Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011 Shaker Still Life #10

4"x 6" miniature watercolor
 $225.00 Contact the Studio

I went back to some still life subjects.  I love this shade
of blue with worn spots and notice the work on the basket!

I also started a 14x18 painting since I need new work for
my May Open House.  Below is my 1st step...always do
a drawing in my sketchbook.  I do this for me, I enjoy it, it
is a great reference and it helps me know where I am going
with the painting. 
You can't see it yet but inside the bucket is a blue and
outside a rust with great shadows.  Linda picked this
subject. While I usually give her a hard time about her
subject suggestions I usually paint them and in the end
fall in love with them.

Here is the drawing, yes hand drawn.  I draw all the time and
I believe there is a "realness" you do not get if you project it
or computer generate it.  I enjoy the drawing process.  I am
using Arches 300lb rough paper.  I use lots of washes to build
the color.  This is the under washes.

If you are anywhere near Mechanicsburg on Saturday, 4/16
I am giving a demonstration and lecture at Gallerie Thirteen
so please join me.  Also remember to put my May 7 & 8
Spring Open House on your schedule.

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Autumn Leaves said...

Love that rustic blue dresser, Andy. The next piece is looking fabulous in the sketch!