Thursday, April 26, 2018

Thursday check in

Busy day and no time to pick up the brushes which means no painting to show you.  I had to switch my show stand from inside to outside shows.  This meant digging out the tent and cleaning out the "stake and supply" bucket.  Washing and packing the van.  I also had two clients stop in.   Oh... birds nest update, some bird kicked all the eggs out of the nest.  Splat on the porch.   I think a whole new set of birds are going to move into the nest.  Not sure how I feel about all that...

I am heading to Williamsburg tomorrow.  Plan on looking for some new painting material on Saturday.  Dinner at the Blue Talon and it looks like a nice weekend.

Art on the Square 
Sunday, April 29

Historic Merchants Williamsburg, VA
10am to 5pm
My space is #142
between N. Henry and Nassau Streets

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