Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Latest commission

My latest commission had its grand unveiling and is hanging in its new home.  Stacie’s Corner Cafe at 813 Dalton Division Road, Dalton, MA.  A new restaurant in the Berkshires.

I met Scott and Stacie at a show I did at the Hancock Shaker Village.  Scott followed up with an email asking if I would paint something for him as a gift.  He requested sleigh bells, they mean something to the couple.  Hanging on something white, maybe with flowers.  That morphed into a bucket with yellow tulips and a barn door, adding a shovel for balance.  I had all of 15 days to make this happen, while trying to teach and show.  I put in several late nights.  I think I got his vision and they are happy with the painting which is now hanging in the restaurant.  So if you are in the Berkshires please go check out Stacie's Corner Cafe and tell them Andy Smith sent you, and check out my painting!!

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