Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2013 Still Life Study #5

2013 Still Life Study #5
6"x 4" miniature original watercolor

Since I finished my commission I am ready to get
back to my daily blog paintings.  I started with a
simple still life.
We spent 5 relaxing days with our friends in Ohio and
returned home on Monday.  From this point on I am
showing almost every weekend. Check my show schedule...

This Saturday I am downtown Lititz exhibiting at
Rudy Hall on Main Street... I am in the front window
from 9 to 3 (free!)  this show is during the Lititz Fire and Ice.
Commission update...This is the "almost finished" point.  Background is half finished.
I have several more hours of details to put into both paintings.
But you get a general idea.  I want to show my clients the
finished paintings before I show them here on the blog.  I am
very excited about them both, they look so much better than
in these photos!  The finished paintings will be posted later.

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