Monday, April 30, 2018

1st Place Painting!

We arrived home from a wonderful few days in Williamsburg, VA at 4:30pm (Monday).  Unloaded the van and I put my feet up.  So no painting again, and the next two days look a bit busy also.  I do have very nice news, I took 1st Place in Painting at the Williamsburg show. 

As a little side story...  Way back in 1981, yes, 37 years ago at the same show I took 1st place.  Made the local newspaper.  Here I am at my booth... so young (28 yrs. old)!   Above my photo is my wonderful wife.  Check out the upper right photo, I did not even own a tent!  My booth was made by a friend (thank you Scott!) and was all wood that went together like tinker toys and when it rained, the wood swelled and I could not get it apart!  What a difference 37 years makes!!

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Linda Keane said...

Congrats, Andy !! Love the photos of the two of you all those years ago.