which includes a very nice evening. From 7-10pm with 20% of my sales going to the Club and staying in the community. FYI: I am having trouble typing spaces in this blog... no matter what I type it just runs all together. So sorry, I will try to check into it.