Monday, April 25, 2011

Pink Lotus Blossom

Pink Lotus Blossom
Framed: 18"x14"
Available at my Spring Open House!
Linda put some of the new work on my website under
Original Watercolors and Miniature Originals so go see what you missed.

I am ready for another painting...  I will share the steps...
Step 1: If you follow my work you should start to see an
unchanging pattern.  I keep a sketch book where I generally
work up an idea, a direction.  So here is the next painting.
A set of Adirondack chairs in a fall setting from
Chanticleer Gardens in Wayne.  One of Linda's favorite places,
in fact she is heading there on Friday to see the tulips.
Great place for inspiration.

 Step 2:
  Linda has my paper taped to the boards so I just
grab one in the size I want.  This one is 17x20 image to fit
in a 20x23 frame.  (FYI: I never soak my paper)   I hand
the drawing, the bones of the painting.  This can take
several hours, I do not rush it because it needs to be correct.

Step 3:   I was excited to get right to the yellow chairs with
the first washes.  Nice warm color.  Then the stone wall behind
the chairs received the first set of washes on them.  I use a hair
dryer to dry each wash...
that's the secret to not getting a muddy mess.

You should be able to click over each photo to see it larger.
to be continued...


Autumn Leaves said...

Oh these will be a gorgeous piece and one of my favorite compositions.

Meera Rao said...

Delicate blossoms! enjoying your various w i p shots. thanks for posting them!

rajeev said...

Hair Dryer for drying washes is some invention!