Monday, September 18, 2017


I went to the weekend show by myself so Linda could get a few things done around the house.  Huge mistake. She goes through things like a tornado!  Stacy was her weekend helper but... it always creates work for me.  The plan was for her to get the gardens in shape for Porchwalk (September 29-30). I am told the gardens inside the fence are as good as they get for this time of year.  Six of the large  brown yard waste bags full.  Then they cleaned out our shed.  I don't understand why she even went into the shed... So now there is a small pile of junk that I have to take to the dump.  Yes, I understand there is now room to actually walk into the shed but was it necessary to do that now??   And she has a large heavy pile of old tear sheets to go to the paper recycle place.  She also cleaned out her studio closet and had a car load to go to the Ephrata Craft Recycle, a small pile for Goodwill and the Library. She was only home alone for three days!  So you know that my day was spent going to these places making drop offs and not painting.  She will not be left home alone for a while!

I did however finish this painting over the weekend and I think Linda is planning to make make it into a holiday mini print for Open House.
This is a barn from the property of my potter friend Lynne Taylor.  I think it was last winter.  I hate snow but Linda insisted it would make a great painting and I hate when she is right!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

2017 Landscape #10

4"x 6"  Original Watercolor - A Painting A Day
Landscape #10
$125.00 to the 1st person to email and ask for it!
Available till 9/15 then the price goes to $250.

A back view
 from the Brinton 1704 House in
West Chester, 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Painting A Day

I am offering two paintings today.  The still life I finished before I left last week but did not have time to post and today I wanted to do something very different, just to see if I could pull it off!

2017 Still Life #16

4"x 6"  Original Watercolor - A Painting A Day
Still Life #16    $225.
This is another piece from the Brinton 1704 Housein West Chester, 

2017 Landscape #9
5"x 5"  Original Watercolor - A Painting A Day
Landscape #9   $225.
A view from our hotel in Pittsburgh PA.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Up date...

In case you were envying my life here is a weekend update:  we left home on Thursday morning and drove four hours to Pittsburgh.  Climbed out of the van and spent the next four hours setting up my booth.  Tired and hungry we checked into our hotel and walked to Fuel and Fuddle for dinner.  We ate here with Abbey when she was going to college at Pitt  so it was a bit nostalgic.  Friday morning Linda was able to sleep in a bit and we took the hotel shuttle to the show around 10:30am to hang the paintings, tidy up the booth and roll up the tarps.  The show was from 1 to 7pm, I finished a painting I had been working on for a week which I will show you later.  We packed up the paintings and caught the 8:15 shuttle back to the hotel.  Too tired to eat, we showered and early to bed.  Saturday we were out at the show by 8am to do it all over!  This is a long show day, it went from 10 to 7!  Yup, that's 9 hours sitting outside making it an 11 hour day for us.  We had mac and cheese from a food truck and that was it for the day.  Oh, Linda reminded me we also had chocolate raspberry cookies!  Again, tired so it was early to bed.  I did win an award!  This show is a very high quality show run by the Pittsburgh Craft Guild so everyone here had excellent work.  I was honored to receive an
"Outstanding Craftsmanship" award.  And with this group that's saying something.
Sunday we were back out at 8am to start all over.  The show ran from 10 to 5.  And at 5 we packed up the booth which took two hours.  By now I am starving so we had an excellent dinner at Point Brugge Cafe .  I was a little hung up on food or rather the lack of it all weekend!  The show was very good for me and worth it, we plan to return again next year.   Monday morning I let Linda sleep in  (there is a pattern here!) and we were on the road by 10:30.  Stopped for breakfast and had a four hour drive home.  Once our feet hit Lititz sidewalks I unpacked the van while Linda handled mail and phone messages and two loads of laundry.  I ran to the store (because the fridge was bare!) while Linda laid out tomorrows work list.  I look up and its night time!!

Tuesday I have two classes to teach.  And I will do this all over again this weekend!
If you are near Doylestown PA save some time to stop out at this very good show:
Bedminster Traditional Artisan Show
Sept. 16-17 held at Delaware Valley University.   More details later in the week.   Off to bed...

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Tuesday Check in...

I do not think I will get a blog painted this week.  My classes started so that takes several hours out of my day.  I was working on the one I started at Heart of Lancaster show on Sunday. Tomorrow I have two more classes plus I need to pack.  I leave Thursday for Pittsburgh.  Please tell all your Pittsburgh friends to stop and see me!  Booth #51

The Show:

Thursday, August 31, 2017

2017 Still Life #15

6"x 4"  Original Watercolor - A Painting A Day

Still Life #15
$100.00 to the 1st person to email and ask for it!
Available till 9/2 then the price goes to $225.

This still life is from the 
Brinton 1704 House in West Chester,
REMINDER: This weekend:
Heart of Lancaster Art and Craft Show
Sept 2nd and 3rd from 10 till 4
at Root's Market in Manheim, PA
Booth 136
free admission!  Rain or shine!
Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

2017 Sunflower #6

4"x 6"  Original Watercolor - A Painting A Day
Sunflower #6
$100.00 to the 1st person to email and ask for it!
Available till 8/31 then the price goes to $225.
I think this is my last sunflower for a while!

