Monday, February 2, 2015

still working in my commission!

My last update was Friday at 7PM.   You can add
about 28 more hours of work.

Close up of the cupola and more work under the eves.
Added the date stone

Here I added shadows to the porch, added steps
and some paint to the under porch area.
Also starting to add landscape the the left side.

Here is an overview shot. Added the tree.
I hope you get the idea that this was once
a grand estate.  Soon to be a shopping mall...

Added the "haint blue" to the porch ceiling, as
was a custom in that time period.
Next is the grass, this is my first washes of green,  I am
working around the fence, choosing not to use any maskoid
to save the fence, I am able to simply take my time and work
between it.  That comes from 35 years of practice!

Here is a closeup of the grass work.
Remember this is only my beginning washes.

More work under the porch.
1st set of greens is completed.  Notice how
by adding the grass it changes the view.
You now have a grand sweep showing distance.

I added the lines in the barn and milk house.
Also went back over the clouds and softened

And your final total view so far....


Pat Porter said...

Commission looks good.
You should be getting paid by the hour.
regargs, Pat

Laura Salmon said...

Gorgeous Andy. I love when you share your works in progress. It makes me appreciate even more the talent behind your works that I own!