Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Philadelphia Window

4"x6" Watercolor ~ $225. Contact the studio

I found this window while walking
around Philadelphia, PA. It is from the
inside of a church. They had the
windows decorated with flowers for
Easter. I loved these deep sills
with light flowing in from outside.
It was a beautiful day to tour Philly.
More paintings to come from that

You would think I would have the day
off after showing three days over the
weekend... but that was not to be!
I rode my bike at 6:30am then ran errands
with Linda. The market, bank, dry cleaners,
deliver a print, post office... the list goes on
and on. I actually did not start my painting
until 3:00 then stopped at 5 for dinner.
So it is no surprise its 10:30 and I am just
finishing. I was looking forward to painting
this window and am feeling a bit rushed.

1 comment:

Autumn Leaves said...

Great job on the shadows, Andy. A truly timeless piece that could be from back during Revolutionary War times. I so love windows!