Tuesday, November 12, 2013

9 days till Open House

First the most important news.  My bike accident
was settled and the insurance company took care
of my poor busted bike.  I was able to replace it with
a nice used bike and I am happy.  Picked it up today
but did not ride it yet.  To add to the excitement
around here, our oil tank sprung a leak.  Of course
not until after 275 gallons was pumped into it.  It is only
a slow drip but it sure is leaving a nasty smell in the
house and a frazzled wife.  They came today to
measure, coming on Friday morning is a new tank
and $1800 less in the accounts!

Open House Update:
I had my last show so I was able to unpack the van.
Furniture is moved around.
All the show panels, covers and lights are up.
The extra room we use on the porch is mostly together.
Canopy up, rug down.
Another large order of 100, 8x10 frames came and
are being put together...  does not look like much
in this photo however it is several days work.
Linda has the menu done and even started grocery
shopping.  Here is a pile of "do not touch" food.

And of course I am still painting...
 "Hot House, Yellow and Plum"   18x24

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