Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday demo update

Demo Update:
I worked till 11pm last night, just adding layers
And again most of today, inbetween teaching.

The goal is to make this look like copper by mixing paint.
Not by buying a copper tube of paint.
Notice I am still saving the light areas.  I divided the boiler
into three parts.  Mixing Paynes Gray and Perm. Rose
I washed the two ends and the very center, saving the the
warm areas.  Across the middle is a raised pattern, to create
this, I used a blend of cad orange and Perm Rose. Next,
soften the edges around the highlights with water, lightly

I must give a shout out to my student Eileen who took some
awards from the Lampeter Fair... Congrats!!  I am always
proud when my students do well.

September classes are over and October class starts next week.
Email if you are interested, more details on my website.

Packed and leaving in the morning for a show in
Rhinebeck, NY.  I love this area, I packed the tandem in
hopes of nice weather for a little ride.  Our favorite diner is
there... The Eveready.   We are using the pop-up and it is very
quiet at the camp area, hopefully Linda will get a little rest before
all the work of Porchwalk and my Open House.
The show is indoors so doesn't matter if it rains... I am all set

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