Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Guest Writer #6

I have two classes to teach today and working on my commission.

My hope in featuring a guest writer is that you gain a little extra in site into my work or even me from a clients observation.  I have enjoyed reading what clients have to say.  I have asked clients who have an extensive collection and as you can see they have been collecting since my beginning.
Guest Writer #6...Sheri
It was the late 80’s when I attended a craft show in Edison, NJ that I first met Andy Smith and purchased my first print.  I’m very traditional and at that time my husband was totally ‘modern’ in terms of d├ęcor, so I wasn’t sure what his reaction was going to be when I brought home the print.  Well, he loved it and now almost thirty years later our home is filled with Andy Smith originals and prints. 
Andy’s work speaks to me and one of our many filled walls that I see all day, every day gives me joy, calm and warmth.   Andy’s absolute love of what he does shows in every painting and extends beyond to the world around him.  I believe he puts much of himself in his paintings and that is what makes them so extraordinary.

But let’s not forget Linda who puts so much work into making sure the world knows who Andy is and sees his work – be it the shows they travel to and all that it entails or their wonderful Open House every year.  Without her support and tireless hours of work, so many of us would never have seen or been able to share the most wonderful art of Andy Smith.  Two of the most generous and kind people I have ever met. If I had the space I could write an essay on Andy's art, the person and the couple that brings so much joy and happiness to everyone they meet.


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