Monday, October 14, 2013

Check in

I started my day with a dentist appointment, I am pleased
to report, no cavities!

No mini blog painting today although I did spend some
time thinking about one for tomorrow.  Linda wants me
to stay with Fall themes!  I am on day four working on a
painting with lots of bricks!
Meanwhile this is one I finished last week. 
14x18" Original Watercolor ~ Available at Open House!   Title?
Open House Update:I painted all day but stopped to cut a case of glass and cut
the mats for 5 finished original paintings.  I get a kick out of
cutting them myself.  The girls can cut and frame the prints
but I love doing my originals.
Linda was finishing the changes to the invitation.  Color was
tweaked and some wording changed.  Now waiting on the final
copy.  She was also emailing with the mailing people working
on dates to mail.  They are going with some combination of
Presort Standard and Presort First Class mailing out on
different dates.   Hopefully this will solve the problem of late
mailings.  I know Linda is worried, but using a mailing house
relieves her of so much extra exhausting work.  The problems
are not with the mailing house but with the post office.
New plastic bags for unframed prints came today and Linda
worked on getting some together.  Foam backing board gets
cut to fit inside the bags with the print, a print sticker and a
price sticker and then put in the correct storage box in print
number order.   Nothing is easy!
Three large piles of mats were cut and I see Linda has several
piles of framing ready for tomorrow.  And to top that off she
has some problem with the computer not downloading PDF files.
I am quoting here cause it is beyond my pay grade!

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