Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2 days left...

Open House Update:
Painting is finished,  framing is finished, cleaning done as
far as I am concerned but Linda may have other ideas!
Furniture moved, paintings and prints hung and labeled. 
Looks ready to me but somehow Linda finds all these extra
things to do!  The next two days will be spent on food.
With any luck I can slip out and not be noticed!
All the new work is now posted on my website.  Go pick
the one you want but remember... NO sales till 2pm!
You may call (717-627-3383)  or email to let me
know you want one of the new originals if you cannot
get here at 2!
We offer 6 rooms filled with paintings and prints.
This is our back room of the studio where just yesterday
there was framing going on!

This view is from the house.  2 rooms filled with
new original watercolors.

A close up view of new originals.

Email question: It would be great if you could reflect on those
beginning years.   Thank you so much for sharing all you do.
It is very helpful!
It is hard to remember back to the first few shows.  The original
reason for starting an open house was to raise money to help
pay my printing bill which was in the high thousands!  We lived
in an apartment so we held it for two years in a local hotel.  
Used white formal cards for the invites.  I have always
my new print at open house.  Linda's idea was
to have the invitation serve as both an invite and a way for
clients who live out of state to see the new print and order it. 
Once I stopped having a side job and started painting for a
living we quickly settled on the week before Thanksgiving
so I would have income over winter when there are few shows.
Linda has a method to all her madness!!  From there it just
grew, clients now know this is when I have lots of new
originals, a new print and a large selection of mat choices
on the old prints.  The hours are long because I have clients
driving from other states.  I even have clients that fly in!
I am truly blessed.

If you want to see everything, come on Friday.  I allow my
clients to take home what they bought!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

9 days till Open House

First the most important news.  My bike accident
was settled and the insurance company took care
of my poor busted bike.  I was able to replace it with
a nice used bike and I am happy.  Picked it up today
but did not ride it yet.  To add to the excitement
around here, our oil tank sprung a leak.  Of course
not until after 275 gallons was pumped into it.  It is only
a slow drip but it sure is leaving a nasty smell in the
house and a frazzled wife.  They came today to
measure, coming on Friday morning is a new tank
and $1800 less in the accounts!

Open House Update:
I had my last show so I was able to unpack the van.
Furniture is moved around.
All the show panels, covers and lights are up.
The extra room we use on the porch is mostly together.
Canopy up, rug down.
Another large order of 100, 8x10 frames came and
are being put together...  does not look like much
in this photo however it is several days work.
Linda has the menu done and even started grocery
shopping.  Here is a pile of "do not touch" food.

And of course I am still painting...
 "Hot House, Yellow and Plum"   18x24

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

15 days and counting...

Linda spent the morning with her step-dad,
he had his second cataract done.  We are busy
with drops 4x a day in the new eye and 2x a
day in the other eye.  It is a lot to keep track of.
I spent some time this morning with the
insurance co. about my bike.  Got an afternoon
ride in.   Painting!
Open House update:
More framing in the studio, we average 40
frames a week right now.  The phone has been
ringing with some orders.  Linda has the
panels up in the livingroom.  Getting there.
Here is another painting...
20x23  untitled
I have one more show this weekend:
 Pennsylvania Guild Fine Craft Fair
November 9-10
Held at the Lancaster Convention Center
25 S Queen St. Lancaster, PA
Sat. 10-6 and Sun. 10-5

Monday, November 4, 2013

18 Days till Open House

I went out for a bike ride this afternoon, first
I was on since last weeks incident.  Chilly but a
good 25 miles. 

 Open House Update:
Invites are landing in mailboxes, feel free to let
me know when you receive yours. 
Here it is... click to enlarge
Linda sat today working on 156 address changes.
Not as many as last year.  Helpers were framing
and cutting mats all day today.  I painted.
More cute little cups came in the mail this morning.
I think there will be a trial run on some desserts
this week.

Here is another finished painting.  Thank you Amy
for the use of your photos. 
14x18 and needs a title.

Friday, November 1, 2013

21 days till Open House

Lots to share.
First, Tuesday I was riding my bike and a 17 year old girl
turned across traffic (to pull into her driveway)
in front of me causing me to hit her car,
bike took the hit and broke the forks, I went sailing across
her hood and down onto the other side.
I am NOT hurt, other than a little sore arm where I landed.
No police were called because I thought we were handling it as
gentleman and the father would pay for the repairs.  Dad took
my bike to the bike shop he is working with. (Dad rides)
Since then Dad decided I hit their car and I am on my own.
So, I just went in to file a police report.  I did not want to put
the girl through all that but since her parents are not being
Moral to this story... ALWAYS call the police.
A mans word is NOT a mans word.  If it does not turn out
well I will share the name...  he has a business and if
they cannot be trusted for this, I question the business ethics.
Next: I am exhibiting at Kutztown University Field House
this weekend. 
312 Trexler Ave, KutztownSaturday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Sunday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
It is with the Guild so the quality is good!

And...  This painting took "Best in Show"
I am very honored!  More info to follow
Finally, Open House Update:
Invitations are at the post office and should be
landing in your mailbox any moment.  Fingers
crossed the post offices co-operate!
I am still painting like a mad man.  Framing still
going on.  Linda has the menu almost worked out.
Cute tiny cups are showing up... not sure what is
going in them!!  I heard the words "champagne"
and wine since it is our 30th open house.  The
porch was enclosed on Wednesday to give us the
extra space. 
That is my week in a nutshell!
Going to Kutztown to set up my booth...