Monday, June 21, 2010

Philadelphia Brick Study #2

4"x 6" Watercolor

This little painting is full of detail. It is from
Independence Mall in Philadelphia.

I finally finished the painting I had been
working on for the past three shows.
While I was painting, a nice young couple
with a new baby was watching and by the
time I finished they bought it.

Loved the French colors! I did not even have time
to think of a title! But it went to a very good home!

Finally a good show. Restoring my faith in my
skills. We are staying with good friends and
will be sightseeing Cleveland, Ohio over the
next few days. Today Bruce and I took a fast
and bone-shaking (over rough roads) 5:30am
bike ride then I spent a quiet day painting on
their deck.

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Autumn Leaves said...

I absolutely love that new little 4 x 6 painting with the autumn foliage in the distance. Wish I could buy it myself! So glad to know that you had a good show and that luscious painting on the bottom sold. I imagine economic times are still very tough for many; I know they are for us right now. May you relax and enjoy this week visiting with friends, Andy and Linda.