Natures Gifts only 13 prints left in the edition of 200!
Print: 13x9    $45.00
Framed print: 18x14  $85.00
If you want one, email me!

Sunny Side only 4 prints left in the edition of 450!
Print: 9x12   $45.00
Framed Print: 14x18  $85.00
If you want one, email me!

Monday, August 28, 2017

2017 Sunflower #5

4"x 6"  Original Watercolor - A Painting A Day
Sunflower #5
$100.00 to the 1st person to email and ask for it!
Available till 8/30 then the price goes to $225.
This little gem was from our Saturday road trip,
sunflowers at Four Dogs Tavern.

Road Trip...
Saturday was our Road Trip with our friends the Hildebrands. We wanted a local day trip so we explored the Malvern and West Chester area. Linda had it well planned.  We started with breakfast at The Classic Diner in Malvern, PA.  Their breakfast was excellent.  With full bellies we headed to Wharton Esherick Museum for a tour.  Very interesting, the house was tucked back in the middle of the woods and was a work of art by itself.  Mr Esherick was a wood sculptor during the Arts And Crafts period.  While in the studio we saw a photo of a huge fireplace he built and realized we had seen it earlier this year at the Philadelphia Museum of Art not knowing it was his.Image result for wharton esherick fireplace at the philadelphia museum of art 
Its interesting how life goes in circles.  I highly recommend a trip to this small museum, there are little hidden gems all over the studio.  You will need reservations.  Who knew it was even there! Then it was time for ice cream at Handles in Berwyn. We all had the 4 scoop sampler! Excellent ice cream and worth the drive, Linda could hardly wait for her favorite flavor key lime pie.  Now off to Historic Sugartown in Malvern.  So it looks very interesting on-line... if you have done a lot of sightseeing this will not be a stop to make. Nice to just drive past. Nothing was really furnished but the grounds and outside buildings were nice.  I managed a few interesting photos to paint from their general store.  They did have a nice collection of wagons and sleighs.  We played tourist and climbed in for a photo!
Now on to Brinton 1704 House  in West Chester.  I found this a wonderful restored and furnished home and I took lots of photos.  Here the house was interesting but not much on the grounds. We all liked it and was a fast one hour tour and we were the only ones there.  So it is now after 5PM and we are ready for dinner at Four Dogs Tavern.  We have had lunch here before and the meals are very good.  That was it for our road trip day and I must say we packed a lot into the day.  Home by 8:30PM!

Sunday I spent the day working on my bikes while Linda read. This is our last free weekend for eight weeks so we took full advantage of our free time.  Make sure you check my show schedule so you can catch me at a show!
This weekend:
Heart of Lancaster Art and Craft Show
Sept 2nd and 3rd from 10 till 4
at Root's Market in Manheim, PA
Booth 136
free admission!  Rain or shine.  
Hope to see you there.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

2017 Sunflower #4

4"x 6"  Original Watercolor - A Painting A Day

Sunflower #4  
$100.00 to the 1st person to email and ask for it!
Available till 8/26 then the price goes to $225.

I was informed that the sunflowers I brought home this week were a different variety.  They are a totally different shade than last weeks.  Just an observation!  Check out the glass on the vase...

Paper Review:
This review may be a bit technical for my clients however other artists will understand.  I promised to publish a review on my blog so here goes!  I was asked by the Hahnemuhle Company (a German Paper Company) to try their watercolor paper and write a review.   They sent me a free block of 280 lb mould-made watercolor paper.  Acid free, age resistant, surface sized, natural white, matt, 100% cotton rag paper.  
This painting is the 3rd one I painted on their Leonardo Paper.  On 6/28 I painted France #14 and on 7/5 I painted France #15, so two landscapes and this still life.

The paper responded well to my pencil drawing, I needed it to erase well and not leave ghost marks.  Next is my  first washes of color, underpainting.  The wash flowed freely and evenly.   I was able to blend back into the existing wash of color with very little value break.  The texture of this paper is somewhere between cold press and hot press.  The deckle not as deep as I am used to in my 300lb paper.  O
riginally I thought the paper best suited wet-on-wet painters better however by my third painting I understood how the paper accepted my washes.  There was a little learning curve, none that showed in the finished paintings but in the way I handled the paint to paper.   I must admit by my 3rd painting I liked the way my round brush flowed across the surface.  Color registration and saturation was nearly perfect and I was able to build color and dry washes without lifting or pulling the surface. I was able to create my textures without worrying about losing them in the paper and most of my dry brush work resonated the realism that I demand of my work.   I have found that even when a watercolor painting is finished I need to wait about 8 hours for it to completely dry, this is when it becomes a real painting.  With good paper, the paint homogenizes or knits as the paper dries and the color settles into the furrows of the paper.
Leonardo paper passed my test!  I would continue to use it.  Thank you Hahnemuhle for the opportunity to try your paper.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

2017 Sunflower #3

4"x 6"  Original Watercolor - A Painting A Day

Sunflower #3   
$100.00 to the 1st person to email and ask
for it!  Available till 8/25 then the price goes to $225.

I go to our local market every Tuesday and I have
been getting Linda beautiful sunflowers.  In return
she asks that I paint them!