Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wicker Chair in Sunshine

6"x4" watercolor ~ SOLD!
Studio price: $250.

I was feeling the warmth today.  Painting wicker
is a bit like a puzzel.  You need to study the pattern
and much of the pattern is implied.  Your mind fills
it in.

Yesterday we set up a display at The Glen at Willow Valley.
So if you have family staying there go in and look.  This
morning I talked to 8th graders at Lancaster Mennonite
School about art as a career. Came home and painted
a little before leaving for track.

Track meet update: We had a home meet with Penn Manor
in horrible windy conditions...I am still cold!
Both our boys & girls won.  They all did so well.

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Autumn Leaves said...

Another lovely painting here...I could just plop right down with a book and enjoy. Congrats to both boys and girls; great job, team!