Thursday, November 19, 2009

Open House starts tomorrow!!

Behind the scenes of Open House...
We are out of time!!
The girls spent the morning cooking
and the fridge is full of things I am not
to touch! You can see the wine glasses
are out and ready.

I got a much needed haircut
and then drove to DC to pick up Abbey
and Stella (her cat). I left at 2 and just
got back home. Abbey came home to
help out with open house which makes
Linda very happy, we are very excited
to have her home. Poor Ben is left alone
to study for law finals but will join us
on Wednesday.

Tomorrow we open the doors at 2:00pm.
To be fair to those looking for originals there
is no early admittance or phone requests.
Hope you plan to join us.
Check the website for the times.
Feel free to bring a friend.

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