Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2012 Holiday Series #1

2012 Holiday Series #1
A Painting A Day
4"x 6" original miniature watercolor

OK, I am starting the Holiday Series.
A little night scene with lights.

Tomorrow morning I am at Lancaster Mennonite
for career day.  Planning on seeing the movie
"Lincoln" in the afternoon.  Then packing for
Williamsburg for some real holiday inspiration!

Anyone who received their invitation after the
open house please send an email telling me when
it arrived and your name and city/state.  I am asking
my mailing service to file a complaint with the
Post Office.  Someone somewhere messed up.
The more names I have the bigger the case.
Thank you to all who already sent me a notice.

FYI: Due to the slow mail I am extending the $10
off coupon on the mailer to December 15! 
You can still place an order.

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