Monday, March 4, 2013

I am not sure what happened to all of last week...
In my defense I have been painting larger pieces and
not working on small blogs.  Also had some family
illness that took a little time away.  And yes... I had
two track meetings and a practice. 
On the exciting side ~ track started
today!  I am
helping the high school for this week and
then Middle School duties start next week. 
I LOVE track season!
So you need to work with me while I get into a groove
of teaching, painting and TRACK.

Commission Update:
Both paintings are now in their new home! 
I can finally show you the finished painting.
Each painting is a full sheet watercolor, about 30x22"
Framing will be selected at a later time.

They will be featured on this large wall below.
I suggested they live with them a bit and then
take them to a framer.
They are just taped to the wall to get an idea but
suddenly they look so small.  You need to imagine
a  4" matt around and a gorgeous frame. 
I can't wait to see them finished and hanging.
It feels good when you know you did a great job and the
client is happy.

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