Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2 Days till Open House

Behind the scenes of Open House...
Today was cleaning day. Somehow my
sweet wife has it in her head that we must
clean everything because you my client, will
notice how clean things are or not... Instead
of keeping your eyes on my fantastic paintings.
Every piece of dirt and every spiderweb must go.
Our house/studio is over 150 years old and has
issues. It is daunting to keep clean and gets dirty fast!
But there is no point arguing, we all just chip in.
Here is Lori washing the tops of the cabinets
in the studio...ready for a white glove test...
if you are so inclined to climb up top and look!

Stacy was put on porch patrol... With hose
and brush she is scrubbing the porch! I
certainly thought that needed done!!

And so you know I did not escape.
Here I am, can you possibly guess...
I took the overhead lights down,
vacuumed them out and someone told Linda if you
wipe the bulbs they stay brighter... so yep,
I wiped the bulbs!
We also went grocery and wine shopping.
It is 8pm and we are both quitting for the night.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh she is so smart. It is good to have a "reason" to do a deep clean and no one is going to complain! You have a brilliant wife.

Shawna from Yellowknife